Why Do We Tolerate Their Intolerance?

Anestos Canelides’ latest essay concerns American apologies for Koran-burnings and other offenses against the Religion of Peace, and the blatant double standard that is habitually applied to Islam concerning issues of “intolerance”.

Why do we tolerate their intolerance?
by Anestos Canelides

Churches burned:

To see Barack Hussein Obama, the leader of the free world, apologize for the burning of the Qur’ans greatly weakens our position as the leader of the free world.

For the last few weeks I have become extremely irritated at the groveling and bowing down by our leaders to the Islamists for the accidental burning of the Qur’ans. Now they want to prosecute the so-called perpetrators who allowed their holy book to be burned. The sheer hypocrisy of this whole incident is pathetic. It should instead be the Muslims who are sorry for centuries of jihad against unbelievers. They are the ones who should seek our forgiveness for burning churches in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and other parts of the world.

They also owe an apology for the centuries of persecution of the Zoroastrians of Persia or the destruction of Buddhist temples and shrines today in Thailand.

How many churches have they burned in the last decade alone?

How many Christians have they murdered in the process of purifying Muslims lands from the cultural influence and presence of Christianity?

It does not take much of an Internet search to find the answer. Groups like CAIR or the Organization of Islamic Cooperation cry foul about Islamophobia or acts of prejudice and violence towards Muslims, but they fail to acknowledge Muslim violence towards any unbelievers in the world.

Should we, as a nation, be outraged by the burning of churches by Muslims around the world? Shouldn’t they apologize to our leaders for their wrongs? As the Muslim population grows will they burn churches here in the USA? Will they ever show tolerance towards other religions without dominating them? Will the end of church burning come only when the Christians submit to them as dhimmis and pay the jizya tax?

No, I don’t believe they will. We will see more churches taken over or burned as Islam grows as a world power.

Burned and desecrated Bibles:

It is interesting how the Muslims always play the victim and turn violent after even an accusation of their holy book being burned or desecrated, yet consider it acceptable for the holy books of other faiths to be defiled. How many Bibles have been burned over the centuriesup until present times?

Here once again it does not take much of an internet search to find out about Bibles being burned Where is the apology to Christians for the burning of their holy book? Where is Muslim penitence for centuries of burning the religious texts of various other faiths, such as those of Hindus or Buddhists? How many Bibles have the Saudis shredded in recent times?

For me this shows the true difference between Christianity and Islam. We have not seen Christians rioting, looting, or killing because of burnt or shredded Bibles, have we? Yes, it makes a lot of Christians and Jews angry, but where are the riots? Is it because Christianity, as a religion today, tends to be more tolerant and forgiving than Islam?

Soldiers murdered for the burning of Qur’ans

How many American troops have to die for this perceived offense against Islam? Where is the apology the killing American solders by these barbarians.? How many more soliders will be killed for this accidental burning of the Qur’ans? How many innocent people have suffered by fundamental Muslim over the centuries because of a perceived slight against their Prophet Muhammad? I fear that the more we apologize, the more fuel we are putting on the fire of their resentment towards the Infidel Americans.

As for an Islamic apology for the acts of violence towards other faiths and their holy book — forget it. It would only be seen as a sign of weakness on their part, and other than a few truly moderate Muslims apologizing, it will never happen.

The purpose of this essay is not to hope for any signs of “sorry” from Muslims, but to remind infidels such as myself that fundamental Muslims are just as guilty of the same things they are protesting, but really to a much greater degree. It is truly hypocritical for them to kill people for the burning of Qur’ans when they are also guilty of the same sin.

As a nation we should never have apologized, because it only shows our weakness. In no way will it support our war effort in Afghanistan. In Medieval Historiography the author Spero Vyronis, using an Arab source, describes the only virtue that the Arabs admired in the Franks as there courage in battle. Islam respects only strength, and not weakness. We cannot afford to have our President demonstrate to the enemy our weakness through an act of apology to them. They have no respect for such weakness, especially coming from the President of the United States of America.

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