Representing the Ideology and Law of Sharia

Paul Weston, the Chairman of the British Freedom Party, has just published an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron about his complicity in the transformation of the UK into a de facto sharia state.

Ummah Jack

An Open Letter to David Cameron

Dear Prime Minister,

Whether your recent bizarre policy decisions are driven by a fear of Islam or a woeful lack of Islamic understanding remains unclear, but to most impartial observers it would appear you have crossed the loyalty line and are now officially endorsing sharia law in Britain.

I would remind you that as our Prime Minister your primary duty is to put the interests of your country and your own people before the interests of a foreign people or ideology. I am of course talking about Islam here, more specifically sharia law, which is making rapid progress in Britain and the West. It is both astonishing and chilling that what was formerly considered haraam (forbidden under sharia law) only in Islamic countries is now equally considered haraam in Britain.

A Christian travelling to Saudi Arabia cannot take a bible or a cross into that country, nor could he display pictures or caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed. I have no particular problem with this — when in Rome etc. — but I do have a problem, to put it mildly, when my own government appears intent on importing the political ideology of sharia into my own country.

Two recent news stories suggest Britain is not just adopting a policy of appeasement toward sharia, but is already a de-facto sharia state. Firstly, your government is quite incredibly arguing that British Christians should not be allowed to appeal against a ban which outlaws the wearing of crosses in the workplace, and secondly that an Englishman, Darren Conway, has been jailed for twelve months after being found guilty of “religiously aggravated harassment.”

The MSM seems reluctant to inform us how this new thought-crime of religiously aggravated harassment was contravened, but posters displayed by Conway in the windows of his home are rumoured to link the sexual consummation of the marriage between the Prophet Mohammed and his nine year old bride Aisha with the casual disregard Muslims exhibit toward the rape and grooming of underage English girls in Britain’s northern towns and cities.

I am not going to suggest that displaying such posters is the most diplomatic way of drawing a comparison between Mohammed’ sexual predilections and the ongoing Muslim rape of English girls, but the only point to be made is that the jailing of Darren Conway should not be possible in a non-Islamic country, and would simply not have been possible in Britain ten years ago.

What we are witnessing here, along with the outlawing of Christian crosses, is the rule of sharia in what is still termed a Christian country. You, Mr Cameron, and Britain’s traitor class in government and the media have prostrated yourselves before the onslaught of a fanatical, murderous and resurgent Islam, even as you publicly proclaim Islam to be a religion of peace.

Successive British governments (along with the BBC) have portrayed Islamic terrorists as deluded fanatics who kill for no better reason than to kill — as if the fact that they are brutal means they are insane. Britain’s ruling class deliberately adopts the disingenuous narrative that Islamic terrorists couldn’t possibly be accurately representing a well-grounded interpretation of Islam, and must therefore be ‘perverting’ or ‘hijacking’ Islam, or indeed are “betraying the true Islam”.

But as Andrew McCarthy notes, there is logic to terrorism. It is jihad, the purpose of which is to implement, spread, defend or vindicate sharia, the Muslim legal code. Sharia is the necessary precondition to Islamicizing a society. Once you realize that, you quickly realize that the same sharia-driven campaign can be waged, and is being waged, by non-violent means, and that the violent and non-violent methods are inextricably linked.

In her book The Dhimmi Bat Ye’or writes:

The jihad is a global conception that divides the peoples of the world into two irreconcilable camps: that of the dar al-Harb, the “Territory of War,” which covers those regions controlled by the infidels; and the dar al-Islam, “the Territory of Islam,” the Muslim homeland where Islamic law reigns. The jihad is the normal and permanent state of war between the Muslims and the dar al-Harb, a war that can only end with the final domination over unbelievers and the absolute supremacy of Islam throughout the world.

To further your education, Mr Cameron, you must understand that wars are fought between rival tribes, races and religions not in order to sate mankind’s desire for violence but as a means to an end, with the end being one thing and one thing only — political control over the defeated people. When you act against Britain’s Christians in the way that you now do, and lock up Englishmen who dare to portray Mohammed in posters, you are in effect enforcing sharia law against traditional Britain.

You are therefore not representing your country and your people; you are representing the ideology and law of sharia, an alien political system with a history of absolute enmity against the West, and which currently seeks to dismantle the liberal democracy of Great Britain over which you preside. You are in short, exhibiting the behaviour of a traitor.

It is possible I am being somewhat harsh on you Mr Cameron. It is possible your education and professional life to date leaves you ill-equipped to absorb the realities of Islamic imperialism, but ignorance about a matter of such profound importance is not a legitimate defence. Perhaps you think the Islamic threat is blown out of all proportion by “right-wing extremists”, but the threat is more than real: it is overpoweringly the single biggest issue of not just our time, but of all time.

You may not want to admit that Islam is at war with the West, but Islam fully realises it is engaged in a physical and ideological war against us. Until such time as you accept this reality then it will be a war we can only lose. How can we mount a defence when the traitor class refuse to even acknowledge we are under threat?

The rise of Tommy Robinson and the English Defence League signify the initial stage of an inevitable religious civil war in Britain. It is the working man of England who must face the reality of living in our rapidly increasing Islamic areas, but demographics suggest the middle-classes will also face Islamic reality in the very near future. Old Etonians, Oxbridge graduates and the champagne socialists (who all choose to live well away from the deliberately imported multicultural hell-holes created by the traitor class) have assured a truly terrible future for Britain and its betrayed indigenous people.

Western politicians such as yourself, Mr Cameron, have operated in a liberal democracy for so long you have forgotten the law of the jungle and are thus culturally unable to descend to its level. Islam, with its refusal to accept democratic man-made laws; its openly discriminatory attitude toward non-Muslims, its propensity for intolerant violence and its tribal/political/religious ideology is the law of the jungle, and the Savile Row suited and politically correct Western politicians — all reared on a diet of non-discrimination and tolerance — are thus rendered defenceless before it.

I would be glad to hear a coherent argument against the content of this open letter, Mr Cameron, but fully understand that your vocal appeasement of resurgent Islam makes such a response more than a little unlikely. This is a shame, because I am sure I speak for many millions of British people who find your official endorsement of sharia law in Britain baffling in the extreme.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Weston
British Freedom Party

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25 thoughts on “Representing the Ideology and Law of Sharia

  1. Mr. Weston: Thank you soo much for your straight and coherent letter to Mr. Cameron. I appreciate that you are bringing the fight to those who we ned to bring it to-that is, the political and media elites who are, indeed, the ‘near enemy’, as Bill Warner calls them. We have been on the defensive for too long, constantly defending ourselves because of their attacks on our persons. It is time for us to begin to go on the offensive and stop apologizing where none is needed. Their attacks are a strategy to silence the dialogue about islam while, at the same time, shifting the conversation to our ‘phobias’, ‘bigotry’, etc. It’s time to put them on the defensive, like you have done, that THEY are the ones who are supporting and giving cover for intolerance, and inhumane behavior. Good work! You have my support and admiration!!


  2. Straight and to the point but I hope Cameron is open enough to listen to common sense. I am afraid they have their own agenda and they will continue this course of cultural suicide. Unless the English and American people wake up to the threat of Islam they will someday dominate.

  3. Mr. Weston, an excellent letter.

    I do not believe Mr. Cameron will listen let alone get it. He has another agenda. My guess is that it will have to come down to a civil war before the elites will change their stance. And IMO the sooner the better.

  4. I concur with the previous posters that a) this is extremely well-written and b) it will unfortunately go ignored, specifically by “conservative” Cameron. I am happy that the case of Nadia E who was suspended from British Airways for wearing a cross on the job is going to the European court of human rights. I hope she not only gets a huge settlement from BA (tho doubtful) but that this also raises the double-standard and hypocrisy towards Christians. A Mohammedan is free to wear a hijab to work, a Jew is free to wear a yarmulkeh and a Sikh is free to wear a Turbin in the UK. A Mohammedan woman would surely be the first one to whine that no one is forcing her to wear the hijab, and she is doing it out of modesty. So, the fact that Christianity does not force or mandate anyone to wear a cross is irrelevant and a strawman the athiest/PC thugs are imposing on us.

  5. Qualis rex is right, it will unfortunately go ignored. The only solution: civil disobedience on a massive scale. Pay no taxes.But not only a few EDL members. Tens of thousands. The social contract is irreparably broken, and it’s not the common people who broke it, but the ruling elites who have forgotten that they too are humans who can bleed, and not immortal gods who are above the masses. Now it’s up to the common people to restore sanity in England and in the west in general.

  6. It boggles the mind, really. What happened to the once Great Churchillian civilisation? And with the U.S. following suite….

  7. Weston is wrong to label this Sharia, it is not. Rather it is political correctness and institutional oikophobia. Muslim law isn’t imposed, totalitarian leftism is by the Tories to protect minorities, who are to be treated as coddled children, not adult citizens.

  8. I believe Mr. Weston realizes the impotence of his ‘open letter’ amongst those who continue the destruction of their own culture. He has made plain on several occasions previously that he believes the agenda is too far advanced to be halted politically. Nevertheless, it does provide a conduit to those who are not able to fully express in words what they are feeling deep down inside, and that conduit links together all those who have so far felt they have become alienated and estranged from their own government. Not by their own hand, but by the hands of those they trusted to lead their country. I can’t think of a more bitter betrayal than that!

    If Cameron gets to read this letter I doubt it will have any effect on his thinking. And going on his track record while P.M. will not deter him from his agenda.

    As one commentor has already suggested, the whole issue to which we now protest is too far gone to be settled by gentlemen!

  9. The time for talking appears to be drawing to a close. The time for war appears to be approaching. Note that this isn’t true really. These vile scum have been at war with Western Civilisation since the 1980’s. The West would simply be showing up to the party fashionably late…

  10. Cameron won’t even read this never mind act on it. However, I tend to agree with RonL: “Weston is wrong to label this Sharia, it is not. Rather it is political correctness and institutional oikophobia.” Muslims take advantage of this weakness and use it to further their own agenda.



  11. Well written and spot on as usual, of course the traitor Cameron will not in the slightest be moved by its inexorable logic.Cameron is paid I think £142,000 plus expenses a year for the PM job and somewhere in the region of £15million by his boss ‘the moneypower’ in the City. Most people if offered £1 to do a job and £100 to do another job would not really care about the £1 job. Cameron is just doing what most people would do. Unfortunately that means that he HAS to fail to represent the British people,for whom incidentally he cares not one iota .This situation is unlikely to be resolved democratically, which leaves………………..

  12. It really is a question of which civilisation you prefer, as Winston Churchill once said.

    Cameron and his brainwashed compadres have forgotten that.

  13. Paul weston is correct in all he states in his letter, a letter that sadly will be overlooked at best by our leading Cultural Kamikazee with sawdust for brain cells David Cameron, only the other day ago here in Glasgow, Scotland, North Britain, we had some Bangladeshi person walking around Glasgow’s poor East End, proclaiming that it was in Glasgow, where he would be bringing his special finance system that gives loans to the poor in Bangladesh to the denziens of Glasgow, before we know it they would turn Celtic park into a Mega Mosque, this crap has to be halted in all seriousness.

  14. Of course, the Leftist plan wouldn’t go down as easily without the planned immigration of massive numbers of permanent & professionally resentful of strangers into the midst of everyday Brits. They are a necessary diversiion as the corrupt elite tunnel in.

    Since it is going on all over the EU, Britain is not just a one-off. And saying things like the commenters have written here will soon be illegal.

    Just look at the rules in that so-called “Constitution” that was shoved down your throats – after they promised a choice, of course. Did anyone get tossed out of office for that bit of treachery?

    You & your dependents can lose benefits, pension, jobs, and health care if the crats start to enforce those “hate speech” laws already on the books…

    And the same can happen here if Hillary is appointed to a second term as SecState and gets the opportunity to close down – to “shun and shame”, says she – places like GoV. Any day now I expect to see her holding hands with the OIC. Except they’d not touch an infidel woman. However, she is their spokesperson.

    They can’t stop the anger of the average citizen but they can make sure he’s not permitted to express it.

  15. Mr. Weston’s letter is of a caliber that the Prime Minister of Britain, a man who pretends to be a conservative but sees nothing in his country worth conserving except his own job and power could not produce in rebuttal. David Cameron has not done his homework on Islam and never will. Such compressed notes on it as he skims are generated by Muslim takiya artists in Britain and their promoters in what is a massively left wing government bureaucracy committed to preserving multicult at any price including the fall of Britain. Cameron is as incurious as a suet pudding and takes the lazy route of PC as the agreed upon liberal counterfeit currency of intellectualism. He gets to pretend he’s an intellectual who will not dignify the “ravings” of the non-PC Mr. Weston who has actual facts at his fingertips but nevertheless will be dismissed as a (right wing extremist, lunatic, racist, bigot, uneducated, rustic…did I miss any?)

    Nevertheless, this well written letter is valuable in documenting that Mr. Cameron has been given the opportunity to learn the truth about Islam and what the consequences of his horrendous policies will be so that he cannot claim plausible deniability at some future date. His dhimmitude has been well described on paper and distributed to enough people that there will be witnesses to his stupidity as there were to Chamberlain’s (whose willful blindness was less egregious than Cameron’s in the age of the Internet).

  16. “You are in short, exhibiting the behaviour of a traitor.”

    should read:

    “you are in short, a traitor.”

    there, fixed it for you.

  17. Excellent letter, Mr Weston.

    Cameron, like Blair et al before him, is nothing more than a traitor. What is the penalty for treason in the UK, for that is surely what any of them who live long enough to survive into a hoped for post-Islamic Europe deserve?

  18. Dymphna: “Except they’d not touch an infidel woman.”

    Oh, they’d ‘touch’ her all right – just like all of the other infidel women and children war booty that they have ‘touched’ over the last 1,400 years.

    It is a crime and a shame to see THE representative for ‘feminism’ act as a shill and apologist for woman and child rape, molestation, and abuse that is enjoined by Islam.

    It appears that we’d all have been better off if Hillary HAD stayed home and home and baked cookies for Bill….


  19. Bang on Paul, this is pure class. However, do you really think that Dave “hug a hoodie” Cameron will even read this let alone respond? All I can say is this,”So many lamposts in westminster and rope is cheap.

  20. Damn friggin’ good! Print it up and post it up and spread it around. Get it into peoples hearts and minds, get the people roused with truth. As you all know revolutions never happen from the top down after receiving letters.

  21. I especially like the calling a spade a spade by using the term traitor class. It rings very true, it is emotional and honest just what is needed. That term should be used and entered into the mainstream as a working definition of all the traitors who presently go by other names and titles. They should be hated vilified, denounced, and demonized until we are again operating within a framework of linguistic reality and factual correspondence. Not because we are hateful for no reason or impatient or partisan but because we have to get back to the understanding that they deserve to be hated, it is not a vice or character flaw then but a duty and responsibility. To not hate them is to become one of them. For what communion does light have with darkness?
    But what.kind of hate am i speaking of? A righteous anger and hatred for evil. There is a unrighteous hate and that is not what i speak of A hate that is born of ignorance,jealousy, pride, greed etc. But.there is hate.that is ostensibly born of love and the desire to protect to uphold truth and justice. Have you listened to long to the left who fail to distinguish between things ?

  22. MR Westin does have a way with words…and yes it will fall on deaf ears.
    The problem I see is that many people are waiting for that magical leader or politician to show up and lead the way. Is it Mr Weston? Perhaps, but I would say…do not wait for any individual. Ultimately it starts with you.
    The people will lead the way, and they will do it over the kitchen table, at the bus stop, and in the subway. Public discourse and opinion will go a long way. Of course, it is only one way.
    There are many fronts to this battle and none of them have to be violent.
    Those two Christian women are showing you one method…use legal means. The status quo must be challenged in this way over and over and over again if necessary. There are pro-bono groups out there.
    You must educate, or in some cases re-educate yourself, your family, your friends and your children on your history, your values, your principles, and your culture. Leaving it to public and even private teachers these days is a lost cause. One must use original sources if possible or at the very least sources that are pre WWII and maybe even WWI. History has been rewritten or revised to reflect not just the left’s position, but progressives and Fabian socialists. Cameron ‘conservative’ view shows just how successful they have been.
    One must be brave as well. Subtlety is the key but you must also be able to stand up to PC domination and intimidation as it has become the norm. Sometimes that will mean coming back twice as hard. I would say that MR Westin calling Cameron a traitor accomplished that very well. Lastly, you or your children will have to go into places that are dominated by the Leftocracy. Universities, media and even some churches…yes I said churches for they are too.
    It will take time…this is something the left and Islamists know. They have been busy and now we must be too.

  23. It’s frustrating to see people still confusing political correctness with its effects and calling the policy that results “political correctness”, rather than by categorizing policy by its effects. When we do the latter, the only thing we can call this is sharia which advances, in part, because people are refusing to call it what it is. If what’s being enacted (in effect!) is sharia, yet it’s called “political correctness” does that change the EFFECT of the policy? NO! This is why we categorize policy by its effect. The act of concession is called political correctness. Political correctness is a corrosive, enabling force, but not a policy in itself which is why we don’t have laws entitled “The Politically Correct Codices” because PC expresses itself in a million different, unrelated ways. Political correctness is synonymous with conceding to a foreign or hostile dictate that is not in one’s self-interest. Conway was arrested according to sharia which makes it illegal for non-muslims to offend muslims. PC is the process that enabled Conway to be arrested according to muslim sensitivities (sharia) in defiance of hundreds of years of policy to the contrary that made Britain free and great and not Saudi Arabia. Calling the policy political correctness confuses the chicken (political correctness) with the egg (sharia) such that the chicken and the egg are both the chicken. The EFFECT of political correctness is deference to policy that is not in one’s self-interest. The question is: whose policy? Whose will is being done according to the EFFECT of the policy that has been enacted? If we don’t categorize a policy by its effects, then we wind up with 3,592 laws all called “political correctness” but that range from affirmative action and gay marriage to sharia. RoR

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