Joseph Goebbels: Alive and Well at the BBC

My earlier report on Toulouse featured a BBC article about the siege. For some strange reason, the BBC failed to mention its reversal of spin after learning that the killer was a Muslim, rather than a Le Pen supporter.

Our British correspondent Cyrus Spitama takes note of what the Beeb did in the following report.

BBC Reporting. Joseph Goebbels would have been proud.

by Cyrus Spitama

Anyone following to the BBC’s coverage the Toulouse shootings can’t have missed the terms ‘xenophobic’, ‘anti-immigration’, ‘far-right’, ‘neo-Nazi’, ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ peppered liberally throughout their reports

And of course the name of Marine Le Pen has been a regular feature in the BBC’s reporting, as well as the linking Sarkozy’s move to the right to these murders.

I read in The Telegraph this morning that the shooter is a Muslim jihadist of Algerian ethnicity called Mohammed.

So I looked in on the BBC news website to see their take on it. After all, they clearly felt that ethnicities and religions of the victims were very important and relevant, so I wanted to see how they reported the background of the shooter. But predictably, they didn’t.

All they reported this morning was that the murderer “has claimed affiliation to al-Qaeda”.

I scoured the report to see for any morsel of news regarding the man’s ethnicity or religion. Nothing. However, there was this at the end of report:

Mr Sarkozy and the Socialist presidential candidate Francois Hollande will attend the memorial service in Montauban for the three soldiers killed in last week’s attacks.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far-right Front National, will also be at the service.

She is often associated with the more controversial debates on immigration and her presence will be closely observed in light of recent events, reports the BBC’s Christian Fraser in Toulouse.

The page has disappeared in the last hour but you can see it here.

Lets look at that line again:

“She is often associated with the more controversial debates on immigration and her presence will be closely observed in light of recent events…”


To paraphrase Goebbels: The BBC doesn’t let facts get in the way of their message — they just keep repeating the lie until eventually people come to believe it.

12 thoughts on “Joseph Goebbels: Alive and Well at the BBC

  1. You’re spot on about the BBC.
    Mind you Sky News aren’t much better.
    The BBC were wetting their pants assuming it to be a far right nutter.

    Spinning out fantasy statements based on their presumptions.

    I’m glad it is an islamist. Again…
    This will be played down of course.


  2. Several times during the initial reporting of this incident, journalists said that the suspect was involved with a group called Forsane Alizza. (See link.)

    That’s all been forgotten about now though. I wonder why?

  3. Yeah…If I had to choose, I’d say Channel 4 has the best clout here. They had a number of “Uncercover” series, including one where they went to several mosques around London. The BBC has always been the voice of the establishment.

  4. This morning’s Daily mail (UK) had an article by ‘historian’ andrew roberts which talked about the rise of ‘right wing antisemitism in France’ as if the extreme right were responsible for the Toulouse murders. Seems he jumped to the wrong conclusion – I wonder how disappointed he is?

  5. This guy scoops the pool on the mohamad coefficiency scale!
    At first the whole sorry saga looked bad for Marine, but now it could go the other way and boost her stocks.

  6. It’s good that they called him a far-right neo-nazi. Islamism & Naziism are the same thing.

  7. Before the police had surrounded the flat on Tuesday night, the BBC were reporting that the killings of the 3 soldiers and the killing outside the Jewish school was the work of ‘Neo-Nazis’.

  8. One wonders where are the hand wringing retractions for slandering/libeling European Christians like this?


  9. Yes it would be nice if the similarities between the Nazis and the so-called “Islamists” was examined in depth.

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