“Islam Endangers Britain”

Ummah Jack

Ed West is a British columnist who writes regularly for The Telegraph. He is no progressive, and has always seemed sympathetic to our — i.e. the “Islamophobic” — viewpoint.

Thus it came as a surprise to many readers last week when Mr. West wrote a column admonishing people not to blame Islam for the murders in Toulouse. Despite the adverse reactions to his position — including an acerbic riposte from Mark Steyn — the columnist has not backed down from his position to any meaningful extent. He elaborated on the same theme yesterday in a column entitled “How Islam Became a Scapegoat for the Problems of Immigration”.

Readers are advised to read the whole thing to get the gist of Mr. West’s logic. As is often the case, commenters at the The Telegraph are more adept at deconstructing his arguments than any of the professional writers, Mark Steyn included.

In response to Mr. West’s inclusion of a quote from Christopher Caldwell (“Islam is a magnificent religion that has also been, at times over the centuries, a glorious and generous culture”), one commenter made these excellent remarks:

trinitythegreen (Yesterday 03:52 PM)

There is so much in your blog I would like to take issue with, but I don’t have the time or the space. So let’s just take that Caldwell quote.

It is obligatory to say or quote some praise in any article about Islam and that’s what that quote is here for. It’s like saying ‘OK. Islam has its faults but it is a ‘magnificent religion… etc etc.’

It isn’t. Just because it’s huge it isn’t great. It is violent, intolerant, implacable and unforgiving and it is hell bent on taking over the world. Just because not all Muslims wear suicide vests doesn’t make them ‘moderate’ because there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.

There are active Muslims and there are acquiescent Muslims but there are no moderate ones because the Koran is a handbook for applied savagery. And don’t give me the nonsense about how the Bible is just as bloodthirsty as the Koran because the Bible is descriptive and the Koran is prescriptive. The Koran commands that the unbelievers be slain ‘where you find them’, that a child’s education entails teaching them to believe Jews are descended from pigs and Monkeys, and all the good stuff in the Koran has been abrogated by the bad. And none of that is ‘out of context’ because the Koran IS the context.

Islam endangers Britain because it is utterly alien, with values that clash with our Christian values, because it teaches Muslims superiority over the rest of us, it is not simply undemocratic, it is ANTI-democratic, and that being the case is it a surprise that they refuse to integrate? The Muslim considers himself a victim, sees himself better than anyone else, and is steeped in self-pity.

There is a huge amount of crime, some of it almost unspeakably wicked, that is perpetrated by the followers of the prophet that wouldn’t be committed if Blair and his pack of thieves hadn’t thrown open the doors to any Muslim, his wives and his children, mainly to ‘rub our right-wing noses in it.’

Islam is no scapegoat. It is the problem. We see Poles and Indians, Czechs and Estonians, even West Indians and Zimbabweans come here and integrate, quickly or slowly, but they TRY, because their baggage is Christian baggage, not some seventh-century death cult.

Hat tips: JP and Gaia.

9 thoughts on ““Islam Endangers Britain”

  1. As Mr. West argues that Islam needs moderating influences despite being conspicuous in its insistence on religious and cultural primacy, it becomes evident he has images of assimilations devoutly to be wished but never to be consummated. That fourteen hundred year old man from seventh-century Arabia continues to this day to be perfect man and model of conduct for ‘modern’ muslims. Go ahead Mr. West, moderate the cadaver.

    Moderate Islam is as ridiculous a notion as moderate cannibalism. Consume the finger consume the heart.

  2. The fear of the likes of Ed West is that muslims will not integrate and will refuse to give up islam.

    Rather than face that fear and decide what must be done, the likes of Ed West dissimulate.

    It’s not going to be his son called “dirty jew” at school.

    It’s not going to be his daughter seduced into a drink-fuelled world of pimping.

    It’s not going to be his daughter who has her genitals sewn up like a football.

    It’s not going to be his son forced into an arranged marriage, even though the son is a screaming queen.

    It’s not going to he Ed West who is forced into a loveless marriage with his cousin.

    It’s not going to be him who has to suffer the pain of having a child with a huge likelihood of a genetic deformity.

    It’s not him whose going to be coerced into having his spouse’s parents come to live with him.

    It’s not going to be his daughter who is forced into a body sack, and alienated from society.

    The racist elite can afford to dissimulate.


  3. “there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.” A simple, clear and evident statement which can be literally heard as a shout when one opens the Qur’an and has a stomach strong enough to read it. Leftists perhaps put wax in their ears in order to remain deaf, and fools are simply deaf by nature.

  4. West, you are another invertebrate Hack. Obfuscation here, dissemblance there, apologia elsewhere and qualification everywhere and, yes, I do understand that if you wish to be published and pick up your silver this is the only way you can do so in a controlled media environment.

    But some of us still think for free – a thing gifted to us by our ancestors at a high blood price and one that I will not forego whatever the cost so please, at least for the sake of your children and grandchildren, consider this:

    Islam does not ‘endanger’ the West, Mr. West; endanger is an understatement of epic proportions. This atavistic theocratic control system, so full of dreams of triumph, an eternity of debauchery deflowering virgins and everlasting slavery to the greater glory of the Imamate will destroy all of us if, individually and collectively, we cannot find something resembling a moral backbone and strike it down with complete, utter, draconian and comparable ruthlessness.

    Seneca III.

    P.S. I will say that again, “…with complete, utter, draconian and comparable ruthlessness.”

  5. hey GOV people. You can go ahead and block my previous post. I am just sick to death of that ugly ideology and its apologists.

  6. Quote:
    As Mr. West argues that Islam needs moderating influences despite being conspicuous in its insistence on religious and cultural primacy, it becomes evident he has images of assimilations devoutly to be wished but never to be consummated.

    You cannot moderate the imperative to destroy all of that which is not Islam; and this imperative is central to Islam.
    The desire for the destruction of the world as it is is the nature of Islam. This is what is behind their calls for “equality,” “justice,” and “righteousness.”

  7. In my opinion this is not surprising. Mr West is a conservative. All these years conservatives have had their faces rubbed in all kinds of “progress” and diversity and told to put up with it and shut up.

    Eventually, the diversity engine tried to assimilate a culture which happened to be incredibly more .. ahem … “conservative” than they could handle, and it choked.

    Now conservatives are told that they can criticize this one foreign culture, but only in those aspects where it becomes a threat to “progress”. Mr West is saying “no, thanks”.

    I find it fascinating how in so many conflicts there’s an alliance of one side with political Islam against the other side, but never both sides against political Islam.

  8. M.O.B. I believe the term is called political expediency. And yes I agree that both sides of politics have played the game of one-upmanship with Islam, and sadly, I must also say that both sides have been played for suckers!

  9. I see lots of talk always of “the Koran says this” and “the Koran says that”. Despite there being plenty to shout about in the Koran, the real meat of Islam’s message of mayhem, murder, subjugation and hatred against unbelievers is to be found in the Sunnah. The Koran is only 15% of Islamic doctrine. The Sunnah makes the Koran look tame in comparison. And as this is about Mohammed himself – the perfect muslim to be immitated – we’re better off concentrating more on this.

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