Infiltration, Subversion, and Sabotage

Der det finnes ekte frihet finnes det ingen stat
“Where there is real freedom, there is no State”

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends a translated article about the extensive infiltration of the Norwegian Defence League by members of an extreme Left organization. The translator includes this explanatory note:

SOS-RasismeI have translated an article from Dagbladet about an alleged infiltration campaign against the Norwegian Defence League (NDL) carried out by members of SOS-Rasisme (“SOS Racism”). This is quite interesting apart from the obvious reasons, of course, as SOS-Rasisme members on several occasions have physically assaulted members of the conservative community in Norway. Now it turns out that they actually have staged “right-wing” demonstrations to garner support for their leftist cause.

As you probably already know, SOS-Rasisme is controlled by an organization called Tjen Folket (“Serve the People”), a hardcore communist organization. Communists are known for using infiltration as a tactic to undermine their perceived enemies.

Tjen Folket

SOS-Rasisme was also recently charged with unlawfully acquiring several million kroner in funds from the authorities by heavily inflating their membership rolls.

The rest of the Counterjihad community should learn from this incident, and always carry out proper vetting procedures before they allow people into prominent positions or divulge sensitive info to them.

The translated article from Dagbladet:

“Anti racists built up right-wing organization”

Several people with close ties to SOS-Rasisme built up the right-wing Norwegian Defence League, a former member of SOS-Rasisme claims.

(Dagbladet): On April 9, 2011, on the anniversary of Nazi Germany’s invasion of Norway the anti Islamic and extreme-right wing organization, the Norwegian Defence league (NDL), staged a demonstration against the “Islamic occupation” in Oslo. At the time the organization had approximately a thousand members with strong anti-Islamic attitudes, including some well-known right-wing activists.

Activists from the violent and extremist mother organization, the English Defence League (EDL) had come to Norway to participate in the demonstration.

Led by anti-racists

Dagbladet can now reveal that the demonstration was planned by anti-racists. According to several independent sources the management of NDL was at the time heavily infiltrated by individuals with close links to SOS Rasisme, and who held leading positions in the NDL.

“When we decided to go ahead and stage the demonstration there was a strong over-representation of individuals who cooperated closely with SOS-Rasisme,” a former high ranking member of the NDL tells Dagbladet.

This person claims that he has spent several years infiltrating the leadership of NDL using a fake name. In effect he and his colleagues built and operated the NDL while at the same time reporting to SOS-Rasisme. This is also confirmed by several other independent sources.

“SOS Racism controlled the NDL”

Between 2010 and the spring of 2011 a majority of the management of the NDL were reporting to SOS-Rasisme, this person claims.

Due to safety concerns, Dagbladet has chosen not to disclose their identities.


The information has been verified by several independent sources, including members of SOS-Rasisme.

“It was SOS-Rasisme that suggested that the April 9 demonstration should be held at Kontraskjæret at Akershus Fortress, as it was considered easy to stage a counter-demonstration there.”

Only a handful of NDL sympathizers showed up at what has been described as a complete failure and resulted in the entire management of the NDL being replaced.

SOS-Rasisme staged a counter-demonstration which received a lot of publicity.

Dagbladet has been informed that several of those present knew about the infiltration of the NDL. Dagbladet has asked SOS-Rasisme for a statement. They have acknowledged that they have received a request from Dagbladet, but have not made any comments.

A high ranking member of SOS-Rasisme, who by several sources has been pointed out as belonging to the management of the NDL between 2010 and 2011, denies any knowledge of the alleged infiltration.

“Your questions have no basis in reality,” he tells Dagbladet.

False identities

The infiltrators used fake profiles and identities on various websites to gain entry to the higher echelons of the NDL. This is how they succeeded in conning the founders of the NDL into giving them key positions within the organization, according to several sources. The members of the NDL management communicated mostly on the Internet and seldom met face to face.

“It’s tough on the psyche to work like that. One is literally sitting with racism and sewage up to the neck. I’ve gained renewed sympathy for police officers who have to work overtime to stop child pornography,” says one source who was involved in the infiltration campaign.

At the time Lena Andreassen was the leader of the NDL. She is said to be unaware of the infiltration. She does not wish to make a comment.

“Wanted to create an enemy”

During this period the NDL went from being an obscure Facebook group to becoming a nationally known organization.

The leader of the PST at the time, Janne Kristiansen, mentioned the organization as a possible threat to national security at a press conference in February 2011. The PST and the Oslo Police have also spent considerable resources on the NDL.

“SOS Racism wanted a clear enemy in the immigration debate,” a source involved in the infiltration campaign says.

New management

Today, the NDL is under new management.

“We are aware that several infiltrators were involved in the NDL last year, spokesperson for the NDL,” Ron Alte tells Dagbladet.

War hero critical of the NDL

Among those critical of the NDL’s use of April 9 to stage a demonstration against a “Muslim occupation of Norway” was war hero Gunnar Kjakan Sønsteby.

“This is completely hopeless. I reacted strongly to the use of that particular date,” the 93-year-old Sønsteby told

“Back then we fought for democracy. It is wrong to claim that Muslims today pose a threat to Norwegian democracy.”

15 thoughts on “Infiltration, Subversion, and Sabotage

  1. Which begs the obvious question: What contact, if any, did the NDL infiltrators from SOS Racisime have with Breivik? Why did former NDL leader Lena Andresson tell the Norwegian media that she was terrified that her testimony to the Norwegian police about Breivik would be leaked to the media? Why did Andresson hide out in England for several weeks shortly after the Utoya massacre? Why did SOS Racisisme destroy many of their financial and membership records? Was it only to cover up their financial fraud, or was it to cover up something much worse?

  2. Whether this is true or not could be truly hard to discover.

    What cannot be denied is that Orwell warned that the giant state organization would go out of its way to organize its own opposition (O’Brien was the author of Immanuel Goldstein’s book) so as to draw in and identify candidates to be sent to room 101.

    Just another Statist reason to marginalize Christianity and Christians. To make true fellowship just about impossible and to draw malcontents to the State so they may be “cured.”

  3. Isn’t that organisation (SOS racism) mentioned in Bruce Bawer’s book?

    Wasn’t there an incident outside their parliamentary buildings where some poor young man got a bit of a hiding?

  4. Yes, they were mentioned in Bawer’s book for physically intimidating/harassing a voter’s information table set up by a small Christian political party shortly after Utoya.

    I can only read the Norwegian press in Google translation, which obviously has its faults, but what I’ve been able to piece together about them is as follws:

    –They inflated their membership rolls by thousands of fictional members, in order to scam millions from taxpayer funding. (fraud)

    –The top management officers (hardcore Communists all of them) used some of the scammed funds to pay for lavish vacations and other luxury goods for themselves. (embezzlement)

    –They destroyed records of their financial/membership dealings in advance of a police raid on their headquarters (tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice.)

    For the record I don’t believe that they helped plan Utoya just to keep the milk from the tax teat flowing into their coffers. Even Commies couldn’t be that evil, could they?

    But that Breivik could have been a “project” they nursed along, not realizing how dangerous he was, and which then backfired horribly–that, I find, not hard to believe at all.

  5. is already asking the same questions about Breivik and his possible contacts with SOS Racisisme:

    (Google translation version–imperfect, but about 70 percent understandable to an English speaker.)

    Breivik knew all sorts of detailed specific information about top NDL leaders–how did he get this information?

    And once again, what did Lena Andresson tell the Norwegian police that she is so terrified of being leaked to the media?

  6. Well, this is exactly what I was pointing to in my comment from 2/10/2012 7:46 AM to the article “Threatened by antifascists in Bergen”. Now that threatened pregnant woman will finally understand how the antifas actually got her personal informations on where she lives. These are the communists. They are the masters of underground sabotage and infiltration. I observed that the main drawback of the NDL and groups of the like, however, is that it cannot be so insidious and shrewd. This is a quite noble feature of personality indeed, but also rather contraproductive when dealing with snakes like those of the AFA. It should learn and use their weapons against them, and stop being so naive, otherwise they will always go some steps in advance, and the NDL and groups of the like will never have a real chance to stop them.

  7. I couldn’t help noticing during the recent Ch4 programme about Tommy Robinson and the Islamic wingnut from Luton, the existence of the UAF was barely mentioned – and they weren’t profiled at all in the the other two groups were.

    But if they were engaged in this situation, and were having street protests (same as the other groups) and were playing some kind of role in people being arrested, and had a political agenda …

    Then why weren’t they profiled & examined? I’d like to see a real, in-depth examination of the UAF being carried out by actual investigative journalists – people who don’t have an axe to grind & would report the facts & name names.

    I know, I know, I’m dreaming of the good old days …

  8. Firstly would like to personally say, my views on street movements in general are mixed at best.I may still be naive enough to believe in the politicians to do their job properly. And the fact that many of these organisations (as witnessed in this article) can easily be infiltrated. As seen in the EDL many hardcore racists were seen at edl demos.

    However there is an acceptance on my part that if things turn sour in the years ahead, the current defence league models that are growing across Europe, would be a very natural model to evolve into something more.

    Hence the danger, and fear from such a model, but it may be the only model that has the backbone to defend the people (if things turn sour).

    The fact that these extreme leftists decided to “create an enemy” seems the most bizarre concept Ive ever heard. Once you have unleashed the beast you can’t put it back in its cage again.

    “During this period the NDL went from being an obscure Facebook group to becoming a nationally known organization.”

    The leftists have actually helped build up the NDL, and I imagine if public opinion is anything like it is elsewere, it will only grow from strength to strength.

    Is it just me or is this complete and utter madness from these extreme leftists?

  9. @Anonymous: Regarding the UAF. I think there are many reasons the UAF arent investigated. My own personal opinion is that they have become irrelevant. They are stuck in that 1980s era mentality that the edl are a bunch of white guys out to bash ethnic people. Not that I can say that there probably isnt people like that within the edl, they have failed to grasp that the argument has changed. The lines have shifted as has public opinion on the whole.

    I have actually met some UAF members in my uni days. And I can honestly say that at face value the ones I met were nice people. But from what I have seen on youtube, they can become quite violent and nasty.

    I would actually be more sympathetic towards them if they truly were United against facism. It seems unlike the (official) mision statement of the EDL, they arent colour blind. It seems that you can only be a fascist if you are white. Fascism and tyranny comes in many guises and colours. If anything they are racists for not equally condeming acts of facism across all ethnic groups

  10. In a way, I find it rather nice that the radical left is building up the organisation. They have more manpower and funding, and seem skilled in getting media attention 🙂

    Related, it’s worth knowing about the Wobblies from the roleplaying game Paranoia. Quoting Wikipedia:

    Of special notice is the secret society known as the Wobblies. The game’s backstory indicates that the Computer was worried about this society, and sent a pack of Troubleshooters to investigate. Since the society didn’t actually exist, the Troubleshooters found nothing to report, and were terminated for laziness and insubordination. After a couple of Troubleshooter groups were thus disposed of, a newly sent group founded the society themselves in order to have something to report on. By the time the game setting takes place, a number of other secret societies have sent spies to join the Wobblies, resulting in a group that consists entirely of spies for other groups. The in-joke for the Commie-hating computer is that this group is loosely modeled on the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), the original “wobbly” trade union movement that attempted to stand up to the robber barons at the start of the 20th century.

  11. The Norwegian police are currently tryihg to trace a mysterious 40,000 dollars that Breivik “laundered” through his financial accounts. They have so far not found a source for the money.

    What exactly was in those financial records that SOS Rasisme destroyed?

  12. In good company..?

    Also Jens Stoltenberg, then leader of AUF, has a history of inventing members, enlarging somewhat the total number of paid memberships which is the base for tax-funded grants. Together with today’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Trond Giske, even.

    Journalist Helje Solberg got her prestigious Skup prize (pronounced ‘scoop’) for shedding light on the fraud. Today, she is political editor at VG.

    (..mumble…hmm..small world…)

    Some animals are more equal. That’s all.

  13. Should not infiltration go both ways? Why not return the favour? The Left should be infiltrated as no doubt they infiltrate certain right-wing groups, as do agent provocateurs of governmental organisations. Depending on your age, qualifications and ‘history’ why not consider a career in the security services, police, or become a trade union activist; just get in amongst them in any way you can.

    Infiltrate, subvert, and convert. Gather intelligence rather than lack it. Of course, lists of names and addresses might come in handy assuming Britain/Europe survives the ‘darkness’ ahead and reaches a post-Islamic existence, for those treason trials.

    Perhaps even a few hardy souls may wish to ‘become’ followers of the Hashemite fascist; pay friendly visits to your local mosque, profess an interest in the ‘religion of peace’, and what the Hell, why not ‘convert’, they’ll love having another gullible ‘whitey’ on board. Of course, you’ll never be allowed into the inner sanctum of the Hashemite fascists unless you ‘perform exceptionally well’. Of course, this is probably an path taken only by the very strong willed, and probably by those who are circumcised; although maybe some are prepared to make that particular ‘blood sacrifice’, after all better to lose you hood than your head (the ‘choice’ you’ll get in the post-apocalyptic Hashemite fascist world).

    The Left is the greatest danger in the short term, no doubt many will gleefully convert should the time come although I suspect many will rejoice in dhimmitude and hope to suffer at the hands of their new masters, after all Europeans have been responsible for all the world’s evils!

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