Hitching a Ride

The Checkered DemonI have to be away from my desk for a few days. While I’m gone, there will be no news feeds of the usual type, although Dymphna may post her inimitable take on the news from time to time, when she’s up to it.

Bear in mind that the monitoring of comments may be less timely, depending on how well Dymphna is feeling. If you’ve posted a comment and it hasn’t appeared yet, be patient: she’ll get to it as soon as she can.

For the curious: the above illustration represents the Checkered Demon, from a story entitled “The Hog-Riding Fools” by S. Clay Wilson, in one of the early issues of Zap Comics, maybe 1969 or thereabouts.

Sometimes I get tired just smilin’.

3 thoughts on “Hitching a Ride

  1. Got to give old CD props for knowing how to use “hopefully”.
    “Waits hopefully” would have been a bit more elegant, though.

    Jack of Shadows

  2. S. Clay Wilson was one of the greatest underground cartoonists ever … right up there with Vaughn Bode and Spain Rodriguez. A lugubrious incident in 2008 laid him low with severe brain injuries and he must now be cared for 24/7. A special needs trust has been set up for him; the address of which is:

    Wilson SNT
    PO Box 14854
    San Francisco CA 94114

    One can also donate through its Web site:


  3. Gosh! I haven’t seen the checkered demon in forty years…maybe 50 years now…when I was a young hippy after returning from Vietnam with a bag full of gook ears…gosh! those were great days! now I am an old man on my way out! Just sittin’ waitin’ for the reaper…maybe the checkered demon? rock ‘n roll!

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