Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/29/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/29/2012The flamboyant former MP George Galloway will be returning to Parliament in Westminster after his stunning victory in the West Bradford by-election. Mr. Galloway scored his upset by being more Islamic than his Labour opponent, an ethnic Pakistani who was thought to be holding a safe seat.

In other news, an elderly man survived ten days stranded in a remote Nevada desert location by drinking melted snow and ditch water. After the first few days of their ordeal, his friend left their stuck vehicle to get help, and was later found dead a mile and a half away.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Religious Affairs in Indonesia has declared that the miniskirt is “pornographic” and must be banned.

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4 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/29/2012

  1. Incredibly, at 07:05 GMT, Galloway is on TV saying that this is the “Bradford Spring” and that it is an “uprising”.

    Seriously, those are the words he used.

  2. galloway – opportunist, self publicist, egotist, but nevertheless politically astute. the reason for his success in bradford; his demand for the immediate withdrawal of troops from afghanistan. talking heads go on about his ‘islamness’ and whilst that may have been a factor in his victory his success was also dependent upon the support of bradford’s (beleagured) whites.

  3. “his victory his success was also dependent upon the support of bradford’s (beleagured) whites.”

    The support for Gorgeous George from the beleaguered whites is a significant political point that hints at the deeper currents of U.K. politics, would be far to easy and simplistic to dismiss this result as a political anomaly or one totally distorted by a muslim bloc vote.


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