Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/13/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/13/2012In the seaside town of Saltburn in Northern England, armed police surrounded and trained their guns on a veiled woman who was thought to be carrying an explosive device. The suspect, who witnesses say is a local white woman, was immobilized by police for hours as they attempted to neutralize the threat of any possible bomb.

In other news, the newly-elected Egyptian parliament voted to expel the Israeli ambassador, halt all natural gas sales to Israel, and annul the 1979 Camp David peace treaty. The vote is largely a symbolic gesture, since only the ruling military council can make such crucial decisions.

Meanwhile, former senator Rick Santorum won the Republican presidential primary in Alabama, edging out Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

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  1. 66 – I followed your link and read in horror about the drowning. Things have gone seriously wrong in a society when a fire and rescue team is ordered NOT to jump into a 3′ deep cement pond in the middle of a park to rescue a drowning man based on their “health and safety regulations.” In fact, there was a responder there that was “qualified” to do the rescue but was ordered not to because he didn’t have the right “equipment” with him; namely a wader suit and life jacket…
    Had I been there I would have told fire and rescue to stuff it and I would have jumped in to try to save the man.
    We are losing our humanity to the alter of gov’t regulations.

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