My Yesterday in Leicester

Our English correspondent Seneca III attended the English Defence League demonstration in Leicester yesterday, but from behind enemy lines — that is, from the side of the Unite Against Fascism counter-demonstration. From his incognito he was able to observe the UAF reveal their true colors, but only where the MSM cameras were not able to record their activities.

Below is his photo-report on his experiences.

My Yesterday in Leicester
by Seneca III

Last year, almost to the day, I attended and reported upon the EDL demonstration in Luton. This year I decided to have a day out in Leicester and, in the interests of fairness, I chose not to march with the EDL this time but to report from a different perspective — that of the general public and, if possible, from within or from close to the UAF. It was an interesting day, as the following photo-essay may illustrate.

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I arrived at about 1045 hrs on one of the Park & Ride buses and made my way to the Clock Tower, which was where the UAF website had instructed its foot soldiers to gather at 1100hrs, despite the Police having given them an entirely different rallying point for their demo, one intended to separate them from the EDL and its designated and escorted line of march past the Clock Tower.

As usual there was a substantial police presence everywhere, all of whom were pleasant, polite and helpful when asked what was happening. I was able to identify large contingents from Lincolnshire and Humberside as well as the West Midlands, within whose beat Leicester lies.

Leicester 2011-02 #01

By about 1115hrs roughly fifty to seventy five UAF had gathered close to the Clock Tower, and I eased in for closer look, only to be immediately accosted by a rather scruffy young man with an armful of Socialist Workers Party (oxymoron, or what?) leaflets. I declined a leaflet but asked him what was going on and why he was there. I would like to be able to report that I received a coherent and rational answer to either or both questions but I am afraid this is not the case as with his rather limited vocabulary of roughly half a dozen words — “thugs, EDL, racist, innit, racism, innit” — he was little more then a perambulating oxymoron himself.

As I thanked him for his time and complimented him on his erudition I noticed that a line of police was approaching with the obvious intent of moving the demo away from the immediate area in the opposite direction to that from which the EDL would approach so, sadly leaving a somewhat bemused young man obviously struggling to figure out what ‘erudition’ was, I broke away and went back through the police lines towards the Clock Tower.

This was an instinctive move on my part more than anything else, brought about perhaps by the fact that something wasn’t quite right about the whole set-up. This small group was composed mainly of white protesters, some obviously quite middle class — one of whom was exhorting the faithful through a loudhailer — with only a smattering of Afro-Caribbean and ‘Asian’ ethnics, none of whom appeared to be from the hard core of Antifa street fighters. Furthermore, none of the UAF leadership were addressing these children or moving with them towards their designated muster point.

These,as we shall see, were the decoy, the useful idiots serving their useful purpose, soaking up Police manpower and gaining some breathing space for the real UAF deployment.

Back in the vicinity of the Clock Tower my move was immediately rewarded, for I came across this…

Leicester 2011-02 #03

…Mr. Weyman Bennett, joint secretary of the Socialist Workers Party and erstwhile leader of the UAF, cynically watching the useful idiots being shepherded away into the distance by the Constabulary Cavalry. (Please note the female to the right of Bennett — we shall be meeting up with both of them later.)

Leicester 2011-02 #05

And, as the decoys disappeared into the distance, Bennett and his small entourage moved off in a different direction, towards the EDL route, unaware that I was delighted to be able join them, albeit at a suitable distance.

By now it was only 1130ish, still well over an hour to the EDL start time. After watching Bennett et al for a while it became obvious that, apart from the occasional meeting and conversation with several ‘Asians’ who were very different in dress, demeanour and attitude to the useful idiots (possibly runners carrying instructions), Bennett and his command-and-control group were just milling about close to the EDL route and waiting like everyone else.

So I decided to leave them to their machinations for a while and occupied myself by tracking a couple of their messenger boys. That was extremely fruitful — more later — and once accomplished I had a coffee and a light, rather pleasant lunch. I wandered around chatting to the other expectant bystanders and several police officers until, not long after 1300hrs, the lead banners of the EDL appeared at the bottom of the Haymarket near Belgrave Gate and I moved down Haymarket in order to take a few photographs as they came through…

Leicester 2011-02 #07

Leicester 2011-02 #09

Parallel to but not amongst them I accompanied the rear quarter of the EDL column as far as the corner where they were turning into Church Gate. There I witnessed two small incidents wherein the marchers were subjected to some interesting verbal abuse from the other side of the road to me, and returned the compliment both verbally and by means of two half full beer cans, lobbed somewhat inaccurately as far as I could tell. The march seemed to stall for a while, and non-marching spectators including myself were held back once it began to move again. I had to follow along behind until I could turn left up St. Peter’s Lane, into East Bond Street (which parallels Church Gate) and down into Vaughan Way past Butt Close, where the messenger boys had been heading and where the Antifa hard core were attempting to ambush the EDL.

By now the Constabulary had figured out what was afoot and moved in to block off the ambush routes…

Leicester 2011-02 #31

…and it was here, where there were no MSM reporters (who were simply following the EDL in the hope of some good footage of right-wing violence) that the true nature of the UAF came into the light of day as a small group of them abused and attempted to assault an isolated thin, blue line that was holding them back. It was the only occasion that day that I saw the Police draw and prepare to use their batons in self-defence…

Leicester 2011-02 #33

…and fortunately they did not have to because reinforcements arrived shortly thereafter and the noisy retards, still shouting abuse and threats, gave up and slowly withdrew.

Leicester 2011-02 #35

I then strolled down East Bond Street, turned right on to Vaughan Way and immediately bumped in to my old friends Bennett and Co. What a surprise…

Leicester 2011-02 #41

…now joined by a Muslima ‘Legal Observer’ (well, at least she had a decently printed orange vest on top of her slave garb, a distinct improvement on that of Weyman’s female ADC) and I joined them for a few last interesting minutes as they documented the actions of the police who were dispersing a small mob of Antifa hard-core who were trying to get at a couple of passing Scotsmen who had had the temerity to suggest to the ‘Legal Observers’ that they would be better employed observing a few stonings in Afghanistan.

Leicester 2011-02 #43

And that was the end of my day — in Leicester, anyway. Back to the bus, my car and home to my local pub to watch the Calcutta Cup match and rest my weary legs. In all, though, it was very illuminating, and served mainly to increase my contempt for the MSM and their inadequate and prejudiced reporting.

— Seneca III

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12 thoughts on “My Yesterday in Leicester

  1. All very well just as long as you realise that the U.A.F,and there ilk will have been using this sort of tactic for years more than likely.

  2. Thank you for reporting. I really appreciate it.
    I don’t know who you are or what you look like but maybe you could go out more often and keep us informed.

  3. WOW!

    This fits very nicely with the well prepared provocation-seeking behaviour of Antifa in Germany, when they assaulted us in Stuttgart.

    I hope this will spread far and wide to discredit these thugs.

  4. ” … a couple of passing Scotsmen who had had the temerity to suggest to the ‘Legal Observers’ that they would be better employed observing a few stonings in Afghanistan.”

    And of course that’s exactly how they put it …

    The bobbies should have let them through, that would have been funny.

    Wonder how the press would try to spin that one? UAF thugs beaten up by two Scotsmen at an EDL rally!

  5. Deja Vu: “Socialist Workers Party” was what Hitler’s party called themselves (Sozialistische Arbeiter Partei).

  6. Well done, Seneca. Thank you for your efforts which amount to charitable, supplemental journalism in response to the MSM’s prejudice and distaste for the truth.

  7. This is definitely the way forward for Nationalism, the bigger the
    marches the more tempted the Police
    will be to try to reroute or cancel them. 50,000 plus out every weekend
    will cause some sort of reaction.That
    number is quite difficult to police.

  8. ChristianInfidel says:

    Thank you, Seneca III! It’s great to have a good-quality report from near the UAF– and entertaining, too!

    For those who’d like to enjoy and perhaps encourage supportive coverage from an almost-mainstream source, I stumbled upon a positive article about this EDL march at, by Canadian author Richard Milnes.
    Note also his educational reply to a grateful reader on the state of journalism in England. I would like to do what I can to make this reporter popular. (I hope this is on-topic, Baron & Dymphna. If not, my apologies and please instruct.)

  9. Great report Seneca many thanks for having to get so close to the unwashed, the main point of your report would suggest from your perception that the UAF were there to cause trouble at an otherwise peaceful march by the EDL and if they can’t get to cause trouble with the EDL they have a go at the police, you confirmed what most already know about the UAF and SWP.

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