The Oslo Rape Wave, Continued

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer sends the following article about the latest alarming statistics on the rape wave in Norway.

I can’t classify as official “cultural enrichment”, since the newspaper report fails to mention the ethnicity or immigrant status of last year’s rapists. However, it’s worth remembering that in the five years previous to 2011, all stranger-rapes in Oslo in which the perp could be identified were committed by Muslim immigrants.

As The Observer notes:

I’m sending you a translated article regarding the number of reported rapes in Norway in the first eleven months of 2011. Notice that the majority of the rapes occur in Oslo.

I wonder why…

The translated article from Dagbladet:

Over 100 rapes reported in 2011

The real number is probably higher.

More than 100 assault rapes and attempted rapes were reported to the police in Norway between January and November 2011.

NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) has studied figures obtained from every single police precinct in Norway which shows that 109 assault rapes and attempted assault rapes took place in the first 11 months of 2011.

The numbers are probably higher because of underreporting.

This year has seen the highest numbers of rape victims treated at the sexual assault clinic in Oslo.

Most cases take place in the capital. Last year 53 assault rapes and attempted rapes were reported from January through November last year in the capital. This is twice as many cases as in all of 2010.

The leader of the vice section of the Oslo police, Hanne Kristin Rohde believes that there has been a significant increase in the number of sexual assault. “But we also believe that there has been an increase in the number of reported cases which means that more women are willing to go to the police and report these assaults,” says Rohde.

10 thoughts on “The Oslo Rape Wave, Continued

  1. The problem is a lack of 2nd amendment rights. I assume the victims wouldn’t just roll over (no pun intended) so the problem seems to be: 1. the inability to defned themselves. 2. The inability or unwillingness for adult male family members to defend her. 3. The inability or unwillingness on the part of the police to punish the offender.

  2. With no intention to belittle the issue, but I was beginning to have doubts about such reports out of Scandinavia ever since the Assange case came to light. Not sure if Norway has the same laws here as Sweden, but if so, a woman who feels a tad awkward even weeks after the fact could accuse a man of rape. Under such a legislation the numbers are bound to rise, regardless of how many cases of true, violent rape there really are.

  3. To Anonymous @ 1.14pm…

    Agreed – but in this case they have used the term “Assault Rape” – ambushed by a stranger and physically forced into sex with use or credible threat of violence.

    Assange is under “Acquaintance Rape” – where cupcake feels “used” after the fact and withdraws consent days later… Or feels that she was “forced” and mumbled a “no” while undoing his belt…. Hence a “raype”

  4. so the problem seems to be: 1. the inability to defned themselves.

    they should be allowed to carry guns.

  5. My daughter will be trained to use a knife..

    ever watch the movie ‘Face off’?

    yeah.. like that…

    Ever heard of a woman, especially a pretty woman being stopped, detained, frisked and arrested for carrying a concealed weapon (knife)?


    train your daughters to be ‘black widows’ and you are father’s of the year..

  6. When I was 17-21 years old I lived in Baltimore during the early 70’s.
    I carried a “slap jack” up my right sleeve any time I had to walk alone on the streets.
    Baltimore was out of control at the time. A slap jack was illegal. I didn’t care.
    Looking back, I think my “situational awareness” along with the fact that I knew I had a weapon probably signaled through my body language that I was not an easy target.

  7. When I was young I used to carry a heavy black flashlight, the type with a metal tube. When people asked me what that was for, I used to smile and say, “It’s for breaking heads.”

    I also had an extremely bad disposition in those days, which fortunately I outgrew. I was just looking for an excuse to smash somebody to pieces, and there weren’t any takers, which was just as well for all concerned.

  8. These rapes are part of a morality in which abortion is murder. If abortion is murder, it is far worse than “The suffering of the Palestinian People”.

  9. These rapes are part of a morality in which abortion is murder. If abortion is murder, it is far worse than “The suffering of the Palestinian People”.


  10. I believe that the prior Anonymous was pointing out that the application of Islam is, as always, hypocritical in the extreme. That is to say, if they were really such good Muslims, then they should be more upset about the killing of some 50 million disproportionately minority prenatal infants than about the oppression suffered by the ‘Palestinians’.

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