Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/25/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/25/2012Navy SEALs stormed a pirate compound in Somalia and rescued two hostages, an American woman and a Danish man. Nine of the hostage-takers were killed during the operation. Meanwhile, a different group of Somali pirates chopped off the arm of the captain of a Vietnamese ship in an effort to hasten the payment of ransom.

In other news, the Fed says that it will maintain near-zero interest rates at least through the end of 2014.

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One thought on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/25/2012

  1. Liam Neeson hears for a few days what I had to stand five times a day, for the four years that I lived in Turkey, and feeling my stomach turn every time that screaming in Arabic started (especially at around 4:00 AM in summer), and that makes him consider the possibility that Qui Gon Jinn might join the dark side of the force… However, wouldn’t being a jinn (of the Qui Gon sort, in his case) automatically render his recitation of the shahahahahada null and void?

    As for that female driver dying in an accident in Saudi Arabia, considering the fact that drivers in the muslim world rely not on caution and skills to keep themselves safe on the road, but on their “insh’allah” fantasy (allah willing, they won’t get into an accident); and the fact that, by looking at how everyone drives in those countries, anyone from a civilized country can easily conclude that driving tests in those places cannot involve more than showing the ability to sound the horn and paying a bribe to the person grading the exams, it was her who died, but it could truly have been anyone else, male or female. And, just as another example of how deadly driving is in black-cube-worshipping lands, I once read here at GoV how 1/3 of all hospital beds in Saudi Arabia are usually occupied by traffic-accident victims.

    Jedilson Bonfim.

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