The Sound of Silence

Nordine Amrani

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan has some thoughts on this week’s massacre in Liège, and its aftermath.

The Sound of Silence
by H. Numan

A few days ago Nordine Amrani decided he wanted to have an eternal sex party with 72 virgins (or a virgin of 72, remember the Muslims read from right to left). So he bombed and shot himself into paradise, taking as many infidels with him as possible. According to the ‘religion of peace’, all infidels killed during a jihad are forever the slaves of their killer in paradise. Just don’t say it out loud, that is not politically correct.

Have you ever heard of a Christian, Shintoist or Buddhist going on a killing spree to earn himself a place in paradise? I haven’t. Mohammedans are always very keen to point out extremist Christians attacking an abortion clinic. It shows Christianity has blood on its hands. True enough, this happens. Fortunately, rarely. For each Christian attack there are at least a couple of hundred Mohammedan attacks. Two wrongs doesn’t make something right, however it seems that having a tiny drop of blood on your finger is far worse than having blood dripping of your entire body. Or so Mohammedans seem to believe.

We are all very much aware of the many attacks by politically correct people. So many that newspapers all over the Western world stop describing who actually committed a serious crime. They normally leave out any detail giving you a clue to the ethnicity or the religion. A “citizen of Liège” or a “Belgian national” would normally suffice. People might get the wrong idea, otherwise.

Suppose all you read in the newspapers was: ‘Muslim assaulted Belgian’; ‘Muslim rapist’; ‘Muslims gang-bangers’; ‘Muslims offended’. People would likely, and rightly, vote for parties who would do something about that. Such as the PVV in The Netherlands or N-VA or Vlaams Belang in Belgium.

By not referring to the ethnicity or religion you can only guess. Something you’d rather not, due to lack of evidence. Of course you know for 99.9% certain the article is talking about Mohammedans. If only because the newspapers do occasionally slip up: if a non-politically correct person commits a crime, all details are given. As if the newspapers are proud to say: See? Not all rapes, assaults, muggings, killings or other crimes are committed by Muslims only!

I’m not writing anything new here; this has been going on for years already. But there is something new in this case. Mr. Nordine Amrani wasn’t Mr. Nice Guy. He had a criminal record thicker than a Koran. There are already three hyenas’ lairs lawyers at work to tell you this scumbag was in real life a pillar of society or someone with a disturbed childhood. There must be a lot of money to be made here, or so it seems. Mr. Nordine lived his life on the dole but could afford to have no less than three lawyers working for him after his death. How could he afford them? Perhaps something worthy of a thorough investigation?

No, that is not new either. This is: the sound of silence. Less than a week ago this massacre happened. Today just about nothing in the news. The only part of the massacre you hear about are the parents of the toddler who was killed. They can’t afford a funeral. That is the big news of the day. Not the massacre. And no, this has nothing to do with his religion. The fact that he shouted Allahu Akhbar is purely coincidental.

I really wonder what the mainstream media are going to do when the proverbial dung really hits the ventilator. Oh, we may find out soon enough: according to some sources the Al Quackies are planning not a white but a Koran-green Christmas in Amsterdam this year…

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  1. It has reached the point where people understand that if the ethnicity of the perpetrator is not explicitly mentioned, it means black or Muslim. Which, of course, means that society has reached the exact point the ever-so-tolerant media wished to avoid at all costs, the presumption that all violent crimes are committed by members of these groups unless proven otherwise.

    It is not a true presumption…but it might be close enough.

  2. Amrani had Moroccan parents. Does it seem unlikely that they were muslims, that Amrani grew up separated from mainstream Belgian life, was taught that muslims are victims of the Western countries (Christians), had friends who were only muslims, and only associated with muslims in prison?

  3. Takuan Seiyo:
    The lawyers on such cases always work pro bono. Why lawyers and teachers lead the fifth column throughout whitey’s domain is an interesting topic, perhaps insufficiently explored. In Europe, it’s white lawyers and teachers who wield the hara-kiri knife. In the US this method has been improved and augmented by appointing intensely tribal black and brown minorities into positions where they can pervert justice and education to diminish whitey and build up their own people. Thus, just in the last week, a “Hispanic” pasha at the Department of Justice “Civil Rights Division”, Thomas Perez, threw a lawfare bomb at Sheriff Arpaio, the only effective law enforcement official in the country containing the reconquista from the south, and Evelyn Laporte, a black judge in New York was found to have released without bail, despite an outstanding warrant, a repeat, violent black felon who promptly went on to shoot and kill without provocation a white police officer.
    The outrageous rot is in the whites, not in the Muslims, blacks, the Mestizo tide and other swarmers.

  4. “…The outrageous rot is in the whites, not in the Muslims, blacks, the Mestizo tide and other swarmers.”


    Were there no rot, there would be nothing to attract and thus no cloud of carrion-flies around a carcass.

    Our situation is no different.

    The “swarm” is here to feed on what is left – and when they are finished there will be nothing but the bones – picked utterly clean.

  5. TS, DD –

    Second those comments.

    Islam is a disease, a violent parasitical cult and Muslims are its carriers (“moderates” included, I add, just to be sure). Any parasite needs a host, and for decades now, the Western welfare state has been playing host.

    Nowadays, with the self-afflicted global economic crisis which is already turning into a veritable currency crisis, we really find our nations acting like thoroughly compromised hosts (to use some medical lingo here).

    I often marvel at the fact that the economic angle on the whole of this gets such incredibly sparse coverage on counterjihad sites, especially when one keeps in mind that the welfare/warfare state does two specific things that greatly hamper our struggle against the Islamization of our lands:

    (1) The undermining and gradual dissolvement of national borders on the behest of US/EUssr elites.

    (2) The initial buying off of dictators in Muslim majority countries and with that very costly policy backfiring, the current spreading of “democracy” at gargantuan economic costs, resulting in “Arab Spring”(TM) Islamic states.

    That’s one reason why I have serious reservations to file this ongoing neo-Wilsonian “War on Terror” under Struggle against Islamization, because it’s not about that at all, I think. It belongs to a whole string of progressivist policies that have turned former America (now the US, as in the Unified State, est. 1913) and other Western nations into the compromised host societies that they are today.

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

  6. Agree with the article. When the expression of Muslim faith accompanies the crime, it should be addressed in the news, even if it causes some to flip out.

    If many papers had printed the Muhammad cartoons, the situation would be different now regarding alleged defamation of religion.

    I disagree with the comment about Sheriff Arpaio and the judge in NY. I am not on top of the story, but what if he actually did what is alleged. Is he beyond accountability just because he is effective? There are pathetic judges of all types, so I would be hesitant to use one case to make such a large point.

  7. “It has reached the point where people understand that if the ethnicity of the perpetrator is not explicitly mentioned, it means black or Muslim. Which, of course, means that society has reached the exact point the ever-so-tolerant media wished to avoid at all costs, the presumption that all violent crimes are committed by members of these groups unless proven otherwise.”

    Agree. If Amrani were a Christian or a Jew the media would be sure it was well known. Because his religious status is so down-played – even denied – that’s why I say it is most likely he has a thoroughly muslim background.

  8. Comparing the amok of Amarani and Breivik shows the extraordinary and unashamed racism that pervades the MSM, bureaucrats and politicians.

    Amrani’s victims are worth less than the victims of Breivik because the victims of Amrani can not be as effectively instrumentalized to reinforce left-wing propaganda that keeps our left-wing extremist elite in power and control in government, bureaucracy, media, arts, and university, schools and kindergartens.

    Today we have:

    * more institutionalised racism against native people [except of couse if they are non-white. where everything suddenly flips around without being right wing extremist, eg. Australian Aboriginals – Australia legislates specifically for the “Aboriginal Race” – see Land Rights Act]
    * less democracy – National sovereignty is abolished under the cloak of a financial crisis, centre-right parties are systematically daemonised so that they can be conveniently excluded from political decision making.
    * more distrust by citizens of institutions – this leads to more individuals that feel disenfranchised, that see no democratic path for their voice to be heard, which in turn leads to
    * less stability because of the EU and its overreaching.
    * “free speech” only if it underpins the prevalent propaganda – anything else is daemonised as hate speech or arcane blasphemy laws.

  9. breivik hit 69 people
    amrani hit 129 people

    is this breivik?

  10. Well, there’s also the fact that Breivik was horrifically more effective. For all that Muslims seem to love violence so much, they really are rather inept at it.

  11. Green Infidel

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