Light Posting

The ScholarI have been away from blogging most of the day due to other work — actual paying labor, thank the Lord!

Y’all have been extraordinarily generous during our last couple of fundraisers. However, this unexpected income will see us through what had been a very tight year. Now with this temporary job, Dymphna and I are planning a (slightly delayed) Christmas celebration.

A Happy New Year is a distinct possibility.

There will be a news feed tonight in just a little while. More or less normal blogging will resume tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Light Posting

  1. Merry delayed Christmas! Enjoy yourselves. I know your pain. When the girl scouts come to my door, I’ve now taken to saying “Are you trying to starve me to death?” Which literally makes no sense because if I bought their cookies, I could eat them, but rhetorically that question’s on the money (or lack thereof). RoR

  2. Happy delayed Christmas Baron. Our Christmas was everything I had hoped for; peaceful, joyous, contemplative of the gifts of my religion and… NO SNOW!

  3. Dymphna & Baron

    Hope both of you are doing well, wishing you and all readers

    A Happy New Year
    A Strong Hope For A Better And Safer World!

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