Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/25/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/25/2011There’s almost no news feed tonight! That’s because everyone is sprawled in their armchairs, semi-comatose from the sin of gluttony during Christmas dinner.

All except for our poor Norwegian friend Tommy, that is. (S)he is curled up in a sequined fetal ball under the Christmas tree, still traumatized by a near-fatal shortage of butter…

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4 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/25/2011

  1. …and some more material: I’ve just read in the Spanish (freely distributed) newspaper “20 minutos” that the french government has banned the construction of europe’s tallest minaret (35 m.) at the outskirts of Paris. The businessman who wanted to build this nice symbol of multicultural understanding between faiths also wanted to name it after Nicolas Sarkozy in protest because of the closing down of an (of course) muslim worship place

  2. Here’s an update on the acid attack on Pastor Mulinde. Police have arrested a suspect in connection with the attack. One guess what the pastor’s attackers shouted out after pouring acid on the “apostate” … one guess, go on, what could it possibly be … here’s the link. See if you got it right.

  3. this is a message to the moderator: I ve just found this interesting news in the austrian newspaper “Der Standard”:
    Unfortunately I have no time to translate it, but perhaps anybody has. It goes about war between clans in Marseille. The autorities speak about war-like conditions with kalashyikovs and stuff of the like. There’s not even a word about immigrants, which is a much-telling ommision…

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