Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/20/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/20/2011Anti-fascist protesters in Germany bricked up the doorway of the residence of the treasurer of the NPD (neo-Nazi) party. They say their action is a symbolic attempt to prevent him from leaving his house to take part in the German political process.

In other news, a Pakistani man who was unhappy with his teenage wife cut off her lips and nose with a razor.

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4 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/20/2011

  1. Quote:
    However, another victim of the recent round of violence was a library holding some of Egypt’s most precious manuscripts, maps, and books, after a fire broke in Cairo’s Scientific Complex.

    This was no accident.
    This was not random.
    This was far from unintended.
    Manuscripts, books, even the year 1789, all of these offend Islam.
    If it is not Islam, it will not be preserved.
    Why study anything, why keep anything from the past when the Quran is final truth?
    The Ummah claims to possess final truth, so they can forgive themselves easily for their “excesses”.

  2. We defeated Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna and we will defeat Islam at the same gate, when people of good will start thinking for themselves, rather then repeating politically correct mantra. As anybody who had read Koran, Hadith and history of Islam and its prophet knows, Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Truth will out, because the same laws that had convicted this Austrian woman who told the truth about Mohamed’s pedophilia, can be used to convict Islam as a supremacist ideology of hate against non-Muslims and promoter of pedophilia, polygamy, apartheid (dhimmitude) misogyny and murder in the name of Allahu Akbar.

  3. Regarding the burning of Napoleon’s documents… This is why European museums are more reliable locations for preservation of the heritage of the Middle East than the Middle East is itself.

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