5 thoughts on “Burning Museums and Beating up Young Girls

  1. They burn the archive because, according to the Moslems, either whatever is in the Archives is covered in the Koran, in which case it is redundant, or it is not, in which case it is either unnecessary or blasphemous.
    Aren’t Moslems wonderful?

  2. Point..? Probably making every trace of civilization disappear in an attempt to create “islamic history” like they have been doing since the beginning.

    Also a reminder of the British Library vandalism, where a wealthy businessman not so long ago, cut out pages of unique books.

    Intellectual terrorism.

  3. Libraries and museums are way too careless with public treasures.

    If any-old-body can show up with a scalpel and meticulously cut the pages out of 400 year old books, then the director of the library or museum should be imprisoned along with the perpetrator.

    If you make a law like that, then you will see some better security at libraries and museums….

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