Those Busy “Youths” of Liège

This news clip from Belgian TV reports that a crowd of “youths” in Liège went on a violent rampage after one of their number was shot and killed by a jeweler during an attempted robbery. The young scalawags engaged in the usual youthful hijinks, hurting people, busting up cars, etc.

The newscaster carefully dances around the ethnicity of the villains. Take a look at the brief still photos of the gang as they flash past on the screen, and make up your own mind.

Many thanks to Bear for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

14 thoughts on “Those Busy “Youths” of Liège

  1. First off what needs to be ‘negotiated’ with the ‘youths’? All that is needed is a baton to the teeth.

    Secondly, I can only imagine the steady increase in auto insurance (and all insurance due to the re-insurance) in these ‘enriched’ areas.

  2. Those Muslim robber youths were just minding their own business – and collecting their infidel jizya.

    This ummah idea is going to fail big time if every infidel fights back like that jeweler.

    Besides, where did that infidel jeweler even get his gun?

    No gun = no dead Muslim = no riots in favor of infidel gun control.

    Clearly, it’s the jeweler’s fault; and the jeweler must pay even more jizya to show his gratefulness for Belgian diversity.

    Quick, somebody get the Saudis on the phone to explain the ummah to Belgium!

  3. No doubt the dead robber will be painted as a talented footballer who had dreams of being an architect and was the sole carer for his widowed mother etc etc,instead of criminal scumbag he obviously was.

  4. Similar to the video clips of elderly Dutch people getting mugged in their own homes. No mention of the ethnicity of the culprits. Which means muslims of course.

  5. I think everyone, including sadly, the Baron, has mis-identified the perpetrators in this incident. At the very end of the video clip, you will note they are very clearly said to be… “Vandals,” not Muslims.

    Against what constitutes one of the oldest and most destructive predjudices of our culture, the noble warrior tradition of the Vandals has not been crushed, and Vandal youth may hold up their heads (and window-smashing rocks) proudly, even in the hostile and blatently anti-Vandal city of Liège. Do not forget, this rare, isolated incident of fully understandable Vandal rage, was viciously provoked by the well-known bigotry of the Vandalphobic merchant community.

    The normally gentle Vandal people deserve a full place at the public trough, er…, I mean, table. Sure, they did some rape, pillage, and general highjinks waaaaay back in historical times, but they also have a wonderful religious tradition of “peace on our terms” that enriches and may enlighten all of us. Just because a young (Vandal) fellow wants to borrow some jewelery items to see how they look on his latest wife, doesn’t entitle a jittery Vandalphobic jeweler to shoot him, for heaven’s sake.

    This unprovoked anti-Vandal bigotry must stop — or else!

  6. Forget their skin colour, Justicia should be blind.

    More importantly: 150 riot; 30 cause physical harm to humans; 5 are arrested.

    Why were they not all round up and thrown into drunk-cells?
    At first I thought that the mass was just too much for the facilities, however:
    The police in England arrested 150 members of the EDL having a drink in a pub.

    So it is not as though they can’t or won’t. Must assume political pressure – bribery, fear?


    13 December 2011 Last updated at 10:47 ET
    Liege attack: Gunman kills three in Belgium

    A gunman has opened fire in the centre of the Belgian city of Liege, killing at least three people and wounding 75.

    The man also threw grenades into a crowded square from a rooftop before killing himself, reports say.

    The attacker was named as Nordine Amrani. He was known to police for firearms offences.

    Earlier reports said at least two more men were involved, but officials said the attacker acted alone. Terrorism was not a cause, they added.

    Amrani was jailed for 58 months in September 2008 for possessing firearms and drugs, media reports said.

    Officials did not confirm this, but said they were aware he had spent some time in prison.
    Weapons in a bag

    Amrani had been asked to come for an interview at a police station in connection with charges against him.

    A resident of Liege, he left home with a rifle, a pistol and three grenades in a bag, prosecutors said.

    Greg Ienco, a journalist at local newspaper La Meuse-Liège, described the scene of the attack.

    “We saw four explosions. I was in a building 200m from Saint-Lambert Square,” he said.

    “It was quite incredible. We saw one man on the roof who tried to kill people. This man killed himself with a grenade.”

    Two of the three dead were teenage boys aged 15 and 17, the third a 75-year-old woman.

    TV images showed blood splattered across the cobblestones of the square.

    Doctors at a city hospital are trying to save the life of an 18-month-old child injured in the attack. Several others are reported to be in a serious condition.

    Medical staff at a field hospital at the scene treated 52 of the injured. Some others made their own way to other hospitals.

    Roads into the centre of Liege were sealed off but vehicles are now coming back into the city.

    Explosives experts were called in to search the area for unexploded grenades. People were initially told to stay in buildings but are now returning to the streets.

    Place Saint Lambert is a busy intersection, served by hundreds of buses daily. It hosts an annual Christmas market which attracts some 1.5 million visitors a year.

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