Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/25/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/25/2011The Russian navy is approaching the gas-drilling area near Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. The Russians and the Israelis plan to engage in joint military exercises in the region. Russia says it has interests in the area, and its military moves show that it intends to protect them.

In other news, a 13-pound baby boy was born in Berlin, setting a record for Germany’s heaviest naturally-born baby. His mother named him “Jihad”.

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  1. UK: Blair and Boris Praise Faiths Unity

    Boris Johnson and Tony Blair have lauded the interfaith aspect of Mitzvah Day. Mitzvah Day marks the start of the national Interfaith Week and Mr Blair praised the notion of “Jews working with Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Baha’is to go out into their communities to help clean up the area”


    what have I been saying? trojan horse for islam..

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