Your Golden Opportunity to Repay Fjordman


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[If your gift to Fjordie passes through us we have to declare it as income. That’s one baddie. Then passing it on to Vlad via PayPal means that your gift gets ‘taxed’ by PayPal twice. Besides, Vlad’s in Canada, so maybe it’s a better money deal that way?

Do they really call their dollars “loons”? ]

Everyone climb aboard!

The Fjordman Relocation Fund train is starting!

For those of us who have —

  • enjoyed Fjordman’s essays,
  • learned from Fjordman’s research,
  • glimpsed a world they’d not have seen were it not for Fjordman’s syntheses,
  • posted his writings on our own blogs, free of charge..

…the Karmic Moment has arrived. What went around has come back, giving you this golden opportunity to shine via a generous donation to one of The Righteous who keep the world going, no matter how tenuously.

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Yes, it’s a very old tale with a myriad of permutations from the Babylonians to the Persians right down to Jorge Luis Borges. It might be that Borges himself was one of these Righteous Dudes, though like the rest of them, he wouldn’t have known it.[Borges based his assertion on their existence by referring to the place in Genesis which recounts the desperately comic exchange between Abraham and G-d, with the former wheedling and whittling down the numbers of righteous men he might find in the city of Sodom to save it from destruction.]

If Fjordman had his way, you might be hearing about this bit of mysticism, but his name wouldn’t be included among the Tzadikim Nistarim, the Serious Ones. But since I’m in charge of this particular post, here you go. He is a Serious Man, and Serious Men live with existential threat to their work and their being. Look at Borges.

The rest of us don’t get the opportunity to help very often. But fortunately for you this is one of those moments.

You can read Fjordman’s own account at Vlad Tepes, where he is trying to pass himself off as somebody named Peder Jensen. He says:

…after the Breivik case in Norway, which I got mixed up in against my will, I no longer have a job and I am also moving out of my old flat in Oslo, which I already left weeks ago. There are always some costs involved in moving to a different location and creating a new life somewhere else…

How’s that for understatement? See what I mean? Homeless, jobless, and persona non grata in his own country? His computer, camera, and his socks now belonging to the police – may they wear them in good health – and he says he has “some costs”…Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Fjordman!

Some costs?? You need a major transfusion of lucre here! And there is a populous world of folks who have read your work and been the richer for it. They need to show up now, to return the generosity of which they have been such fortunate recipients.

  • If you have a job, send some Fjordman’s way.
  • If you depend on the kindness of others (as we do), spread the sunshine.
  • If you have naught but prayers to offer, they will do just fine.

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If you have a blog, please post a large link to Vlad Tepes so your readers can have the opportunity to hit his tip jar for Fjordman.

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  1. Best of luck to Fjordman and his future, it will surely be difficult.

    Only the $1 coin is called a “loonie” because it has an image of a loon on it.

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