Under the Radar

Lt. Col. Jonathan Halevi talks to Ezra Levant about beheading, cutting off hands and feet, and other Koran-mandated behaviors. These are near-daily occurrences in Saudi Arabia, but are seldom mentioned in the mainstream media.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video. WARNING: Portions of this clip are graphic, and may be disturbing to sensitive viewers:

2 thoughts on “Under the Radar

  1. The Western mainstream media (such as Spiegel and New York Times) are complicit in these atrocities by ignoring them, whitewashing sharia and shutting down criticism of Islamic practices as hate speech.

    Free speech and social justice campaigner (such as John Pilger, and Geoffrey Robertson) were to quick to jump at Julia Assange defence, but they are no where to be seen when it comes to injustices at the hands of Islam.

    One cannot help feel that what is at play here are political agendas disguised as concerns for human rights and anti-discrimination.

  2. About that saudi beheader: Did you notice that a split second after he chopped the womans head off he back stepped several paces. Must not have wanted any of her blood to be splattered on him, huh?

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