Muslims Protest Police Harassment in Luton

The notorious “British” firebrand Anjem Choudary brought his Salafist dog-and-pony show to Luton over the weekend for a protest in front of police headquarters. The ostensible reason for the demonstration was a recent raid on the home of the widow of Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, who attempted to kill infidels last winter in Stockholm, but fortunately killed only himself.

In this video you can hear Mr. Choudary assert that the police strip-searched the women, which seems a bit unlikely to me. You can also hear his proclamation that no one has the right to touch a Muslim:

The accompanying article from Luton Today is below the jump:

Anjem Choudary Leads Muslim Protest in Luton

EXTREMIST preacher Anjem Choudhury led a protest outside Luton Police Station against what he has called the mistreatment of Muslim women.

Counter-terrorist officers from the Metropolitan Police recently raided the home of Mona Thwany, widow of Stockholm suicide bomber Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly, and another women.

Extremist group Muslims Against Crusades distributed a leaflet prior to the demonstration saying the women were strip searched during the raid.

Inspector Alex House said that the Met Police had liaised with Bedfordshire Police before the raid, a community impact assessment had been carried out and female Muslim officers from the Met’s Muslim contact unit had been present.

He said: “The raid was carried out with due diligence around the issue of faith.”

Mr House said the allegations in the leaflet that had been handed out in Luton had been a “distortion of the truth”.


Superintendent Dave Boyle said: “Bedfordshire Police has a duty to facilitate legal protests under Human Rights legislation.

“We have done so on this occasion despite the organisers’ failure to engage with us. It is our responsibility to prevent injury to those people who choose to walk on main roads, hence our decision to provide them with a marked police vehicle at the front of the procession to enable safe passage through the town.

“We hope today’s protest has caused minimal disruption to those who are not involved.”

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2 thoughts on “Muslims Protest Police Harassment in Luton

  1. I do wish people would stop calling Choudhary a “firebrand”. There are so many other names to use: “benefit cheat” and “moron” being the first two that spring to mind.

  2. Mr Choudary implies that men stripped searched Muslim women. Based on no fact, that is debatable.
    What is not debatable is the “virginity tests” performed on young Muslim women during the uprising in Egypt at the hands of Islamic police officers. If you were not found to be a virgin you were put in jail. If your hymen was intact you were beaten and let go.
    BTW, I would have failed this test because I rode horses in my teenage years. That is how insane a policy like this is at the hands of Muslim men…
    Me thinks Mr. Choudary should be deported to an Islamic nation along with his bullhorn.
    And the bigger question is, why hasn’t he??? Why does the UK put up with this bottom feeding pervert? Why do the citizens of the UK allow him to live there

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