Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/1/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/1/2011A mob of angry Muslims torched a Coptic church in a village in Upper Egypt, and also attacked and set fire to Coptic homes and businesses. The incident occurred after Friday prayers, allegedly due to the incitement of the imam in the village mosque. The Muslims were said to be angry that the church, which was undergoing renovation, would be too high, and have a steeple, a bell, and a cross.

In other news, French police in Lyon were surrounded by a mob and stoned when they attempted to arrest a woman for violating the burka ban.

Meanwhile, a Bosnian family (husband, wife, four children) in Ireland is collecting $121,000 p.a. in state welfare payments. Nice work if you can get it!

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  1. UK: Right and Left May Not Matter So Much in the Post-Cold War World. Right and Wrong Do.

    The crass individualism of the exaggerated ecstasy of noisy neighbours has its root in the same loadsamoney no obligation culture of nineteen eighties conservatism.

    Where the Conservative party thought they could legislate against society the Labour party thought they could legislate for society, to cover their failure both peddled public service ideologically motivated hate campaigns against the individualism of the lovers of music, intimacy and silence. British eccentricity forced into conformity or division there ought to be a law against that!

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