Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/11/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/11/2011Copts in Cairo held a funeral today for seventeen people who were killed during the violent confrontation with the police and the military on Sunday night. Muslim onlookers pelted their funeral procession with bricks, and attacked mourners on their way home afterwards.

In other news, a Colombian soccer player who plays for a Saudi Arabian team was arrested in Riyadh for having a tattoo of Christ on his forearm. The footballer wore a short-sleeved shirt to a shopping mall, and the publicly displayed image of Jesus violated Saudi religious laws.

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4 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/11/2011

  1. “This guy is one sermon away from burning the Koran.”

    …which would be blasphemy under Sharia Law…

    …and we mustn’t harm the Satanic verses…

    Of course, it’s OK if Muslims burn churches – and the non-Muslims in them – because the non-Muslims are NOT Sharia compliant!

  2. Gregory, these Copts are dying for their Christian faith and identity, and you put ‘Christian’ into inverted commas because they don’t appear to adhere to present-day Western multicultural standards. The East is a lot more tribal than the West, and a thousand years is like a day–so that the Jewish persecution of the first generation of Christians is only two days ago, while the Copts didn’t give rise to European Nazism and haven’t got it to feel guilty about. They don’t have the same Western Catholic ‘older brothers in the faith’ attitude–but it took the Western Catholics until Vatican II to articulate that as they did (and they got pretty soft on Islam into the bargain). And their attitude to Israel is likely to be conditioned by their being (even still now) patriotic Egyptians. But they do not, unlike adherents of another faith, consider it a religious duty to blow themselves up on school buses full of Jewish children in Israel. Walk in their shoes for a day, and you’ll see whether they are Christian or not.

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