8 thoughts on ““Arabs don’t hate Jews because of Israel; they hate Israel because of the Jews”

  1. Is this generalization a result of some strange political agenda? Because I doubt that these views resonate in todays educated society.

  2. Well, Pat, you’re almost there. The Palestinians are just Arabs, you know. There is a “Palestinian” state, right next to Israel. It’s called Jordan. It’s time, way past time for the Jews to stand up and remind the world in no uncertain terms, that it is they, not the Jews who are responsible for this current mess. It was Europe who used it’s once Christian science for evil when it invented the factories of death to kill all the Jews living in its borders. No other country would take the Jews in. This is why Israel must continue to exist. The Arabs drove its Jewish populations out, even America, during WWII, wouldn’t allow Jews to seek refuge in her borders, but cast them to their fate.
    No. It’s time to stand up to all those left-wingers and historically stunted journalists and hammer home the truths of the past as well as the truths of the present. America be damned, the UN be damned, Europe and the Arab world be damned.
    Stand up! It’s now or never!

  3. See: Aussie ex-PM Kevin Rudd shouldn’t join the chorus line of Israel bashers

    We added a comment there to the effect that we disagreed with the author of the quoted article, in that we say that Israel should make no more territorial concessions. We used this video to underline that point.

    Whenever the media gets hold of complex political issues they put in their own prejudices, and not all of those prejudices are of the obvious “left” versus “right” variety.

    Many people were raised with the idea that compromise solves everything. It seldom solves anything, especially when one side is bargaining in bad faith. With Muslims or socialists, that’s a given. But some people automatically inject the “compromise” mindset into every issue because that’s what they were taught is right.

  4. Quote:
    Is this generalization a result of some strange political agenda? Because I doubt that these views resonate in todays educated society.

    These views don’t resonate?
    Why don’t you tell that to the people who witnessed the heckling of the Israel Philharmonic in London earlier this fall?
    Many Nazi war criminals sought and gained refuge in Muslim countries after the war.
    Some also came to the U.S. and under the banner of “anti-Communism”, endeared themselves quite sweetly to American politicians.
    This generalization is quite valid, yesterday and today.
    The Arabs and Muslims despise the Jews.
    They collaborated actively with the Nazi regime.
    They fawn on their SS past, drink in the Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda, and want to re-create Hitler’s world, mostly minus the veneer of order.
    And their religion tells them that they commit no sin in doing so.
    I notice the neo-Sultan of Turkey has used very official sounding language against Israel.
    My contempt for his statements, for all Muslim anti-Western and anti-Jewish sentiment, knows no bounds.

  5. There are a lot of pro-palestinian idiots in the main branches of the lutheran church today–and lutherans often brag about being more educated than most. this is one of a few reasons I dropped my affiliation with that church quite a few years ago. I wish that I could force them to listen to this a few times in a row. 95% if them would stick their fingers in their ears and go lalalala until the video came to an end. And those members of that church that is just a shell of its former self can’t get it into their heads that Christians must not speak ill of Israelis because G_D doesn’t like it. Losers. On the wide road.

  6. Never generailze. They can say the same about “Jews hating all arabs”. Hate the leadership, not the people,

  7. Really? Jews hate all Arabs?

    In Israel, Jews suicidally GIVE Arabs more and better political and human rights than Arabs experience in any Arab country.

    And, how do the Israeli Arabs repay their Jewish benefactors?

    By acting as SPIES and AGITATORS for the ummah.

    By setting fire to Jewish lands under Arab representation.

    By seducing very young Jewish girls to marry Arab men without their parents’ knowledge or permission, taking the girls into Arab-controlled lands, and preventing their return when the girls realize their tragic mistake.

    By speaking out against their own country in favor of the ummah.

    By actively plotting to overthrow the Jewish government of Israel via Muslim demographics.

    In America, liberal Jews GIVE lots of money to liberal groups that actively support the interests of Arabs over those of Jews.

    Near as I can tell, Jews LOVE Arabs better than they love themselves.


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