Again: What Kind of Deal is This?

Vlad Tepes takes another look at the 1,000-terrorists-for-1-soldier deal that Israel just made with Hamas. The woman featured in this video was the architect of the Sbarro restaurant bombing in August 2001, in which fifteen Israelis were killed. She’s now one of the freed terrorists:

6 thoughts on “Again: What Kind of Deal is This?

  1. This young “Palestinian” woman is a savage and speaks with all the nonchalance of a Nazi death camp commandant. How is it that a human being can become so debased with the virulent hatred that seems to exude from her Muslim pores?

  2. I am curious : where was that interview done ? Was she in her prison cell at the time ?

    Islam is a diseased creed. How can you smile while explaining how you planned group murder against peaceful civilians ?

    Beware of Islam. Such a congenial way of speaking, and such an evil mind.

  3. This is the english language blog of the parents of one young woman murdered by this sociopath. The world is worried about one Brevik and we’re releasing a thousand of these back into the wild. Sick.

    This Ongoing War

    Arnold and his wife have been working furiously with the media for the last week putting across the view (held by very many here in Israel I assure you all) that this deal is not good.

  4. She was too cowardly to blow her own self up, so she had some underling do it in her place! And now she’s free to commit even more mayhem along with the 999 other savages released from their cages….

  5. If the Jews won’t protect themselves then they can’t expect anyone else to. They have got to crawl out of the victimization hole and start executing those that need executing. Let G_D sort them out.

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