5 thoughts on “Tongue-Tied

  1. The problem is not radical Islamists. The problem is Muslims. If you do not believe in fighting kafirs until all are dead or feel subjugated to the rule of Muslims, then you should call yourself something other than Muslim.

    Were Nazis radical Nazi-ists? Did we fight Nazi-ism? Or did we fight Nazis?

  2. “Were Nazis radical Nazi-ists? Did we fight Nazi-ism? Or did we fight Nazis?”

    The more proper analogy is Germans, isn’t it? There were likely some nice “moderate” Germans who didn’t agree with nazi ideology but they could not/did not stop their aggressive countrymen, did they? German civilians who supported the cause were indistinguishable from those who did not. In the end, the opponents of nazism could not distinguish the one kind of German from the another or excuse the moderates on the basis that they were not doing any actual killing. All Germans ended up paying for their inability/refusal to rein in their nazis.

    The Muslim threat is the German threat on steroids. Muslims were the allies of the nazis and are unrepentant antisemitics to this day, threatening the next six million Jews (in Israel by Iranian nuclear attack or by another Arab war by conventional means). In addition, Muslims like communists are supremacists intent on world domination, not local thugs and are a billion strong. Unlike the Germans and nazism, every Muslim at least on paper (the Koran) believes in the jihad program which is the crux of Islam. There are myriad ways of advancing this program under the guise of “moderation” and a large percentage of western Muslims use every trick in the book. A non-exhaustive list includes one sided inter-faith initiatives not required in Muslim countries who are busy attacking and cleansing other faiths, lawfare including gumming up human rights machinery with frivolous claims, pushing for sharia law ENFORCED ON NON-MUSLIMS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES at every level, from the patsy UN to local institutions e.g. footbaths in universities and censoring cartoons, Welfare parasitism including for polygamous Muslim families, inventing the term Islamophobia to distract from actual physical Islamic attacks, enlisting useful idiots in the media to churn out free propaganda for Muslims, buying influence in academia with Saudi funding, placing foreign Wahhabist imams in every western congregation with not a single one rejected by so-called moderate Muslims. If Germans had been allowed to build community meeting halls on every street corner in North America and Europe while at war with them, preaching nazism, (or communists during the Cold War) with idiot liberals defending them at every turn in the name of one-sided “tolerance”, we’d have a similar situation to today. At the very least, western Muslims should be socially ostracized until they step up to the plate and start taking out their own trash, the Islamists. Until then, they are collaborators, every last one, no matter how mild appearing.

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