Policing While Muslim

The Association of Muslim Police poster below was on display in Trafalgar Square last Saturday during the Eid Festival. The original photo of it was taken by Henrik Ræder Clausen of Europe News. I’ve removed the foreshortening to make it easier to see:

Association of Muslim Police #1

A close-up of the text in the center panel:

Association of Muslim Police #2

Henrik had this to say about it:

For those not aware of the political nature of Islam, it might come across as just a cultural amusement to see Islam still deeper entrenched in the British police force. Other countries, like Denmark and France, insist that religion has no role to play in policing. Not so in Britain.

No indeed.

Imagine, if you will, a police recruiting poster that read “Christians making a difference to policing.”

No? Can’t quite picture it?

How about a vow to “assist Christians in the police service to observe their faith”? Or to “provide a forum for Christians in the police”?

Not only would the Metropolitan Police never print or distribute any such texts, they would arrest anyone who did and charge him with “inciting racial or religious hatred”.

Christianity is all but unmentionable in public in the United Kingdom.

As for “assisting in the recruitment and retention of Christian staff” — what a laugh! “Guaranteeing the persecution of Christian staff” would be more accurate.

And what would happen to any officer who openly declared himself to be a practicing Jew? Would he be assigned to a beat in Tower Hamlets, maybe?

Welcome to Modern Multicultural Britain.

Thanks to an observant reader for pointing out the typo in my adapted transcript, which I have fixed.

6 thoughts on “Policing While Muslim

  1. There is in fact a Christian Police Association in the UK but I’m not aware that it bill posts – or would be allowed to do that. The CPA site doesn’t appear to be campaigning for special rights for Christians.

    Nor do I think that it has any clout whereas the Muslim POA and the Black POA do have some clout. That is the majority have no clout except via the Police Federation – a Union for all Police Officers up to the level of Inspector – but the minority DO have clout. Democracy?

    The new vicar at my local Church is in fact a recently retired Detective Chief Superintendent.

    There is not a White (or English and Welsh) Police Officers Association and I’m sure it would be jumped on the minute anyone tried to establish such. Don’t know what happens in Scotland or Northern Ireland.
    I’m not a Police Officer but have conducted reviews of 3 Police Forces.

  2. Illustrated with a massive symbol of izlamic supremacy and colonisation, the dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, which squats over Judaism’s holiest site. What has Jerusalem to do with UK mozlems?

  3. Wanted: Fox to guard hen house. Position comes with full benefits, overtime compensation, tin badge and all the chicken you can eat.

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