Michael Coren Interviews Tommy Robinson

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson appeared yesterday on Michael Coren’s program on SUN TV to talk about his recent imprisonment and what the EDL stands for.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

3 thoughts on “Michael Coren Interviews Tommy Robinson

  1. I’m a little ambivalent towards the EDL. Whilst I agree with everything Tommy says about Islam, I do not support multiculturalism or racial plurality.

    Mass-immigration has been imposed upon the British peoples against our will. There was never large support amongst the public for it, and ultimately, if current demographic trends continue unabated, it will see that the indigenous peoples of these Isles become an ethnic minority. I fail to see how that’s positive.

  2. My guess is that Tommy _would_ actually like the ‘multicultural’ immigration to be reversed, however he’s enough of a politician to realise that saying so would give ammunition to the enemy, and in the interests of achieving the main goal of reining in islamic aggression in Britain, a pragmatic path must be trod.

    I too admire his courage. Another consideration is our families. Islam is one big extortion racket (jizzya or die) attached to a mandatory association. If I were to try to emulate Tommy’s stand, I’d be exposing my family to potential violence, which they haven’t, and won’t authorise me to do. Even joining a local anti-islamic organisation can result in media attention and/or islamic demonstrations or violence at some point. Am I justified in exposing them unilaterally? I don’t think so.

    That’s one way the machine works to silence us.

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