“Islam is Coming in Europe and America”

Burn, burn USA! Muslims, rise up!

Below is a more extensive collection of video clips put together by the English Defence League from today’s Muslims Against Crusades demonstration in London, and the EDL’s attempted counter-demonstration.

You can see the notorious but cuddly Anjem Choudary doing his usual thing for the crowd. Then there’s another Muslim speaker that I recognize from previous videos, but I can’t remember his name. You can also see the red-headed young convert who was featured recently in MAC propaganda posting “Shariah-Free Zone” stickers in East London.

Halfway through the video the EDL demonstrators are read a Section 14 notice and then forcibly relocated by the police. You’ll hear EDL leader Kevin Carroll’s inspirational words in response to the actions of the police:

Hat tip: Kitman.

5 thoughts on ““Islam is Coming in Europe and America”

  1. If Anjem is supposed to be cuddly I’d like to try him out on some of the Burmese pythons that infest the Everglades.

    Nom nom nom…

    (sorry about that…Basement Cat made me post this; he is one evil dude…)

  2. 1389 —

    We LOVE Anjem. He is the best thing that ever happened to the UK for our cause.

    Every time he stands at the microphone and gives his stump speech for the cameras, the EDL gains a thousand new recruits.

  3. So the EDL are read a section 14 notice, and Koran burners are sent before a court… but the MAC are allowed to protest the 9/11 commemorations, and burn American flags?

    Sounds like more of the extreme levels of absurdity which have become the hallmark of the “new” Britain…

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