3 thoughts on “EDL Members Protest the Imprisonment of Tommy Robinson

  1. The British accents are a little hard to decipher, but the gist is that these demonstrators support Tommy Robinson’s right to free speech, and I am with them.

  2. If I wanted, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself going on and on about how brilliant this video is.

    It is exactly the tone the EDL should be striking. Well spoken early middle-aged mothers (clearly sitting on the aspirational cusp between the lower and middle classes), old war veterans. This kind of thing dispels the “far-right” myth and identifies the EDL correctly as a protest movement.

    A fulminating reporter warning about “dangers” is instantly ridiculed by this kind of gentle, persistent truthfulness: by the right kind of people.

    If anything succeeds in turning the tide of public opinion in the UK, it will be the production and crucially the broad disemination, of little videos like this.

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