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  1. I’ve loved this man for years, and even more today. As, I believe it was Orwell predicted, telling the simple truth is now a radical act, and Pat is the very best kind of radical.

  2. He is absolutely 100% right. We have the same thing here in America with our lazy, worthless, trash. To lazy to get a job, when they can have the taxpayers, and the goverment give and do everything for them. There should be a 2 year limit to welfare, and a drug test with a finger print verification that it is you pcking up you check, given to welfare recipents if they want their money. If you fail the drug test then you are out of the welfare program. It would save the taxpayers millions of dollars each year.

  3. filthykafir: I’ve loved this man for years, and even more today. As, I believe it was Orwell predicted, telling the simple truth is now a radical act…

    The actual quote also happens to be one of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff’s closures in her personal emails. To wit:

    During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

    … and Pat is the very best kind of radical.

    If by that you mean, Pat Condell is “the very best kind of revolutionary“, then I could not agree with you more. I have long maintained that Condell is Britain’s latter day Churchill. To date, there is nothing that has served to dispel any such notion.

    His persistent and eloquent arguments against theocracy of any stripe continues to place him in a woefully under-populated corner of this world’s philosophical prizefighters.

  4. Zenster: Thanks for the correction. The word revolutionary was, in fact, in the original quote, vice radical, and it is the word I woulda/shoulda used. It’s the expression I actually wanted.

  5. filthykafir: Thanks for the correction.

    Not to worry, you are most welcome. More than ever before, it is crucial that Orewell’s message be communicated in verbatim form. His nearly clairvoyant predictions of Socialism’s modern trajectory are as astonishing as they are chilling.

    Truth has, indeed, become an enemy of Liberalism ― if not today’s politics in general ― such that the measures being taken to suppress accurate reporting or unpopular opinion are increasingly vile in their repudiation of all traditional and constitutional law.

    Most disturbing of all is the emphasis upon “sensitivities” and “hurt feelings”, as if people are supposed to go through their entire lives without ever experiencing a moment’s offense or expression of contrary opinion.

    To paraphrase an ancient American Indian saying; it is as if some people demand that the entire world wrapped in soft leather so that they may go about barefoot.

    This effort to make civilization inoffensive and mild to even the most thin-skinned amongst us is a thoroughly dangerous proposition. One may as well outlaw all sharp blades in order to protect hemophiliacs from injury; which ― by logical extension ― would also require prohibiting even a shard of broken glass being present.

    I’m sure most everyone can see where this is going. All dogs must have their fangs drawn for fear of a bite and that best illustrates how society is gradually being denuded of essential protections in this quest for ultimate “safety”. Just as dogs provide essential protection and security, so do our basic constitutional rights that are daily being eroded in the name of preventing offensive expression and emotional “injury”.

    We have come 180 degrees about to the point where truth itself has become offensive and thus must be outlawed. No better example of this exists than Western adoption of so-called anti-blasphemy laws. The sharp-tongued amongst us will be muffled and gagged with soft leather to prevent their truths from causing the least bit of emotional distress for the perpetually offended.

    “Universal deceit”, indeed.

  6. Nick: Mind you, this must be said as well ..

    From the linked article:

    The culture of greed and impunity we are witnessing on our TV screens stretches right up into corporate boardrooms and the Cabinet. It embraces the police and large parts of our media. It is not just its damaged youth, but Britain itself that needs a moral reformation.

    How incredible that Britain’s political and social aristocracy managed to think that leadership by example somehow does not apply to them as well.

    They have looted and raped out Britain’s financial and cultural assets with near total abandon. Why then shouldn’t British youth follow the example being set by their betters and do exactly the same?

    The entire concept of noblesse oblige has not just been lost altogether but is spat on and despised by those upon whom it is most incumbent.

    If there is one virulently poisonous mantra that has seeped into modern society it is that “greed is good”. Attributed to arbitrager Ivan Boesky, the precise wording is little different:

    On May 18, 1986 Ivan Boesky gave the commencement address at [the junk bond king and criminally convicted inside trader Michael] Milkin’s alma mater, the University of California at Berkeley’s business school. “I think greed is healthy,” he told his enthusiastic audience. “You can be greedy and still feel good about yourself.” [emphasis added]

    Got that? A soon-to-be convicted criminal (Boesky), telling an outgoing class of a prestigious university business school, what amounts to “greed is good”.

    Consider this dictionary definition of greed:

    An excessive desire to acquire or possess more than what one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth

    Most people conflate greed with “gluttony”. An implicit meaning of “greed” is the specific intent to acquire so much of an object or material that it not only exceeds any possible realm of personal use but actually deprives others of useful ownership.

    And this is what someone is supposed to “feel good about”? It is supposed to “feel good” knowing that you have purposefully hoarded enough widgets or money that it cripples any and all legitimate competition? Has it eluded these grasping misers that society, as a whole, is degraded and its progress impeded by such stifling of productive competition?

    It is as if a successful Olympic runner buys up the entire world’s supply of track shoes specifically to prevent any other more skilled athletes from challenging or breaking that individual’s personal best record.

    This is “success” by predatory cunning and not by way of respectable diligence or actually applying oneself in earnest.

    It is a modus operandi that has attained such prevalence in modern society whereby it is tantamount to a tacit approval of criminality; an open admission that unfairness is acceptable. This is a “win at any cost” mindset and there should be no surprise that it has trickled down to the lowest ranks of society.

    Amidst their arrogance of believing that they are “above the law”, Britain’s toffs now feign amazed shock and dismay that the lower classes have sufficient nerve to adopt an identical attitude.

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