More Carbecues in Oslo

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Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer reported last month on the advent of carbecue season in Oslo. There have been more vehicle-burnings since then, and he sends this translated report on the latest carbecue episode.

The translator includes this note:

This one occurred just outside of Oslo in Kjeller, which is very close to the Grorud valley where most of the carbecue incidents occurred earlier this year. Life appears to go on as ‘normal’ in Norway after the twin attacks.

I hope the mainstream media won’t pin the blame for this on ‘right-wing blogs’ for having created an ‘atmosphere’ of ‘Islamophobia’ in the culturally enriched areas of Oslamabad in Norwegistan.

You’ll notice that there is never any speculation about the possible ethnicity of the arsonists in media articles like this one. They could be ordinary Norwegians. Or they could be those ubiquitous “youths” of mysterious cultural background who ply their trade from Oslo to London to Paris to Athens, and who love nothing better than the sight of a brightly burning car to while away a summer’s night.

Below is The Observer’s translation of the article from Romerikes Blad:

Five cars consumed by flames

by Rune Bernhus

Kjeller: Three of the cars were completely destroyed. Police suspect arson and are appealing to the public for information.

Five cars were damaged in a fire at the bus station at Olavsgård Friday night. Three of the cars are a complete write-off, while two others sustained damage of varying degrees.

“We received a call from a taxi driver who had seen three of the cars burning. When our people arrived at the scene the fire had spread to a fourth car. Later on it turned out that a fifth car had received some minor damages,” says Operations Chief Svein Hallås of the Romerike Police precinct.

Police don’t know what caused the fire.

“We suspect that the fire could have been deliberately set, but we’ll have to await the outcome of the investigation. At the present time we don’t know. Regardless, we are interested in tips from witnesses who may have seen unusual activity around the cars in the period shortly before the fire,” says Hallås.

Several police patrols, fire fighting units and ambulance personnel were present at the scene.

“Several cars were burning, but we quickly managed to gain control of the situation,” says duty manager Terje Jacobsen at the emergency hotline centre in Romerike.

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