David Cameron [Deprecated]

I mentioned yesterday the astonishingly vile language used by British Prime Minister David Cameron to describe the English Defence League.

It was not just that a sitting Prime Minister would utter those words before his colleagues in the House of Commons, although that was enough to make one’s gorge rise. Nor was it his eagerness to so describe an organization of British patriots who are largely decent and law-abiding, and simply wanted to protect their communities.

No, the flabbergastingness of it all was the comparison between honest native English people and riotous thugs of foreign origin, with the former “deprecated” against the latter:

Listen for yourself to what the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom had to say about some of Queen Elizabeth’s most loyal subjects:

For those of you who have trouble running videos, or who prefer text, the transcript below is from Column 1086 of the official parliamentary record for August 11, 2011:

Clive Efford (Eltham) (Lab): For the past two nights in my constituency, I have had a very heavy police presence, owing to right-wing extremist groups focusing on Eltham and trying to create unrest and bad feeling between different racial groups. Although we want to support people who are public-spirited and come out to defend their communities, as some of my constituents have done, will the Prime Minister join me in asking those people not to be diverted from their efforts by those extremists who seek to exploit the situation?

The Prime Minister: The hon. Gentleman speaks not only for his constituents, but, frankly, for the whole House in deprecating the English Defence League and all it stands for. On its attempt to say that it will somehow help to restore order, I have described some parts of our society as sick, and there is none sicker than the EDL.

“[T]here is none sicker than the EDL.”

Consider the implications of that statement. According to the Prime Minister, members of the EDL must be at least as sick as:

  • The “youths” who viciously broke a young man’s jaw, and then pretended that they were helping him up and tending to him while another thug robbed his backpack.
  • The young arsonists who took delight in torching businesses and public buildings in numerous English cities.
  • The thugs who deliberately ran down and killed three men with their car.
  • The criminals who forced their victims to strip to their underwear so that they could be robbed of everything they had.
  • The violent predators who invaded private homes to wreck and ransack the premises, forcing the residents to flee to neighboring homes for refuge.

All of these vicious acts, and many more of an equally evil nature, occurred during the recent riots in London and elsewhere — which were the issue that the Prime Minister was addressing. And he would have his listeners believe that the English Defence League is “sicker” than those people.

Mere words are insufficient to convey the loathing that any truly impartial observer must necessarily feel for Prime Minister David Cameron.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In his answer, Mr. Cameron said he was “deprecating the English Defence League”.

When computer programmers describe a program or procedure that has been superseded by more efficient and less bug-riddled replacement, they say that it is now “deprecated”. In the library indexes of open-source functions, you’ll see [deprecated] after the names of procedures whose purposes can now be more reliably accomplished through newer versions.

It’s time to deprecate David Cameron. There are other, more reliable British citizens who can perform his functions at least as well as he does, and will not trigger catastrophic errors when they are activated.

From now on, I suggest to my colleagues in the UK that they refer to their prime minister as:

“The Rt. Hon. David Cameron [deprecated]”

Hat tip: Kitman.

12 thoughts on “David Cameron [Deprecated]

  1. I think this venom is indicative of a realization by these politicians that they are wrong and the EDL is right. Mmmmuussst ffffigggghhhht rrrreaalllity. Heads exploding in the English Parliament.

  2. I think this is more proof that one cannot simply vote one’s way out of Mordor.

    I don’t know what the answer is but elections clearly aren’t getting the job done.

  3. After listening to David Camoron’s diatribe against the patriotic EDL I have to the conclusion that he is the sick one.

  4. There are increasing numbers of the British people who no longer fall for Cameron’s spin.Perhaps the riots will be remembered as the point at which a beginning was reached, an instant when a new focus blew the fog of complacently away from many an eye.

  5. How tragic that such an elected official in such a high office stoops to such vile and nasty tactics.

    Slamming the EDL, those who are in the trenches and manning the front lines when the the official Law enforcement was behaving in a most cowardly fashion.

    Cameron is a coward and the English people deserve much, much better than this loser and supporter of the multicultural welfare state. Disgusting, simply disgusting!

  6. I have no sympathy for Cameron or anyone in the British government.
    They chose to abandon their people.
    And this is what people do when they are abandoned.
    They create societies and in essence, govern themselves.
    Power and legitimacy are questioned thoroughly.
    The EDL is a rational response.
    George Washington also criticized certain “self-created societies” in the Early National Period.
    His criticisms did not make them go away, and Cameron’s language will be similarly futile in effect.
    If he wishes to turn his country into a totalitarian police state, that’s what he’ll have to do to put down societies.
    As it stands, the EDL and other organizations will have to take the lead.
    The British government has no legitimacy.

  7. The E.D.L. need to learn that marching down the street chanting slogans and carrying cans of Stella does not make them look like the saviors of the Nation.

  8. While there was a substantial racial element in the rioting, it also included the children of some very well-to-do. Interestingly, Kurdish vigilantes who protected their neighborhoods were lauded while the English Defence League was criticized for doing some of the same. While no group is purely good, the leadership is threatened by the EDL, so they attack it, while at the same time they ignore or downplay criminal behavior. A similar pattern of behavior can be seen all over Europe where conservative groups are attacked by the elites. Even in the United States the media, Democrats and some traditional Republicans attack the “Tea Party”. The Leadership of the Republican Party marginalizes individuals within the party who are sympathetic to the tea party goals of fiscal conservatism and limited government. They fear Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann, even as they try to piggy back off the enthusiasm and the contributions that they generate.

    Currently the leadership of Britain is morally deficient.

    The Labor Party betrayed Britain by their immigration and social policy.

    Just like the Romanized Briton elites of the 5th Century, the Labor Party invited in a population which did not identify with the natives. The cities of England were occupied by populations who – in many cases despised the natives and the laws of Britain. Today they demand Sharia law and the subordination of the infidel who they label as kufar. In mosques they preach hatred of the non-Muslim and the extermination of the Jews. Yet the government, whether Labor or Conservative, does nothing.

    We can see the ultimate consequences of such blithe stupidity if we only look back in history. While 5th Century Britain was Briton. The Britons were soon pushed off their land that they had occupied for centuries. SE England became the Saxon shore and the natives were killed, enslaved, subordinated or pushed westward into the rainy lands of Northumbria, Cornwall, Wales, and Brittany.

    Today the native peoples of the British Isles face the same threat. But today the threat is existential, since it also includes an Islamic component that has the will to conquer and a 1400 year history of destroying adjacent non-Muslim civilizations. To look at the consequences of the actions of the British elites you only have to look at what happened to the Armenians, Nestorian Christians, the Pontine Greeks, the Christian Arabs, or the Black Christian Kingdoms of Africa.

    Of course, you can also look to recent times and the persecution, killing, expulsion and or extermination of non-Muslim populations in Cyprus, Armenia, Kosovo, Georgia, the Russian Caucasus, Sulawesi, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, Darfur, the Nuba of the Sudan, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Afghanistan, etc. etc. Beslan, Bali, Damour, the Serbian villages outside of Srebrenitsa, just to name of few.

    It appears when we look at what’s happening is that our leaders hope to ride the tiger, even as the peasants are eaten during the ride.

  9. You give the elites in Europe too much credit. They are nothing more than cowards who do not care one wit what happens in Europe as long as the fall comes after they are dead and gone. Remember, most leaders are 50+ years of age, have money, and think they will not have to suffer the effects of the choices they have made. Decadent is the word to describe them.

  10. Cameron is doing exactly what Obama and the Dems are doing in the United States, demonizing white conservatives (the Tea Party in America) who are the most patriotic citizens and most resistant to the elites’ determination to change Britain and North America into multicultural socialist swamps.

  11. @Daisy Parker:
    “the E.D.L. need to learn that marching down the street chanting slogans and carrying cans of Stella does not make them look like the saviors of the Nation.”

    Perhaps EDL’s aim is not exactly to “look like the saviors of the Nation”, but to try to remind the Nation that if it doesn’t act now and save itself very soon it is lost. I know many Brits who got the message thanks to the, however imperfect, actions of the EDL and are serious about doing something to stop the treason of the elites.
    Now how many Brits has your sneering at the EDL stirred up from their lethargy?

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