Bad: Email’s Down. Good: EU Skepticism’s Up

An announcement for anyone trying to reach us via our webmail:

It’s out of service and has been for several hours now. We have no idea why. I tried calling the couple who runs our ISP but no luck. So my guess is they’ve been served yet another huge dam of spam.

Had this happened during the day, I’d surmise some backhoe operator cut the cable, but since we’re past working hours, that leaves the spammers as the proximate villains.

This is a good excuse to post a video I found yesterday at Klein Verzet. Enjoy this glimpse of the growing phenomenon of Eurosceptic graffiti:

One thought on “Bad: Email’s Down. Good: EU Skepticism’s Up

  1. Hmm… I wonder how the authorities would have reacted if all those posters were anti-Scharia (not anti-Islam)… Probably the muzzies would have felt offended that one might doubt the word of the so called prophet

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