Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/8/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/8/2011These news reports describe a lot of things that are coming to an end. The News of the World, for example. The Harry Potter movies. The Space Shuttle. NASA’s plans for the James Webb space telescope. Oh, and also the Muslim appeal of the Swiss minaret ban.

In other news, camel drivers are on strike in Tunisia. And it seems that polar bears have the right to claim Irish ancestry.

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2 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/8/2011

  1. News of the World.

    Necrogate years of politicians being blackmailed, police corruption, media cover-ups, distraction and incitement speak.

    There is probably not one specimen of legislation that Rupert Murdoch and his henchman have not bent.

    This goes beyond a yellow press into the hades of shadow conspiracy government.

  2. The article about climate change and policy here i Oz is from the lefty rag The Age, and is more (for me, at least) about the photo of our Dear Leader, the Fabian socialist Julia Gillard.

    She is, with her cohorts, pushing through a ‘carbon tax’ ostensibly to force behavioural changes and thereby reduce the world’s temperature, but in reality it is a massive wealth re-distribution scheme.

    The bit about Gillard winning parliamentary approval for this massive wealth grab is disingenuous, as she is heading a minority government that has managed to upset even a lot of their own rusted-on adherents.

    At the last election we had a hung parliament, and she formed gov’t with 3 “independents” who have betrayed their conservative constituents by accepting this, and a Green Senator or two.

    The Greens and independents have the balance of power and what they say goes.

    If one minister was to vote against any policy put up, then the whole edifice comes crashing down.

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