Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/14/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/14/2011Muslim community groups in Germany are calling for the addition of imams as chaplains in the German military. There are currently plenty of Catholic and Protestant chaplains, but none for Muslim soldiers in the Bundeswehr. Muslims say that adding them will help integration.

In other news, worried Greek citizens are pulling their money out of the country’s banks in case the government defaults on its debt, and the banking system collapses. They are moving their money to foreign institutions, or burying it in the back yard.

Meanwhile, California is making contingency plans to borrow money to meet its expenses in the event that the federal government fails to raise the debt limit, thus cutting off the state’s supply of welfare, education money, etc.

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6 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/14/2011

  1. That is going to be a little tricky,imamms for muslim soldiers,what exactly will the imam preach to them,”kill the kuffr wherever you find him””take not a Christian for a friend”.It is abundantly clear that idiological and religious enemies can not fight as a unit,so what will the imam say about killing muslims and invading dab-adab-a doubie.The only way that this nonsense will bring these two disparate socirties together is at opposite ends of a gun,let us hope that the germans keep control of the trigger end,for the showdown is almost upon us.

  2. Yes, having trained purveyors of hate tell armed men that they can go to heaven by killing their troop mates will help integration!

    Muslims, by command of Allah, aka Satan, cannot swear allegiance to a country, so why are they allowed in any army of a civilized country?

  3. Quote:
    It is noteworthy that the Egyptian demands for reparations from Britain coincided with the suggestion made by Iranian president Ahmadinejad at the UN and later in Istanbul, early this month, to form an independent commission to estimate the losses resulting from occupation and the slave trade.

    Wait. The Atlantic slave trade? Arabs were taken in the Atlantic slave trade?
    A few Muslims were, but they were few.
    Muslims spent most of their time betraying non-Muslim Africans to slave traders.
    Muslims also spent most of their time trading in African slaves themselves. This is just a way of getting Western attention off the realities of North Africa and the MME. This is a diversion from the truths about the Hindu Kush.
    Whatever leaders we have should make strong counter-statements to this. There are historical arguments that validate the idea that this nothing more than smokescreening.
    For Iran? For Egypt?
    Get real.

  4. In the run up to the 10th anniversary of 911, the Muslim propaganda machine will be working flat out, trying to put their spin on the attack, and in particular promoting their obscene Ground Zero Victory Mosque as a ‘peace offering’.

    You can find everything you need (and more besides) to counteract all Islamic propaganda in one single webpage at THE INDEX OF ISLAMIC INFAMY.

    If you find this resource useful, please go viral with it.

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