The Turkish Flag Flies Over Ghent

Below is a picture of St. Joseph’s Church in the Flemish city of Ghent. On Friday there was a football match between Belgium and Turkey. Turkish youths succeeded in covering the cross on the church with a Turkish flag.

Ghent church with Turkish flag #1

The obscured cross is at the top of the tower in the area marked by the red oval.

Below the jump are two close-up shots of the tower showing the cross and the Turkish flag:

Ghent church with Turkish flag #2

Ghent church with Turkish flag #3

10 thoughts on “The Turkish Flag Flies Over Ghent

  1. In 2011 the Mahometans desecrated St. Joseph’s Church, the Mayor of Ghent and the local dignitaries decreed a call to arms and a Mahometan writ of outlawry and the Mahometans were decimated to the East far beyond the City.

  2. visited England 21 years ago- at that time the churches were almost empty on Sunday -made a few comment s bout the fact-got ‘shrugges’ —
    Christians are no longer bold in that country–

  3. I wish those muhammedan sows had fallen to their deaths as they deserve, it’s war, pour over to the streets NOW!

  4. The Turks thoughtfully agreed to open an old Armenian church for one (one!) service not too long ago. But at the last minute, they said they could not restore the cross to the outside of the church–they said it was “too heavy.”

    Perhaps it would contradict dhimmi rules?


    The mosque flying the Swedish flag (FLAMMA STOLT…) on Natonal Day 6th of June is the Islamic Center in Malmo, now since the fall of 2009 owned by mass murderer Muammar Khaddaffi via the Libyan Islamic organization ‘World Islamic Call Society’. Purchase price: SEK 37 million.
    It was also the World Islamic Call Society, which paid for the land in the 1980s when founder and hustler Bejzat Becirov was starting to build it.

    The picture might however be a hoax, but reality not seldom surpasses naughty imagination.

  6. Even if the former photo FLAMMA STOLT… might be photoshopped, the daily Aftonbladet uses it in their propaganda for multiculture.!
    We celebrate diversity today
    – not stupidity

    Since the year 2005 June 6th is a public holiday. The Socialdemocratic government of Göran Persson proposed this in a late bill of his. In practice, June 6th turned into a multicultural day, a day og exclusions. An annually recurring humiliationof us indigenous Swedes.

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