The English Spring

Ummah Jack

Our English correspondent Seneca III left a comment on last night’s post about the EDL. In it he discussed the “fitting up” of Tommy Robinson, the state crackdown on the EDL, and all that it portends for the coming repression.

He pointed out that every instance of police state repression that runs against popular sentiment will inevitably generate an underground resistance, and eventually a revolution. We’ve just seen an “Arab Spring” — is an English Spring on the way?

The Arab uprisings began in Tunisia, where they were called the “Jasmine Revolution”. What flower will be appropriate for the English Spring? How about the “Primrose Revolution”?

Here’s what Seneca III had to say:

I have been waiting for this type of attack on the EDL and the DDL for quite a while now… it was inevitable. Every police state makes such a classic mistake sooner or later and by so doing sows the dragon’s teeth of its own destruction.

What states and their agents accomplish by such actions is to drive legitimate concerns underground, and in the process they move protest to a different plane, first to revolt and then to revolution. And when such measures are implemented in order to sustain and enable an alien invasion they can but bring down the absolute wrath of those so invaded upon their heads.

The Defence Leagues in particular, and the Counterjihad in general, must now learn how to operate in this underground not of their own making. New, cellular structures must be created; covert means of communication must be established; strong regional leadership, trained and able to operate locally and independently as well as nationally and jointly, must be emplaced; group and self-discipline and security must become the watchwords of every member and all must prepare themselves for the long haul and the inevitable attrition that will go with it.

Freedom is never free, but it is close, it is hard by the door; and as in Britain and much of Europe we have arrived at this transition phase we should cease looking outward at such misnomers as the ‘Arab Spring’ and turn inward towards our own Springs. As an old saying goes… My enemy’s friend is my enemy”… and the freeborn native men and women of the West should no longer have any doubts as to what value or what place they and theirs have in the eyes of those who rule them.

So, to all who may be prepared to make their stand, I commend the following quote from ‘The Art of War’ by Sun Tzu:

The way of war is
A way of deception.

When able,
Feign inability;

When deploying troops,
Appear not to be.

When near,
Appear far;

When far,
Appear near.

Lure with bait;
Strike with chaos.

If the enemy is full,
Be prepared.
If strong,
Avoid him.

If he is angry,
Disconcert him.
If he is weak,
Stir him to pride.

If he is relaxed,
Harry him;

If his men are harmonious,
Split them.

Where he is unprepared;

Where you are unexpected.

This is
Victory in warfare;
It cannot be
In Advance.

And if any should need to find reasons as to why this should have come to pass they can be found in the following two quotes from the work of Ayn Rand:

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission.”

“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws … pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced nor objectively interpreted and you create a nation of law-breakers.”

Against which the State is then free to act in a manner as draconian as it wishes, I would add.

— Seneca III

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9 thoughts on “The English Spring

  1. Baron
    sorry if my previous comment was beyond the pale. Seemed mildly amusing at the time (gallows humour).
    I am on my second bottle of red plonk!…no excuse I know.

  2. If I were your government, I would be afraid that you would watch the movie “V for Vendetta” – and MAKE yourselves – and everyone on the home team – a bunch of homemade burqas from fabric bought over time from many stores with cash.

    If I were your government, I would be afraid that you would pay bored teens to spray paint CCTV camera lenses EVERY night.

    If I were your government, I would be afraid that you would cut power lines at night.

    If I were your government, I would be afraid that you would locate gas tanker trucks and blow up gas at night when no one is around.

    If I were your government, I would be afraid that you would blow up gas stations at night when no one is around.

    If I were your government, I would be afraid that you would blow up police refueling stations at night when no one is around.

    If I were your government, I would be afraid that you would perform ALL of these activities on the SAME night at the SAME time.

    If I were your government, I would be afraid to put Tommy Robinson in jail because of what happened last time we did that….

  3. I think you’ll find the EDL have switched to “silent running mode”. Already facebook has been banned as a means of communication and the EDL will no longer communicate with the police. Expect alot of flash demos this year.

  4. An EDL Buck, good luck. I suspect there are many people like me, who can’t or don’t wish to take part in demonstrations, but who nonetheless wish you well. By the way, the EDL website appears to have a donation option that doesn’t work. I’d fix that if it was my decision.

  5. Donations to an EDL website sound like a good way for the government of the UK of Islamistan to identify people sympathetic to the EDL’s cause.

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