Belligerent Burqa Bimbo is Off the Hook

Late last year I posted about Carnita Matthews, a niqab-clad culture-enricher in Australia who was stopped by a policeman and given a ticket for a traffic violation. She raised a big stink, threatened to make the officer pay for his treatment of her, and made good on her threat by filing an official “racism” complaint against him for allegedly attempting to forcibly unveil her.

Unfortunately for Ms. Matthews, but fortunately for the officer’s career, a dashboard camera in the police car had recorded the entire encounter. He was completely exonerated, and the burqa bimbo was charged with filing a false police complaint. The magistrate found her guilty, and sentenced her to six months in jail.

She was set free on bail, and immediately filed an appeal. The grounds for her appeal provided the most entertaining aspect of the case: she insisted that since a veiled woman had filed the false complaint, there was no way to prove that it was in fact the defendant who had done it.

The affair has now entered the realm of high farce…

…an appellate court has overthrown the conviction on exactly the grounds asserted by the defendant. Ms. Matthews is free, and her culturally enriched supporters celebrated so vigorously outside the courthouse that they had to be forcibly restrained by the police.

Vlad Tepes has gathered the latest news in a video, and follows it with a recap of what happened last year:

Whatever happened to that famous Australian no-nonsense level-headedness in matters such as this?

Does the state disqualify any appellate court judges who possess common sense?

25 thoughts on “Belligerent Burqa Bimbo is Off the Hook

  1. Just wait for either:

    1. the police to work out appropriate procedures; or
    2. Parliament to make laws to enable the police to get around this sort of thing; and
    3. a small squeak of public outcry.

    My money is on the police. They will require that persons making complaints allow themselves to be fingerprinted, photographed or otherwise identified at the time of handing over any documents.

  2. “She shouldn’t go to jail for the sake of her children”
    It appears fairly obvious that her children are being given the wrong message by this women – exploit – lie – destroy this man’s career, maybe they would be better off away from her for a few months.
    Recent studies show that sociopathy develops at an early age – one cause could be insufficient exposure to compassionate facial expressions.

    How about children whose mother covers her face at every opportunity? How are they to learn social interaction and compassion?

  3. It’s a war. The key to winning is deception which seems to be understood by all those who realize that we are at war. Either that judge is also at war with Western civilization or too ignorant to remain in that position of power and responsibility.

  4. If the police are going to require more ID, more photos -as an above poster says, the islams are not going to allow it.

    Instead, the normal, law-abiders will be screwed more.

    But, I feel the Australians haven’t squeaked because they don’t know yet.

    But when they do….There’re going to be a large public outright…AGAINST the “culture enrichers.”

    It’s a case of,

    ” When an irresistible force
    Meets an old immovable object “
    Somethin’s gotta give”

    Except here, it will be 3-ways: the police/State, the “enrichers” – and We, THE People.

    I can hardly wait for the “niqad-feathers” to fly!

  5. There hasn’t been a large public outcry anywhere else, I don’t know why Australia would be any different. As long as there is bread and circuses…

  6. Well, I guess this officially sets the precedent that Muslims are indeed a new ‘race’ of people…

    … or something…

  7. “The affair has now entered the realm of high farce…”

    All comedy is based in tragedy.

    The police states WILL use the religious rights of Muslims wearing burqas as an excuse to RFID chip and track ALL people.

    I read that in Wikileaks, a Saudi sheik suggested using RFID chips to track Islamic terrorists.

  8. The grounds for her appeal provided the most entertaining aspect of the case: she insisted that since a veiled woman had filed the false complaint, there was no way to prove that it was in fact the defendant who had done it.

    Yet another outstanding reason to prohibit the burqa and niqab from being worn in public. For starters, any such attired people should be prevented from entering banks. Why on earth anyone with such a restricted field of vision is allowed to operate a motor vehicle is beyond me.

    Also, if the complaint is handwritten, any graphologist can determine if it is her handwriting. Furthermore, the complaint document can be fingerprinted as well.

    This crap has got to end and end damn soon. Islam is bringing things to a very ugly head and, at some point, the civilized world is just going to say, “To Hell with it!” and hit The Big Red Button™ so all of us can be done with this unmitigated rubbish for once and all time.

  9. A minor bit of recent Australian history may help understand why this farce happened.

    In the state of Victoria, we have an issue with a left wing judiciary; the previous two state governments were of the left (so much so that Victoria was jokingly referred to a “Bracksstan”, after the local leader of government, one “Call me Steve” Bracks), and appointed many judges who shared their outlook.

    This included many from the “Civil Rights” wing of the legal profession, who always seem intent on guaranteeing the citizenry’s rights by increasing the power of the legislature and judiciary…

    This particular case is just the start of the grief that will last until the current crop of Judges retire or step down.

  10. Please! How much longer does this “diversity” and “social progress” garbage have to keep on killing our societies? All of these Islamic, Communist/Socialist and Turd World feces must be deported. Every other culture, country and people on Earth – aside from ol-Whitey – is ethnocentric and actually allowed to hold some respect for their culture, people, faith, country and their own bloody heritage.

  11. Excellent article, with a good insight into these scum.

    Sorry this won’t take the URL – it’s too long and it’s a must read piece

    I found it on this search, which is the title

    “Lift the burqa on cowardly extremism”

    It’s by Miranda Devine. Australian Daily Telegraph

    I’ll send the link to the good Baron and ask if he can post it.

  12. LOL! Hilarious story. The good thing about living in Australia is that, even though some lawyers and pollies might be PC, the media overall is NOT. Muslims and burquas will be made fun of by the Australian media, as usual. This doesn’t happen in polite countries like Europe and the US, which is a pity.

  13. Shirl – you can hyperlink that article (look just above the comment type box): <.a href="xyz">My Title<./a>. Just delete the periods in the <> and you’re set.

    So, we have Miranda Devine’s article, as well as one by Paul Kent from he Tele/Australian, the SMH’s letters page was rather unimpressed yesterday (and today’s had some pretty standard PC apologia), and commentators on the “boohoo” article in the Tele were rather scathing.

    Suffering for her burka. Let’s talk to the Copts, shall we? Then we might see some suffering.

  14. Here ya go:

    Lift the burqa on cowardly extremism

    Some of the money quotes:

    The prosecution was unable to satisfy Judge Jeffreys that the liar was Matthews, despite the fact her friend, former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib, alleged to radio 2GB’s Chris Smith on Tuesday that he had accompanied her to the police station to lodge the complaint. As well, Channel 7 has footage of Matthews allegedly signing a statutory declaration and driving to the police station.

    Linking arms and striding down the street chanting the phrase we have heard again and again – often in the wake of other appalling crimes – was a show of power by people who put the authority of their God above the law of the land.

    It is a direct challenge to Australian law and order.

    We increasingly see the same challenge issued whenever a hardline Islamist appears in court, as the call goes out for “brothers” to run “protection” for the accused.


    His Facebook page, with the profile picture of a bloodied fist replaced yesterday by a handcuffed figure in a burqa, has messages from supporters such as: “Allah akbar, may all the pigs burn in hell inshallah”.

    It features videos of Osama bin Laden, slurs against infidels and “Kufaars” (non-Muslims), “American pig savages” and “Zionist dogs”. [Better known as “Hate Speech”] Last weekend Ibrahim wrote: “YA ZIONIST DOGS THERE WILL BE A DAY VERY SOON THAT YOULL FIND NO SHELTR NOR A WALL TO HIND (sic) BEHIND AND WE WILL EAT YOUR FLESH AND SPIT IT TO OUR DOGS TO CHEW OFF.” [emphasis added]

    And now the bad news: (from the same article)

    Australia is one of the most successful immigrant nations on Earth. It would therefore be a pity to follow the European path of banning Islamic face coverings, because the result would simply be more repression of women.

    Wrongo, mate!

  15. @ Law WELLS-

    Thanks for the links. I was going to look up Devine and now I don’t have to.

    Ah, Zenster me boy…

    Please, just ice in the punch bow. Thanks.



    If you can refrain from name-calling, I’d appreciate it. This comes under being civil, etc.

    Even if you didn’t asterisk out your ad hominem attacks on this woman, they would have failed simply for being attacks rather than discussion.

    This device is what the Left uses and claims that it’s a “response” to the people who disagreee with them.

    Wizzard of Aus–

    The main reason I want to see Obama defeated in 2012 is so that he has no further access to the federal court system.


    It will last until the system that keeps these folks in place implodes. Given their decisions I’d guess that the implosion will be sooner rather than later, but it’s hard to say at this point.

    Also difficult to assess whether it will be a messy implosion or a long slow deflation where everyone gets poorer and less “free”…

  16. @ Hesperado–

    DUI is great! If the Baron had thought of it he’d have used it himself for the title.

    Hmmm…I’ll have to keep that in a safe place for future reference.

  17. Dymphna,

    Feel free to use “DUI” (though I’m not sure I coined it) anytime. It also applies to the various hit-and-run jihads we’ve seen over the years.

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