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Below is the second part of a two-part video about the German journalist Udo Ulfkotte and his new book, No Black, No Red, No Gold (Part 1 is here). Dr. Ulfkotte, like Thilo Sarrazin, has dared to confront the politically correct establishment in Germany and demand an accounting for the monetary cost and cultural damage imposed on his country by the mass importation of millions of inassimilable Muslim immigrants.

Rather than blame the Muslims themselves, he lays the responsibility squarely where it belongs: with political leaders whose cowardice and/or calculation have prevented any honest public discussion of the consequences of Islamization in Germany.

Many thanks to the Counterjihad Collective for the transcription and time-stamping, to JLH for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The video is below the jump, followed by a complete transcript:


00:00   …we could at least talk about that.
00:02   Until two weeks ago, this subject was taboo. Now all of a sudden, people say:
00:06   we have that in hand. Already.
00:08   It was a taboo subject and these taboos must be breached.
00:15   After all, we are a country where we break through a thousand prohibitions.
00:18   Udo Ulfkotte pleads passionately for rethinking in Germany.
00:23   He makes it clear that his remarks must be understood correctly.
00:27   They are not thoughtless incitement against foreigners, but consist
00:31   of many difficult facts which, on balance,
00:35   must permanently become an impassable acid test.
00:40   The journalist thoroughly believes that Germany
00:43   needs foreign immigrants, but still more urgently,
00:46   he is occupied by the question of why German politicians do not make the greatest possible efforts
00:51   in regard to the highly qualified citizens, innumerable skilled workers
00:56   and high school graduates who, by the hundreds of thousands.
00:59   have turned their backs on their homeland and emigrated —
01:03   to use all means to bring them back.
01:07   The ideal immigrant looks — not the way I would like —
01:12   I am completely insignificant in that respect — the ideal immigrant
01:16   in the view of the population of Europe, of the people
01:21   whose children have something at stake here,
01:27   the ideal immigrant looks like the one
01:30   that is admitted into the United States,
01:32   the one admitted into Canada, that is, the immigrant
01:37   who is not expecting in case of doubt that he can depend
01:44   on being caught by the social safety net,
01:46   but rather says: I want to build something here.
01:49   I have never understood:
01:51   165,000 Germans a year leave the Federal Republic of Germany.
01:55   They speak our language, they come from our culture.
01:58   It is not the stupid ones who are leaving — it is the intelligent ones.
02:01   Millions of German live abroad. No Federal Government
02:04   has ever paid even one cent
02:07   to encourage these people to return to their homeland.
02:13   We spend enormous sums on people who are unwilling to integrate
02:18   or incapable of integrating, to bring them here and try to integrate them;
02:23   and our own people who were educated at our universities and our economy —
02:27   we let them emigrate to distant lands.
02:31   And we find that completely normal.
02:34   Udo Ulfkotte’s book is called “No Black, No Red, No Gold.”
02:41   Thilo Sarrazin named his statement of apprehension: “Germany is Doing Away With Itself.”
02:46   Is that true?
02:48   Is Germany — by means of numerous concessions — running the risk
02:52   of distancing itself from itself and its identity?
02:55   Of destroying itself?
02:57   The following question from a journalist certainly allows this conclusion:
03:02   I would very much like to hear you estimation
03:05   of our situation in regard to values.
03:10   It seems to me that we are sometimes responsible for that
03:15   and perhaps not self-aware enough
03:17   to stand up for our Christian, Western values.
03:21   An example: in many elementary schools in Berlin
03:24   the Sugar Festival [Eid] is celebrated more and more often, and naturally other festivals too, but —
03:30   and I know this from my own experience —
03:33   it is not considered opportune for example at Christmas
03:37   to sing songs that are “too Christian.”
03:40   Do you see that as a kind of retreat in the face of Islamization?
03:46   I see it absolutely the way you expressed it,
03:52   however — however, it is by no means the fault of some Muslim
03:58   or a Muslim population group. This set of problems I definitely cannot
04:03   blame on Muslims as a community
04:07   and make them responsible. That is us, here in Europe.
04:11   As long as we keep standing up at conferences and asking
04:15   what we can do so that you do not constantly feel insulted,
04:19   so that you are more comfortable… I believe integration is an obligation
04:24   and it should be the other way around. But I find it good that these talks take place
04:28   because — this may shock you —
04:31   I am for these talks continuing
04:34   but the subject should not be what can we do
04:37   so that Muslims will integrate more and better; rather
04:41   I would like the subject of such talks to be
04:44   what can these populations groups do
04:47   to make up for the damage they have done.
04:50   That must be discussed too
04:52   That’s what we did with the bankers.
04:56   I would like to know these groups to be involved in the damages they have caused
05:00   and not just push [the damages] off onto the taxpayers.
05:04   Germany has a problem.
05:06   Europe has a problem.
05:08   The passionate resonance in the population for both
05:11   Thilo Sarrazin and Kopp author, Udo Ulfkotte shows
05:15   that the overwhelming majority of people are behind the courageous authors.
05:20   The politicians still balk at admitting the dramatic consequences of their multicultural
05:25   alterations, and stubbornly continue to deny
05:30   what they should have admitted long ago.
05:33   I cannot believe that Hans Dietrich Genscher,
05:37   for example, when he sat with me at Sabine Christiansen’s
05:39   in the talk show — sat together with me and exactly
05:43   like Günther Verhagen coolly said to my face
05:47   as well as the heads of government who were sitting across from me there,
05:49   when I said, as so-called security expert,
05:53   “I maintain that with the EU’s eastern expansion,
05:57   that along the present borders with the expansion
06:02   with the Schengen agreement, with personal freedom,
06:07   that in certain areas, a sharp increase
06:12   in criminality will occur.”
06:15   all of them told me, to my face, that will not be.
06:20   I am firmly convinced that from this point on,
06:23   I am subjectively convinced that at this time, they
06:27   knew it just as I did: of course,
06:30   what they can read today in East German newspapers,
06:35   we will have this development.
06:38   They just did not want to tell people,
06:41   because that is how it is intended to be, for political reasons.
06:44   As yet there are only a number of journalists and freethinkers
06:47   who dare to swim against the current,
06:50   to write against political correctness
06:53   to speak against the political media power cartel.
06:57   They risk much, they make themselves unpopular among the powerful,
07:01   they are summarily dismissed from their professional positions
07:05   and are intended to be cast out of society.
07:08   Yes, they even receive death threats. But they are not intimidated.
07:13   For they cannot and will not accept
07:15   the growing abuses which will systematically destroy the land.
07:21   If not rethought and ultimately dealt with as quickly as possible.

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4 thoughts on “Systematically Destroying the Land

  1. “…it is by no means the fault of some Muslim or a Muslim population group. This set of problems I definitely cannot blame on Muslims as a community and make them responsible.”

    “…I would like the subject of such talks to be what can these populations groups do to make up for the damage they have done.”

    If, as the speaker contends, the Muslim community is not at fault or responsible, then how can indigenous Europeans hold Muslims accountable for damages?

    Of course, the Muslim community is at fault and responsible because Muslims are moving to Europe with “bad intentions” to colonize and conquer Europe for the ummah and place indigenous Europeans under Sharia Law.

    In any case, indigenous Europeans should confiscate the combined wealth of traitorous European leaders who continue to import seditious Muslims hand over fist.

  2. The politicians would then have to justify their “inhumane” decisions disallowing this “migration” of peoples.

    And politicians don’t like decisions that they have to justify.

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