Cracking Down on Street Prayers in Sofia

We’ve all seen the videos of street prayers by Muslims in Paris, who frequently shut down entire neighborhoods during their aggressive displays of public piety.

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, has been experiencing a similar situation. Muslims make up between twelve and fifteen percent of the country’s population, so the Bulgarians actually have a somewhat greater problem on their hands than do the French.

As in other parts of Europe, a nationalist movement is growing in Bulgaria. In the video below, you can see members of the Ataka party break up public prayers outside the Grand Mosque in Sofia, burning prayer rugs and cutting up Muslim headgear.

The video report, which was aired by Iranian state TV, portrays Sofia’s Muslims as the victims. In a sense they are, since they are still a minority of the population, and are thus vulnerable to such attacks.

However, it’s important to remember the time-hallowed path followed by Muslims as they move towards domination of the infidels. The deputy mufti in the video says, “There will be no retaliation, in accordance with our beliefs.” He is telling the exact truth: according to the Koran and the hadith, Muslims must not retaliate against attacks — as long as they are in the minority, and cannot hope to win.

As soon as they are in the majority — or even somewhat less than that, if the circumstances are propitious — they will not only retaliate, they will institute attacks of their own against non-Muslims, burning their houses, businesses, and places of worship and massacring their inhabitants. To see what life is like for the infidel under a Muslim majority, all you have to do is read the horrifying news stories from Egypt, Pakistan, Indonesia, and other Muslim countries that still retain a Christian minority.

Vlad Tepes, who YouTubed this video, had this to say about it:

Bulgarians fight back. A great moment.

Before anyone rushes to judge me for this headline, allow me to state a few obvious things that see to go missing in the modern narrative.

1. Islam is a belief system and behaviour. It is no racist to oppose it any more than it is racist to oppose Republicans or any other voluntary group defined by beliefs etc.
2. Muslims world wide always without question discriminate against all other non-Muslim groups, and against women Muslim or not, once they have the population required to achieve enough force to do so, area by area, increment by increment. So opposing its growing power in a non-Muslim land is always a good thing for liberalism.
3. Wherever there are massive street prayers by Muslims laws are broken, people cannot access public property and even indeed their own till the Muslims are good and finished with their demonstration of strength. And that is what these are. Prayer in any sense we are familiar with can be done in the privacy of one’s own home or in a temple of some kind. It does not need to happen ‘en masse’ and at the expense of all other peoples and activities in the area. This is why it is a demonstration of Islamic power, and not a religious service.

The video of the PressTV news story is below. I have to admit that watching all those prayer rugs go up in flames is rather inspiring:

17 thoughts on “Cracking Down on Street Prayers in Sofia

  1. It is finally starting to happen. There will be more scenes of public anger against these evil muslims. And there should be more of such scenes if we are to avoid a future full scale bloody civil war. the authorities in Eureope and UK should realise this and ban Islam in the western countries. Muslims who still want to practice Islam should leave Europe and UK and go back to their Shariah hell holes where these rodents came from.

  2. God bless Europe and UK !! We will reclaim our lands at any cost !! Godspeed to the couragous freedom fighters. No bowing down to Islam. Islam’s days are numbered.

  3. Woohoo! GO EUROPE! Give those beardos a taste of their own medicine. Now lets see any news agency with principles focusing on the copts being slain in Egypt. I’d like to see that! Not the copts being slain, but the non-muslims being portrayed as victims for once!

  4. Finally Europe is experiencing its own Ralph I’ve-had-it-up-to-here-Alice Kramden moment.

    It has been suggested that we should only call Muslims as “Muslims who live in America,” NEVER EVER “Muslim Americans” or “American Muslims.” No other faith believer so self-stylizes him/her|self with the identity of a religion. Methodist American, Christian American, Jewish American, Sikh American. None of that. Muslims do this as another avenue to push their political religion by co-opting the well-deserved decent-ness of America. In short, Muslims are stealing yet something else, this time our reputations.

    As this film demonstrates, this tactic is employed elsewhere. This knucklehead holds up his Bulgarian ID card, screaming he’s a citizen. Whoa, hold on there, fella. By their own repeated admissions, Muslims tell us that their one and only allegiance is to Islam, yet this guy claims, when he thinks he can score a political point, Bulgarian citizenship. Well, what is it? Or is this a case of taqiyya, the permitted lying for the sake of allah.

    Muslims are not Americans, Germans, French, Bulgarians, Australians, and so forth. They are Muslims. Period. They cannot be considered anything else because of their adoption of Islam. Sharia (total government) and American constitutional law (government contained/controlled by the people) or laïcité in Frame, with similar concepts in other countries) couldn’t be farther apart.

    Muslims are only characters who happen to live in a certain local. They should simply be regarded as a noxious pollutant that blew in from some hideous enclave, and treated as such.

  5. If this were any other western Euro country I would whole heartedly support this because I know the motives behind the public displays in those countries and know of the islamic supmremicist situation in those countries.

    But I do not know if there is a real threat of islamic supremicism in Bulgaria. Are these recent immagrants who have been radicalised or normal Bulgarian citizens who have lived in Bulgaria for many generations and have always prayed this way? Does Bulgaria have muslim invasion no go zones like France? Has there been Islamic terrorism? I typed “Bulgaria” into the search field on Vlad Teppes and came up with only one article that was about islamic supremicists in Bulgaria.

    In Jihadwatch I found 3 since 2009but 1 was the Vlad Teppes article and another was an update to it.

    It was about a principal, teacher and mayor that had all gone muz-nuts and were enforcing islamic religious standards in the southwest. They were arrested and charged as soon as the authorities were made aware of their actions.

    The other story on JW was of a police raid on a single radical group.

    There may be more stories on JW but those were from the last few years.

    Considering the amount of material about radical islam coming from other euro countries it does not appear that there is enough of a problem with islamic supremicism in Bulgaria to warrent what happened.

    And this group who disrupted the prayer is not like the EDL or any of the other western anti jihad groups. The groups we respect and defend have not used or advocated violence. Is this Bulgarian leader championing enlightenment values or is he a right wing demogog? I strongly suspect the politician is trying to exploit age old (and justified) national anger against the Ottoman depredations for personal political gain.

    Let’s figure out who he is and what he wants BEFORE we decide he’s our kinda guy. From the looks of things he very well may not be. He is certainly no Wilders or Robinson.

    I would really love for him to be a knight in shining armour but if he isn’t it will only give fuel to the enemy if we are seen to endorce him and his methods should he turn out to be merely an oportunistic right wing demogog.

    If anyone wants to think I am a muslim troll please look at my Truthiocity blog at blogspot first.

  6. jjk99 should study some older Bulgarian history.

    Yes this kind of fight-back (for that is what it is) will probably be condemned in western Europe and US/Canada. We do not have the “benefit” of first-hand experience of islamic rule. Those countries, such as Bulgaria, that have had such experience, have a better idea of what exactly is at stake here.

    I am very much afraid that it is going to take much more violence like this before the powers-that-be in the west take action to put islam in its place, rather than favouring it over the indigenous population.

  7. Fastercat: Always ALWAYS give muzzies the same courtesy they would give you if you were in their land

    Truth be told, Islam always demands payment in its own coin. The West has yet to demonstrate any significant awareness of how important it is to take pages from the Muslim playbook.

    My personal favorite is the Indonesian police’s habit of dispersing street crowds using water cannons … fed by tanker trucks filled with raw sewage.

    Fastidious Muslims have been known to scatter at near sonic velocities just at the sight of these machines.

  8. I am most interested in the news reporter who speaks English and dresses as a conservative Westerner – no scraggily beard or man-scarf or flowing Arab robes….

    Also, one pro-Muslim interviewee complains, “…Muslims are seen as terrorists.”

    To which I reply, “Yes – just like Mohammed, your ideal man.”

    “Narrated Abu Huraira:

    “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.’ Abu Huraira added: ‘Allah’s Apostle has left the world and now you, people, are bringing out those treasures (i.e. the Prophet did not benefit by them).'”

    al-Bukhari Vol. 4, Bk 52, No. 220.

  9. Alara, I am not talking about long past history. No matter how evil the ottomans were, their depredations in past centuries is not directly related to the current threats from islamic supremicism the rest of Europe is having to deal with. Ideologically, or inspirationally perhaps, but not tactically. This is an undeclaired arab war against Europe, not a turkish invasion.

    Weather or not their ancestors converted or they came with the ottoman invaders, these Bulgarian muslims have very long roots in Bulgaria and think themselves Bulgarian. They are not semi literates seduced into radicalism because of their feelings of alienation from not fitting into a civilized culture as with the radical muslims in the rest of Europe.

    If you are talking about recent history showing a growing trend in islamic supremicism in Bulgaria please cite examples that I have not cited already – They may exist but from what I’ve read so far not in a degree that would make people concearned about a looming threat of islamic supremicism in Bulgaria.

    The 2 events I mentioned in the previous comment show:

    1) There is currently very little islamic supremiscist activity in Bulgaria (only 2 very minor events in the last few years) and

    2) Unlike as with the self blinkered fools in other euro countries, the Bulgarian government ALREADY cracks down swiftly and surely whenever islamic supremicism starts up rather then allowing it to fester.

    Because of that bulgarians have not so much reason to create anti jihad grass roots movements. That in turn makes me suspect the political leader in the vid is more Nick Griffin than Tommy Robinson.

    Of course I could be completely wrong in everything my limited reading has led me to conclude. If anyone thinks so please cite evidence rather then merely informing me that I am in error. That will better educate us on this issue.

  10. …according to the Koran and the hadith, Muslims must not retaliate against attacks — as long as they are in the minority, and cannot hope to win.

    Firstly, the Koran as far as I know does not explicitly pronounce upon the matter; that is left up to the tafsirs, the hadiths and the fiqh.

    Secondly, I don’t think it’s a matter of Muslims “must not” retaliate (or “must not” simply attack out of the blue “sudden-jihad-style” or out of some perceived sense of retaliation for real or imagined offenses against them) when they are weak — rather, it is simply a matter of a prudent suggestion, to be followed on a case by case basis (indeed, Western scholars of Islam have been remiss in not diligently enough studying the extent to which terror attacks are permissible against a non-Muslim land while Muslims are weak, and how this fits into a broader campaign of what might be called “the Jihad of Chipping Away at a Temporarily Superior Enemy”, as well as the role of taqiyya in pretending to aver that Muslims cannot attack while weak, or that Muslims cannot launch military Jihad “without a Caliph”, and other similar sly ways of denying the massive global fact of violent Jihad which Muslims, like industrious army ants, are pursuing now and have been for decades during which they have revived their ancient Jihad against “Rome” (i.e., the West) from those three centuries (late 17th-early 20th) during which Muslims were so utterly, abjectly weak they couldn’t even pretend not to attack us.

    If it were true that the Koran and hadiths declare that Muslims “must not” retaliate while they are weak and in the minority, we wouldn’t have been seeing the thousands of terror plots within Western nations where Muslims are minorities — some plots successful, some aborted in time — in the last few decades (only escalating after 911).

  11. Those are good points, Hesperado. What I wrote was based on interpretations I have read, probably in Reliance of the Traveller.

    As for the “chipping away” jihad of terrorism — the thing is, some ulema really do declare terrorist attacks in Western countries as takfiri behavior, because they hurt the cause of Islam and cannot bring victory. I’ve read the fatwas.

    They usually make exceptions for terrorism against Israel, because killing Jews is of paramount importance, and probably also because they think that victory over the Zionists is relatively close at hand.

  12. I don’t care how long Muslims have been in Europe (Bulgaria) – they don’t belong and they should be ousted… end of!

  13. To sulber nick,
    Thank you. I hope the rest of Europe will start to galvanize over this incident. Could this possibly be the beginning of the all of the Europeans against this scourge.

  14. NOT cool! Ethnic cleansing people just because of what their ancestors did is extremely unfair.

    Abosultely deport, imprison and interrogate enhanced-ly those who are antisocial, subversive or seditius. But these people seem to be none of those things.

    They aren’t part of the Hirja. They aren’t living off the state more then anyone else. They aren’t waging jihad. They don’t have 4 wives amd those wives aren’t pumping out a quajillion future jihadists. At 15% of the population they are not causing nearly the same amount of trouble (that is to say absolutely none) as in other countries unfortunate enough to have that density of islamic population.

    That’s because they see themselves as Bulgarians who are muslim, not muslims who live in Bulgaria.

    How many Bulgarian islamic terrorists have you read of? I did a search and only found one guy who was actualy an arab who was arrested there.

    It’s been 2 days since I voiced my doubts over this and nobody has provided examples that Bulgaria is under threat from Islamofascism.

    What I have found is that muslims there seem to not be receptive to radicalism. They don’t give a fig about jihad and have spoken out against arabs trying to subvert them.

    So yes there is a small radical presence in Bulgaria but they are denounced by other muslims. Furthermore, the Government is not hampered by PC multiculti sensibilities in dealing with those radicals when they are made aware of them.

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