Camp of the Saints: The Money Game

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In the comments on last night’s “Camp of the Saints” post, Zenster used my corrected figure of 30,000 refugees as the jumping-off point for an analysis of how much the Mediterranean migrant crisis has cost Italy since it began in January.

Bear in mind that 30,000 is low-balling the numbers. I began with the figure 27,000, which was cited by the Italian government early in April. Since then there have been thousands of new arrivals, with a conservative estimate bringing the total to at least 30,000.

However, given the reported arrivals during the last few days, the number is more likely to be 32,000-33,000, and could even be considerably higher. It’s hard to tell, because some reports are obviously duplicates of others, and the Italians haven’t released an official figure in weeks.

In any case, Zenster used the 30,000 figure to do the following calculations:

Let’s use a rough estimate of €1,000 processing costs per arrival. That is automatically €30,000,000 right there.

Got that? €30,000,000

Now add in social welfare benefits per year of a minimum €10,000 per individual and, including the induction costs, that’s a smooth €330,000,000.

Got that? €330,000,000

That’s €330,000,000 as in three hundred and thirty million (with an “m”) euros.

Who here thinks that any single one of these arrivals will cost only €10,000 per year? Let’s be more realistic and crank it up to €25,000 in benefits per year, plus the original processing costs.

Now we are at a whopping €750,000,000 plus the original €30,000,000 induction processing costs and we now stand at a solid €780,000,000.

Does anyone think that large numbers of these individuals will remain well-behaved newcomers and not indulge in their traditional criminal behavior?

Remember, lawyers, judges, police and courtrooms all have very high operating costs. Each criminal case can run an easy €20,000.

Let’s be exceptionally conservative and presume that only 20% of these arrivals will become members of the criminal community. That way, the true number, which is likely to be very much higher, will be correctly reflected if there are loss of benefits while incarcerated. So, using that modest figure of 20% at €20,000 per court case plus jailing. What do we have?

One fifth of 30,000 is 6,000 individuals multiplied by €20,000 per criminal case which gives us a tidy sum of €120,000,000.

Added to the induction processing plus social benefits payouts, we now are looking at some €900,000,000 for just the first year of these 30,000 people arriving in Europe.

That’s nigh on a billion (with a “b”) euros.

Does anyone think this situation will be limited to a mere 30,000 arrivals? Or will it be more like 120,000?

At 120,000 arrivals we are in the realm of four billion euros. Especially when you finally add in the salaries of all those government workers needed to process and track these new arrivals.

Someone please tell me how the working class, better known as taxpayers, along with businesses are supposed to float this sort of lethal tax burden?

More importantly, who is fooling whom about the why and how of introducing so many unskilled and poorly educated people into a highly developed First World environment?

Heaped upon the top-heavy and costly EU bureaucracy that already exists, it is as if these megalomaniac social engineers are simply immune to all logic and reason as they set about the futile task of rescuing the Third World from itself while murdering the EU’s citizenry through the death of a thousand paper cuts. The criminal predations of these newly arrived thugs is just icing on the already poisoned cake.

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  1. I give in,everyone i know is at there witts end as to what is happening to my country(U.K.)We just had local elections,and guess what? they voted for more of the same.I can only assume one of two things.The majority of people in this country are totally thick,or there is some serious vote rigging going on here wich wouldnt surprise me in the least being as the leftist movement seems to have taken over everything now,especially the media.I suppose next will be the internet wich they have allready hinted at controlling in the guise of protecting copyrights and such.I live in the hope that the masses will prevail,but my god these people are clever,and like i said if the majority of people are thick,they can be easilly led.

  2. P.S. sorry for my grammar guys,i k now you people on here are super intelligent.But believe me there are a lot of simple people,not so educated that read,and follow this blogg because they whats right,thanks.

  3. Trev: Sorry for my grammar guys

    Trev, not to worry. Comment whenever you like. The word from people like you who are on the front lines is precious. Got that? PRECIOUS. Full stop.

    Come back with whatever news or observations you have. They will always be most welcome.

  4. Unaccompanied children are according to the UN definition, people under 18 who are seeking asylum in a country without parents or relatives available in the recipient country. Not seldom their age later was seen to be up to 25-30. In Sweden they are called unaccompanied refugee children/unaccompanied minors.

    Sweden, differing from every othe country on the planet, is granting migrants, both adults and children, permanent residence without having grounds for asylum, or having any form of protection status.

    Anchor Children is another name for these ‘unaccompanied male children’ between 17 and 25 seeking residence in Sweden with the intention that family/relatives are to arrive later and automatically get residence permit in connection with the now already resident child – the child acts as an anchor for his later arriving family or relatives, who either were dead, had dissappeared or were at least non existing at the time when the child himself was seeking permanent recidence – but then later on luckily showed up from the grave….

    In 2000 350 children arrived, in 2007/1264, 2008/1510 and in 2009/2250. Parents/relatives back home have had to scrape together some SEK 100,000 to pay the traffickers.

    Municipalities will receive SEK1,900 from the migration authorities – that is the taxpayers – per day for each child located in group homes. To this the municipalities must pay added costs for welfare benefits, schooling, “good man”, recreation activities. medical services, police, jura, etc, etc.

    Total expences for each child in Sweden – the country of honey and goodness – is fully SEK1,000,000 per year.

    To be compared to the Baron’s realistic estimation of ca
    €900,000,000 total divided by 30 000 enriching migrants or
    or approx SEK270,000 per person and year.

  5. Thank you, ANTI-ISLAMIST, for your real-life numbers. Let’s put them through the mill and see what comes out:

    SEK270,000 = €30,150 = $43,145 for yearly upkeep

    That is higher than over half of the top sixteen median household incomes of such countries as New Zealand, the UK, Israel, America, Ireland, Scotland, South Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore.

    According to another 2007 chart of “annual median equivalised disposable household income” at the same web page, $43,145 is more than that of the entire 34 top countries in the world from Luxembourg, America, Norway, Iceland, Australia and Switzerland all the way down to Mexico.

    If we substitute this figure of merit in my own equations, the obscenity of this vampirism become all the more clear:

    30,000 illegals at €1,000 induction costs = €30,000,000

    30,000 x €30,150 = €904,500,000,000

    My cocktail napkin estimate was accurate to within less than 0.5%. What’s more, my final calculation of €900,000,000,000 included a 20% criminal prosecution cost factor that is not present in the final NINE HUNDRED AND FOUR POINT FIVE BILLION (with a “B”) Euro amount shown above.

    For gits and shiggles, let’s add in my very conservative figure of €120,000,000 which represents the costs of prosecuting 6,000 (20%) of these new arrivals.

    €904,500,000,000 + €120,000,000 = €904,620,000,000

    I think we all know that the actual cost is much, much higher once the judicial and medical cost burdens are factored in.

    Remember, this is only for the first year.

    Every year there will be another €904,590,000,000 paid out to these cretins. Again, please recall that hospital costs for all of their congenitally deformed and retarded children have not been entered. Nor Has there been any accounting for the yearly costs of incarceration for those conservatively numbered 6,000 individuals.

    Again, another extremely conservative estimate of €26,000 per year incarceration cost becomes €156,000,000 per year. This does not include any prosecution for new or repeat offenders.

    We now have and extremely conservative yearly figure of €904,776,000,000 just for these 30,000 illegal aliens. For 60,000 (a far more likely figure by the time this influx is finally contained), the yearly figure stands at:


    Yes, that’s over ONE TRILLION (with a “T”) euros. This number does not include the routine €30,000,000 induction processing costs for those extra 30,000 illegals. Please remember to double up whatever hospital costs come with these illegals.

    None of this even begins to calculate the tremendous reduction in quality of life experienced by European residents. Nor is there any accounting for vandalism, theft and other favored pastimes of these cretins.

    Rest assured those factors come at the prices of more hundreds of millions as entire neighborhoods and housing estates are dragged down into Third World conditions.

    By importing these untold thousands of largely Muslim thugs the EU has essentially declared war upon the average indigenous European.

    It is impossible to believe that this entire situation will not devolve into an intensely violent conflict within the next few decades, if not a lot sooner. Native Europeans will have no choice but to defend themselves from their vampire elite and to do so by force.

  6. At 120,000 arrivals we are in the realm of four billion euros. Especially when you finally add in the salaries of all those government workers needed to process and track these new arrivals.

    Whoops! Math error. Make that:

    At 120,000 arrivals we are in the realm of four trillion euros [with a “T”]. Especially when you finally add in the salaries of all those government workers needed to process and track these new arrivals.

  7. the NORTH AFRICAN invasion is causing slight political controversy in the coutry of honey and goodness. While the rest of Europe debates the reintroduction of border controls, Sweden acts in the opposite direction and wants to preserve the freedom of mobility – great for the tens of thousands of North Africans, many of whom from the Sub-Sahara region, who now move freely within the EU after having received temporary residence permits in Italy – and now are able to among other destinations move to Sweden.

    Deputy Prime Minister Jan Björklund (Liberal) said in the Parliament on thursday that “our basic premise is that the freedom is to be preserved without any restrictions”. Mr Billström (M), Migration Miister, who says one thing behind closed doors and another in public, is not so categorical. In his usual froth he said: – One thing that is positive, it could be overcome with pressure against a Member State that does not feel that they can manage their obligations under the Schengen Agreement, which you must do to be involved in this work. – But there is also an important consideration to take as regards the rights to move freely within the Union. Billström did not exclude enhanced border controls.

    Maria Granlund, Social Democrat deputy chairman of the Parliament’s EU committée, does not like Billströms’s statements but was very fond of Björk’s words. – We say no to any restrictions, because we think it is important to have freedom of movement, she declared.
    (heard in the Swedish Radio SRP1)

  8. Cost-benefit analysis for Europe:

    The visible (and less visible) costs of Muslim immigration are horrendous.

    So, what are the identifiable benefits of Muslim immigration?

  9. Nothinh new, differing or strange – just another of all those cases that enrich Scandinavia.

    On the 9th of Maj 2011 you could read the following in the Danish daily Extra Bladet.

    “The gypsy family Levakovic from Copenhagen, who is behind hundreds of crimes have been an expensive acquaintance for the Danish taxpayers since it came to this country in the early 70s. Calculations made by the Ekstra Bladet have shown that the family has costed the Danish society at least 73.9 million in social services, correctional services and residential care alone. Additional costs relate to social workers, miscellaneous social pædagogic actions, police investigations and lawsuits.

    The staggering costs also reveals that integration – and employment efforts for the family have failed. Thus all of the 14 members of this family in Copenhagen, who are over the age of 18, are on some form of public assistance or wellfare. And all have committed some crime.

    Legal spokesman Peter Skaarup of the Danish People’s Party directs severe criticism to the Copenhagen Municipality:
    – It’s a total bancruptcy declaration that the municipality has had to stand up against this family. – We have asked the government to look into the expenditures and we will hear what the government will do – and what it will do to the Copenhagen Municipallity to get something done, he says.

    Social-Mayor of Copenhagen, Mikkel Warming (EL), said today he will take up the matter with the Director of the Social Services Department: – I do not know this case well enough to say whether the municipality could have done anything differently. But the family you describe is, from my knowledge of such cases, an extreme and unusual family, he says. The Levakovic family is originally from Croatia and counts about 40 people, who now live in Denmark. At least 20 have committed crimes. Most often it is property crimes like trick thefts and street robberies, but the family’s repertoire also extends over armed robbery, aggravated assault, receiving stolen goods, extortion and rape.
    Thomas Gösta Svensson, David Rebouh

  10. @Trev,

    “I give in,everyone i know is at there witts end as to what is happening to my country(U.K.)We just had local elections,and guess what? they voted for more of the same.”

    Presumably you are in the English part of the U.K. in the Scottish part of the U.K. people resoundingly did not vote for more of the same.

    The Scottish National Party obliterated the Conservative Party, Labour Party and Liberal Democrats in Scotland as of this moment all of those defeated party leaders have now resigned.

    The U.K. mainstream media may try to ignore this political maelstrom but the U.K. is now in a serious constitutional crisis, my opinion is that Holyrood now holds some serious political clout over Westminster.

  11. It appears that the refugees are overwhelmingly young men, young horny men who will be wanting to shag European women.

  12. @In Hoc Signo Vincest,
    Yep,your right mate,i am from the English part of the U.K.Sorry if you thought i was trying to draw your neck of the woods into my comment as a general comparison of the U.K. as a whole.Only it’s just an instinctive term i use whenever i think people outside of the U.K might be reading my comment.

    I’m not going to get into the ins and outs of English,Scottish, history,and relationships we have because we could go on forever.So let’s get to the here and now shall we?

    I’m sorry but i lost a lot of respect for the when they deemed it apropriate to make an oil deal with the Libyan government,wich would consist of the release of a convivted terrorist,that being Abdelbaset al Megrahi the murderer of 243 innocent flight passengers on the Pan Am 103 flight.But to make things shamefully worse,they then used the pathetic excuse that they were doing this for humanatarian reasons.That being he had some sort of cancer,and only had 3 months to live,this was 2 years ago?
    My countrys poloticians are nothing more than a bunch of self serving,treacherous,thieving,pigs,i will be the first to admit to .I’m afraid to say mate,Yours are exactly the same,but at least they are obviously better at fooling some of the people.sorry.N.S.

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