Borders, Language and Culture

Our Greek-American correspondent Anestos Canelides returns with an essay on the growing immigration crisis in his ancestral home.

Borders, Language and Culture
by Anestos Canelides

The Melting PotBorders, language and Culture are words that are spoken every day by America’s premier talk show host Michael Savage. They are spoken to remind Americans that our nation is a sovereign nation and that we have the right to protect our borders from an invasion by illegal immigrants. It says that if we do not control this explosion of illegal immigrants across our borders then America, as we know it, could be radically altered as a nation. Even our culture and language could be threatened.

In the fall of 2001 I was in Athens, Greece to study archeology and history. It was an honor to be in the land of my grandparents, on my mother’s side, and to see the splendor of not only ancient Greece but also modern Greece. I stayed in Athens for an entire month and in that period I saw immigrants from all over the world. Most of who were in Greece illegally or as refugees. I saw people from the former Soviet Union, the Balkans, Western Asia, and as Far East as the Philippines and China. I will admit that compared to the overall Greek population their numbers seemed small but it brought me back to the mid 1970’s in the San Fernando Valley, of Southern California, were I grew up.

I recall that at first there was a small trickle of illegal immigrants, mostly from Mexico, but in time that trickle turned into a flood. I saw entire communities change from white to Hispanic in a short time, and the crime in the San Fernando Valley skyrocketed. I am not saying that all these immigrants are bad people and, in fact, most of them are hard-working and honest, but the influx brought changes that were not good. And the fact is they were in our country illegally.

America is a big nation, and many whites took to what we call “white flight”, but Greece is a small nation with fewer resources than the United States and Canada. The question I would ask is: “Where are the Native Greeks going to flee to as more and more immigrants, from wherever, pour into this tiny nation?”

I have read numerous web pages by left-wing radical groups who believe the Greeks should give these illegals amnesty over and over again. If every so many years Greece allows these so-called immigrants to stay then they will just keep coming, hoping to get amnesty in a few years’ time. The Greeks have every right to protect their borders, language and culture by deporting anyone that enters their sovereign nation illegally. I believe that anyone that enters a nation in this manner will generally not respect the rule of law in that nation, whether it is the United States or any nation.

I saw what was happening in parts of Southern California, so I moved to the Pacific Northwest, but Greeks do not have that luxury, so I urge them to take a much stronger stand against this illegal invasion before it is too late. In my opinion the native citizens of Greece should do the following:

  • Demand heavier fines and possible jail time for companies or individuals who hire illegal aliens.
  • Turn in companies or individuals who hire illegal aliens.
  • Start to look at it as an invasion, but do not mistreat the illegals in any manner.
  • Demand that the government deport all illegal immigrants, and no more amnesty.
  • Form groups similar to the Minutemen since the government is not doing enough.
  • Take a real stand against the anarchists in Greece, who are traitors.
  • Demand that the military be used to protect the borders and allow the Police to arrest illegal immigrants

If something is not done to stop or slow down this invasion then I am afraid that the Greece that I saw on my two previous visits, in 1998 and 2001, will disappear, and Greece will lose its borders, language and culture forever.

It has been eight years since I first wrote this as a draft on my computer. Since that time neither the conservative nor liberal governments of Greece, much like those of the USA, have done much to stem this problem of illegal aliens.

I was in Greece in 2006 along the Turkish border but I have not been back to Athens since 2001. since that time the illegal aliens have been granted amnesty again, and areas of Athens have been taken over by these invaders. Many native Athenians are being forced to move because of the illegal aliens, who have caused a sharp rise in crime. The government is doing little to help the legal citizens, and Greece does not have a first Amendment like American to protect free speech, so any criticism about the illegal immigrants borders on “hate speech”.

Meanwhile, radical communist and anarchist groups defend the rights of illegal immigrants rather than fighting for their own borders. The anarchists resort to thuggery if any Greek tries to take a stand against illegal immigrants. At the same time radical Muslim groups riot in Athens while yelling Allahu Akhbar after an Athenian Police officer was accused of disrespecting a Qur’an. Even if such an event did happen, it did not justify the wanton destruction by these largely illegal immigrants and their communist-anarchist allies.

The fact is that most of the illegal aliens are Muslims, and while I believe this alone does not mean they are all bad, it is still a good reason for alarm. With the low birth rate amongst native Greeks today, it won’t take many years for the largely Muslim illegal alien incursion to outnumber the native Greeks. I ask what will be the fate of the Christians when the majority becomes a minority among the Muslims?

One good example is the fate of the Coptic Christians. Even as recently as the Crusades they were the majority in Egypt, but today they are a despised minority. Looking at current events you can read about the horrific plight of the Christians in Egypt. If the Greeks don’t put an end to this growing threat then one day the same fate will await them. Will there be an America for them to flee to like the Copts have?

My plea is both to my fellow ethnic Greeks and Americans: we must fight for not just our very borders, language and culture but we must fight as if this illegal alien invasion is a threat to our very existence. We must recognize this for what it is, an invasion! If the we and the Greeks don’t fight, then who will?

So it is time to wake up and make our battle cry “Borders, language and culture!” If the Greeks don’t resist, then history may well look back and say that they deserved what they got for not taking a stand and fighting for their very existence.

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  1. Wrong, because blacks and Asians are not considered Anglo. It is Whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and Indians.

  2. Both Black and White Americans are culturally Anglo…as are many Asians and former Hispanics.

    The problem is that the Hispanics are moving in illegally en masse and not Angloizing.

    Its the difference between and invasion and colonization and immigration and assimilation.

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