YouTube and Vlad Tepes

John Work has this feature on the latest shut-down of Vlad Tepes’ You Tube account:

I’ve frequently featured or linked to the Vlad Tepes counter-jihad website here on my blog. I go to Vlad’s site because it is always a treasure-trove of information and videos about what’s really going on inside the World of Islam – items that you will never read or watch on Good Morning, America or on CNN’s nightly news.

Tonight I made my regular trip over there and found an announcement that YouTube has shut down Vlad’s video account, purportedly over a video copyright violation issue that is over six months old and, according to Vlad, should be moot.

However, I am also informed via an e-mail that there is a move on within the cyber-space war zone to shut down several counter-jihad websites by repeatedly flagging them as offensive. The al-Shamikh forum, which Vlad tells me is a password-protected Muslim jihad site, has apparently issued a fatwa against three counter-jihad sites – one of which is Vlad Tepes.

They call themselves The Jihad Smack-Down Crew. Vlad Tepes is one of them. And they’re all on the jihad hit-list.

You can draw whatever conclusion you may wish to draw about what’s going on. Me? I’m suspicious that Google and YouTube have come under some pressure from the World of Islam and decided to knuckle under rather than risk who-knows-what…

It’s another overt submission to Islam – pervasive and perverse, and YouTube doesn’t care. For small fry like Vlad, if you’re in a public forum, there’s nothing much you can do about it.

Is there a safe public venue where people like Vlad can post their video materials without being attacked, hacked, and backed against the wall by haters of whatever stripe?

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  1. YouTube is very quick to jump when a government or special interest group says ‘jump’. was set up by a group of people who’d also experienced interference and censorship and it’s worth checking out. There are videos there, including a couple on Lawful Rebellion, which were specifically banned by the British government.

  2. In a similar vein, I have noticed that newsletters from critics of Islam – Daniel Pipes, Phyllis Chesler and the like – suddenly end up in my Gmail spam folder.

    This looks like a different concerted effort to silence critics.

  3. Good to see you doing the hard yard here Dymphna. !!

    Try Live Leak

    There has been trouble with Facebook. There was a group called the 3rd Intafada and it took a world wide concerted effort to close it down.

  4. The French nationalist site François de Souche got tired of being endlessly censored by You Tube and Daily Motion (also known as Dhimmi Motion).

    They now host a significant number of their videos on RuTube.

    Unfortunately the user interface seems to be entirely in Russian. But those guys do not seem deterred by Islamic cyber-thugs and assorted Leftists.

  5. Robert, thanks for the rutube link – I read fdesouche daily, but from work, so never actually see any of their videos …

  6. Thanks for all the info. I spoke to the Baron by phone last night and told him about Vlad’s situation. Needless to say, he was dismayed.

    IIRC, Vlad & he have collaborated on rutube videos. Seems to me he said they’re much more open than YouTube ever was.

    Diana West has a brief post on the situation this morning:


  7. I know I am pointing out what is apparent to all of us, but the war is coming, and sooner than we think, I suspect.

    Before we know it, they will have invaded our government at levels which will be nearly impossible to root out.

  8. I’m interested to see what sort of actions or edicts these dhimmi-wits are going to direct toward Ms. Barnhardt.

  9. What would we do without Youtube?? At the moment, not a lot… THAT is why the Jihad smackdown crew are targetting vladtepes.

    But is this the real problem – or just an indicator to it? Can we afford to hang on such a thin string as is currently the internet?

    Our message must get out – beyond the counterjihad forums where like minds congregate – and into the hostile environments of the workplace or student union… only then can our message effectively propagate – and only then can actions such as what just happened to vladtepes get the level of outrage that they merit. Spreading the Good (or bad) News is our only way of survival!

  10. There were reports in Asian media that the so-called “social media” such as FC and U-Tube along with MSM have all been partially funded by Saudi.

  11. There is also a site called Lots of videos, but not a common street name. And they irritate me because the moment I click on the site, they start downloading their latest (I guess) video and I can’t figure out how to stop it.

  12. philip zhao wrote: There were reports in Asian media that the so-called “social media” such as FC and U-Tube along with MSM have all been partially funded by Saudi.

    Pamela Geller had a recent post about Sean Penn & gf Scarlett Johanssen (sp) being guests of some Saudi bigwig. A commenter speculated, and Pamela agreed, that the Saudis are thinking of getting into the film business.

    Due to the leftism of Hollywood, and the fact that there is a lot of underemployed talent, anyone with money and an anti-American and anti-Israel agenda can hire all the high-profile people they want to make their propaganda. And both Penn and Johanssen are half-Jewish, giving them plausible deniability WRT anti-semitism.

  13. In hoc signo vinces†

    The copyright-censorship of Vlad has left redacted blanks, maybe Vlad could bundle some of the videos as torrents and they could then be uploaded to YT via individual accounts.

  14. There are three distinct issues here:

    1) technical

    2) communications

    3) ideological.

    On a technical level, even if someone’s YouTube account is banned and/or they can no longer put up videos of a certain content, there still remain many other ways to have a site to display one’s videos. Most of those sites, however, are far more obscure than YouTube, and no one would know about the videos other than seeing someone somewhere mention them and linking them.

    The problem then moves onto one of the desire to have videos on a popular site potentially seen by thousands, or millions.

    This latter problem then concerns the issue of alleged censorship of anti-Islam materials on specific (albeit massively popular) websites.

    I notice that, with a couple of exceptions, problems 2 and 3 tend to be mushed together with problem 1.

    More broadly, I am becoming increasingly aware of the fact that I tend to be less paranoid than most “Counter-jihadists”.

    a) I doubt that Google or YouTube would be knowingly favoring Islam and knowingly censoring Islamo-critical material (e.g., Ned’s prank phone calls to Muslims have remained unperturbed, as have dozens of other blatantly and brazenly anti-Muslim YouTubes).

    b) I do, however, think it’s plausible that the decision-makers at Google and YouTube would be variously motivated by the normal sensibilities of PC MC, though this would manifest itself in a variety of ways and degrees, not without a great deal of inconsistency. This behavior would be normal, not abnormal, because we all know it’s bad to be intolerant, xenophobic, hateful of Others, and against diversity — all vices which, however, the mainstream remains stubbornly unaware are enshrined in Islam and practiced daily by Muslims around the globe.

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