“We Will Conquer The Netherlands”

On April 4, 2011, Sharia4Holland and Sharia4Belgium posted two videos threatening Geert Wilders. Or rather, according to the mujahid who gave the lecture, his statements were “warnings”. Even so, the example of Theo Van Gogh was invoked repeatedly as one that Mr. Wilders should remember.

You’ll notice the striking resemblance between the unnamed Muslim in this video and the infamous Anjem Choudary. Since Sharia4Holland is a franchise of one of Mr. Choudary’s groups — now banned in the UK — perhaps the likeness is no accident.

Our Dutch correspondent Penseur tells us that on the PVV website, a discussion about these videos included the following comment from a jihad expert (Penseur’s translation):

The invitation to convert is, according to a jihad expert in the intelligence world, a serious indication that there are plans to attack the politician (Geert Wilders):

“The Koran prescribes that before you are going to attack an individual, a country or a region, you should warn beforehand that you are going to attack, and that the target still gets some time to convert. Osama bin Laden did so two months before 9/11. Such a warning was also given two months before the attacks in London and Madrid, as well as two months before the German elections, but in that case an extensive terror group was arrested in time.”

A Dutch YouTuber has combined the two videos and subtitled the result. To avoid the Blogger bug, I’ve placed the video below the jump. Warning — the subtitles include vulgar language:

Hat tip: Diana West.

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  1. As opposed to most European’s, we here in America are very well armed, and have no qualms in deliving self defence…I am looking forward to the day these pig headed jihadists attempt to intimdate our populace as they have yours.

  2. This is indeed very ominous for Mr. Wilders whom western authorities are doing nothing to protect, in fact have increased his danger with this kangaroo court. He is a burr beneath the saddle of both Islamic and western totalitarians. His only protection would have been enough voters voting for him and being voluble about their support so that his enemies would have hesitated to make him a martyr. His supporters have not made themselves known at that critical level unfortunately so his enemies calculate resistance to them will collapse without him.

  3. Here’s what I got from it:

    This guy dared produce “Fitna”, and insult our religion and prophet by calling it violent. He further insulted our all-compassionate and all-merciful god.

    To repay this insult, we will show no compassion or mercy, and we will kill him to prove that our religion is not violent and that his claims are false.

    When he is dead, people will see Fitna was a lie and islam truly is peaceful.


  4. I love the exhortation for Geert to treat with the muslims “like a man.”

    Right, that would be like the Lebs do here, with odds of 6:1 or more?

  5. Reason #7324 for why the anti-Islam movement needs an Anti-Islam Manual:

    According to GOV Dutch correspondent Penseur, a “jihad expert” on the PVV Website (further invoking apparently another “jihad expert” — “in the intelligence world” no less), claims that:

    “The Koran prescribes that before you are going to attack an individual, a country or a region, you should warn beforehand that you are going to attack, and that the target still gets some time to convert.”

    However (as is common about assertions about the Koran), this apparently derives from the Hadiths, not directly and explicitly from the Koran — specifically (though probably not solely, since there often are some repetitions in the Hadiths) Sahih Muslim 4294, according to this article by Robert Spencer.

    And in this other article by Robert Spencer about another “invitation to Islam” (this time by Choudary to the Queen of England), Spencer again quotes the same hadith by Sahih Muslim, and adds that it “restates and elaborates upon Qur’an 9:29” — though it is fairly clear from the wording of that Koran verse that the “invitation to Islam” meme is only implicit, not explicit, as it is in the hadith.

    (We may fault Spencer for a lot of things, but his basic knowledge of Islam is sound, and had there existed a Koranic reference substantiating this “invitation to Islam” meme, he would have cited it front and center, rather than a quote from Sahih Muslim — with only a notation of an indirect influence from the Koran and not any explicit example from the Koran.)

    If the movement had at its fingertips a digital Anti-Islam Manual, any one of us could punch in the question and in a matter of mere seconds come up with this particular piece of information with its indisputable reference citation (and believe me, there is a thousand more where that comes from, most equally vital, if not more so, for our War of Ideas).

  6. Well I cannot disagree with the above commentators.
    What I CAN say is that choudhdary (or however it is spelt) is a JERK who lives off benefits provided by the stupid and over liberal UK welfare system. Problem is that even if we cut cut off all financial support to this jerk then his wife and children would still benefit. Time for repatriation to the mother counbtry methinks. Pakistan accepts grandchildren. Let Pakistan deal with their errant youth

  7. You’ll notice the striking resemblance between the unnamed Muslim in this video and the infamous Anjem Choudary.

    Another commonality that these two share is their continued theft of oxygen from far more deserving life forms like scorpions, lice and cockroaches which, long ago, should have been cured by a fatal micro-dose of .50 caliber swift onset lead poisoning.

  8. #6 Hesperado

    I like your idea, The Bible has a concordance reference. Perhaps we should call the Muslim version the “Koranic Cacophony.”

  9. urah2222,

    Cacophony indeed — and not merely from the Greek word for “bad” (kakon) but also connoting “caca”.

    However, the Manual I have in mind would be a much larger and more complex project even than a Bible concordance, since it would have to involve not only

    1) the Koran,

    but also:

    2) the Tafasir on the Koran (exegetical works by past great Muslim masters which explain the Koran for Muslim scholars which then inform their mosque sermons and madrassa lessons and public harangues on radio, TV, the Internet, and street corners)

    3) the Ahadith — the record of the sayings of Mohammed which are not just one book, but amount to dozens of volumes by at least four different compilers deemed most authentic

    4) the Siyar (plural of Sira, which has been translated as “biography” — i.e.,the biography of Mohammed, but more accurately means the “actions and behaviors” of Mohammed not only in his personal dealings but more importantly in his military-political dealings, which are legally normative for all Muslims

    5) and the various rulings of Fiqh (Islamic law) by scholars — who over time have become divided mainly into four “schools” over the ages up to our present, themselves relying upon #2, #3 and #4, but interesting usually not really the Koran itself, since the tradition to trust and rely on past authorities of interpretation has become rigorously (if not fanatically) ossified in Islam, such that it is not permissible in Islam for Muslims (even scholars) to just pick up a Koran and start interpreting it on their own, as for example Protestants like to do all the time. (Although when debating with Muslims, they may pretend to be doing that, by affecting an attitude of “but this is what the Koran logically means” — but they are really slavishly parroting what they have been taught.)


    6) we would need copious references showing current modern mainstream Muslim spokesmen, political groups, clerics, scholars and even “civilians” demonstrating basic agreement with, and definitive respect for the authority of, all our sources we have found from #1-4.

    You can see what a massive project this would be.

  10. @Hesperado,

    I’d like you to write a piece for 1389 Blog explaining what goes into Islamic law, doctrine, and jurisprudence, similar to what you put into your comment above.


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