Terry Jones Supporter Gets the Full Treatment

During last week’s uproar in Dearborn, a Terry Jones supporter gave a brief press conference, and was subjected to the usual abuse at the hands of local Muslims and (presumably) their leftist allies.

Notice that the Jones supporter speaks calmly, reasonably, and politely, while his detractors scream invective at him and drown him out. This is what Andrew Klavan calls the “SHUT UP!” principle, as Vlad points out in the second half of this video.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this clip:

10 thoughts on “Terry Jones Supporter Gets the Full Treatment

  1. YouTube. Does this mean tbat Vlad Tepes has been censored? I challenge the head of youtube to meet me behind the common room tommorrow at 10 and I’ll make sure that he can never procreate. Twat

  2. Thanks for the mirror video. The video demonstrates how Islam-criticism is so often erroneously equated with racism by the misinformed, and this is holding back the debate. It is mostly the US, not Europe, where this happens because;

    1. Americans still feel guilt about the slave trade and civil rights movement,
    2. There are far less muslims in the US, knowledge is lacking outside of what goes on in the US, and Americans tend to be a little naive (sorry but it’s true!).
    3. There seems to be far more ‘black’ muslims in the US than Europe, so it is easier to confuse race with ideology.

    Where I lived in Southern Europe for many years (and this was before the headscarves became the fashion) it was almost impossible to tell who was muslim and who wasn’t, since 95% of muslims then came from Algeria and Tunisia and they don’t look any different to southern europeans. So chants of “racism” would be meaningless! This screaming woman needs to travel and see the world a bit.

  3. Did see the video. Thanks for the mirrored link carpentersmailbox.exitedi

    Wouldn’t you just LOVE to come home to the ‘lady’ screaming from 1:04 ?

  4. I wonder how one can see things straight through a U-tube, and how one can go straight without being You-turned. One Chinese old saying:” Viewing the sky at the bottom of a well “. Well shapes like a tube !!

  5. “Americans still feel guilt about the slave trade and civil rights movement”.

    It needs to be pointed out that Muslims/Arabs have the longest and ugliest history of slave trading. If whites and Christians are supposed to wear a permanent hair shirt for a much shorter stint leading to their ending near-universal slavery by all other races and creeds, then Muslims should be despised even more for their unrepentant slavery that continues to the present day in pockets of Africa and Muslim treatment of blacks as lower than animals (The slaughter of half a million blacks in Darfur). Let’s add racism and slavery to Muslims’ sins, a slavery so inhumane that they exterminated all their black slave populations, unlike the USA. As for their white slaves, they made Muslims out of their progeny!

  6. Exactly laine. Muslims were the ones who first collected and then sold the black slaves to europeans during that era. Nothing is ever said about the greater, longer lasting and more populous slave trading of muslims. Nothing is said that the dead give-away is the fact that ‘black’ and ‘slave’ are the same word in arabic ‘abd’.

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