5 thoughts on “Reciprocity

  1. I am not so happy with this poster.
    (Aside from the fact that our women use normal guns, not pink. Whatever, as long as it does the job.)

    I am too disturbed by the USA government involvement in supporting Islam. (At least indirectly, with “poltical correctness,” etc.)

    I cannot forget that the USA helped the Albanians (mostly moslems) to steal Kosovo and destroy churches.

    Currently, there is the example of them and their mainstream media supporting the overthrowing of Mubarak and Qadaffi, both anti-jihadi rulers.

  2. Brian –

    I understand your concerns, but the context is American and therefore I think she has used the symbol of America (for Americans at least) par excellence. I also believe Mrs. Barnhardt would instantly acknowledge the nefarious influence of political Americanism (Wilsonian Progressivism) aiding and abetting Islam (take her opinion about general Petri dish for instance).

    Perhaps in a more international context (with the Rosetta Stone project under way) she’d have no problem with more “universal” symbols, like these.

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

  3. It seems its come time, again, for a woman to do what man won’t. In this case it is to stand up to the threat our own government posses via their moral equivalent attitudes toward Islamic Jihad.

    I’m not saying men aren’t standing up. I’m saying that the government isn’t listening. The politicians will, however, listen when both women and men voters stand up.

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