Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/21/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/21/2011In Dearborn, Michigan today, 700 people joined hands around the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn in solidarity against pastor Terry Jones’ planned demonstration at the mosque tomorrow. The protesters were an ecumenical group, with several Christian denominations joining their Muslim brethren in a gesture of interfaith understanding.

In other news, a signed article in an official Iranian newspaper reportedly asks Iranians in Europe or the USA to track down Saudis living abroad and kill them, in the name of the Islamic revolution.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has promised $25 million in non-military aid to the Libyan mujahideen rebels.

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10 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/21/2011

  1. China Trade: Trump ‘Onto Something Even Bigger Than People Realize’

    From the linked article: Furthermore, if the moneymen in Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, and the other nations currently running trade surpluses against the U.S. start to ponder exaggerated retaliation against the U.S., they will soon discover the advantage is with us, not them. Because they are the ones with the trade surpluses to lose, not us. What exactly does the U.S. have to lose in a trade war? The only way a deficit nation can “lose” a trade war is by having its trade balance get even worse. Given that the U.S. trade balance is already outlandish, it is hard to see how this could happen.

    Supposedly, China could suddenly stop buying our Treasury Debt.

    Indeed they could, but this would immediately reduce the value of the $1.15 trillion or so they already hold. Furthermore, this would depress the value of the dollar – exactly the opposite of their currency manipulation strategy.

    Then there is the awkward problem of what China would do with all the money it would get by selling off its dollars. There just aren’t that many good alternatives for parking that much money. Japan doesn’t want its currency used as an international reserve currency, and the Euro has huge problems. Assets like gold and minor currencies are volatile or in limited supply. Others, like real estate or corporate stocks, are still denominated in those pesky dollars and euros. [emphasis added]

    As I have noted in other comments about China, their citizens cannot possibly afford or, for that matter, even consume all of the cheap merchandise that they churn out. No matter how decrepit America’s manufacturing base has been allowed to become, reactivated, it could still produce a huge portion of the basic goods that this nation needs.

    Being stuck with higher prices and austerity measures here in America is a fleabite compared to China suddenly having a gigantic portion of their industrial economy shuttered due to a lack of alternative markets.

    Read the entire article.

    China needs us far more than we need them. It is only our political whores here at home who have managed to convince us otherwise. Punitive measures will not harm America anywhere near as badly compared to the self-inflicted damage China would do to itself in a real trade-war.

    All of use should kneel in gratitude that European Socialism has managed to bankrupt itself so rapidly. Whatever “basket” of currencies being considered to replace the US dollar as the de facto international reserve currency would have to include the Euro. The EU currently is on such shaky ground that few others besides the Europeans themselves would recommend it becoming even a partial basis for a currency “basket”.

    The time to deal with China is now. The long term implications of ignoring China’s role as global malefactor will eventually make the Islamic terrorists look like so many Boy Scouts by comparison.

    Between his casting an actinic glare on Obama’s questionable citizenship and this critical thrust at the heart of China’s economic house of cards, I would be willing to hold my nose and vote for this buffoon if no other candidate demonstrates similar courage when it comes to wrestling with these long-closeted demons.

  2. 700 Surround Islamic Center to Protest Terry Jones’ Rally Plans

    As the vigil, which began at 5:15 p.m. and ended five minutes later, came to a close Islamic Center Imam Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini said the Muslim community was “indebted to our Christian friends who have showed us absolute support.” [emphasis added]

    At which point imam Al-Qazwini immediately reverted to his usual habit of referring to Christians as “Crusaders” and “sons of apes and dogs”.

    This current epidemic of self-effacing altruism is, perhaps, the most damning of all issues confronting modern Christianity. As a morally corrupt entity, Islam remains wholly indefensible. Those who serve as its useful idiots are rapidly becoming a danger indistinguishable from that presented by the actual jihadists themselves.

  3. quote:
    The protesters were an ecumenical group, with several Christian denominations joining their Muslim brethren in a gesture of interfaith understanding.
    end quote.

    Interfaith understanding with Islam is dhimmitude.
    Obviously, it was a dhimonstration.

  4. “To get the head of state out of the government in practice, the constitution will have to be changed. This means that the proposal, if it is adopted, will have to go through the Upper and Lower House again after the next elections, and this time, with a two-thirds majority. This does not appear to be achievable.”


    good God I hope the Dutch ditch their overlords..

  5. Turkish Membership Off EU’s Radar Screen Until 2020

    Turkish membership in the European Union is off the bloc’s radar screen for the next decade, its decision not to include Turkey in the EU’s budget for 2014-2020 appears to show.


    turkey must provide climate refugees to be admitted..

  6. Study: EU Firms Shut Out of $1 Trillion Chinese Market

    A new study has reinforced longstanding concerns that foreign companies are being denied access to China’s vast public procurement market, valued at roughly $1 trillion.


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