Culture Enrichers Burn a Guest House on Lampedusa

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I’ve been posting a lot lately about the flood of refugees invading the island of Lampedusa over the last few weeks. The first arrivals were first from Tunisia, while more recent migrants have come from Libya.

The latest antics of these culturally-enriched guests of the Lampedusans involved setting fire to a guest house where they had been sheltered at the expense of a charitable organization. The news report below from Russia wrongly identifies the building as a church:

Refugees Set Italian Church on Fire

Tunisian refugees have set on fire a church at Lampedusa Island, Italy. No details of this incident have yet been revealed.

For some days, the situation on the island has been very tense. Local residents were unsatisfied by the torrent of Tunisian refugees, while the latter complained of poor accommodation conditions.

The church was set on fire after the priest had accommodated 36 teenage refugees in the parish.

As you can see from the video below, the migrants are unhappy with conditions at the guest house where they have been staying, objecting in particular to an insufficiency of food and the lack of showers. Those familiar with the tenets of cultural enrichment can predict the result: shouts of “Allahu akhbar!” and the burning of their mattresses. Oh yes, and also throwing rocks at the police while shoving TV journalists around.

Many thanks to Gaia for translating this clip, and to Kitman for the subtitling:

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Hat tip: Fjordman.

3 thoughts on “Culture Enrichers Burn a Guest House on Lampedusa

  1. Napoleon’s proverbial “whiff of grapeshot” would benefit these scum no end.

    After the first thrown rock, those riot cops should have charged in with batons swinging until each and every punk was nursing multiple goose eggs.

    Supposedly, what triggered their discontent was being fed macaroni too often. My prescription is an involuntary water-only fast for one week followed by macaroni three times a day for a month with habanero sauce as the only available condiment.

  2. Notice the man with multiple slashes across his chest. According to a French blogger, prisoners in Arab countries sometimes inflict such wounds upon themselves.

    Also notice the thug with the cap backwards standing on the road. The way he talks suggests he’s a retard.

    They sure sent us their best and brightest.

  3. Au Contraire. Feed them steak and cake.
    Then send them home.
    No cruelty, no imprisonment, no fasting.
    Simply make it clear (by sinking their boats as soon as they unload) that they are not welcome in Italy or it’s sovereign territories and what they do to sustain themselves in Tunisia or Libya is not Europe’s concern.
    Why does a revolution in a given country of necessity become a humanitarian crisis for all others these days?
    It wasn’t in 1776. Or in a 1789. Or in 1917.
    We did not ‘save’ Vietnam or Cambodia or Cuba or Hungary or Czechoslovakia or Poland.
    It is time we applied the same rules to the ROW as we have traditionally held ourselves to.
    No need to get mad about it.

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