A Shorter Dhimmissary

Our English correspondent JP sends this lexicon of dhimmi-related words. He includes this explanatory note:

I was inspired by a post on Cifwatch by Akus.

I thought that I would try to find as many derivatives of dhimmi and dhimmi portmanteau words before someone else beat me to it.

After reading through JP’s list, I was moved to add a neologism of my own, which I’ll append at the end.

The Jabberwock

A Shorter Dhimmissary

by Professaurus Klick Klack Kli-buster

dhimmagogue: Non-muslim political agitator hell-bent on greater subservience to Islam.
dhimmi-dally: Dawdling behaviour of Western leaders in the face of Islamic extremism and violence.
dhimmi-detached: State of non-Muslims as they lose their raison d’être.
Dhimmi International: Loose grouping of Western individuals and organisations committed to the aims of the global Islamic revolution. Some of the main players: BBC, Guardian, Ban Ki-Moon, US Government, Tom Schalken, Timothy Garton Ash.
dhimmilemma: Difficult situation faced by non-Muslims in countries governed by Sharia.
dhimmilube: Lubricant used by Western leaders when visiting Islamic countries. Assists in bowing and scraping before Islamic potentates.
dhimmi-monde: The London Guardian’s prostitution of itself to Al-Jazeera [Hat-tip: Akus at cifwatch]
dhimminuendo: Passage of a non-Muslim community through an Islamic polity from majority to extinction.
dhimmirama: Any image containing a group of Western leaders, e.g. G8 summits, United Nations General Assembly, NATO.
Dhimmi Roussous: Fat Greek singer. Listen to him at your peril.
dhimmise: Withering away and ultimate extinction of non-Muslim communities in Islamic lands.
dhimmi-sentient: Low-level mental state of slave or cash crops harvested by the Ummah for its own profit. Antonym: Islamo-dissentient — endangered species in the West, virtually extinct in the Islamic world.
dhimmiversary: Notable dates in the dhimmi calendar such as 9 June 2009, the occasion of Obama’s ‘A New Beginning’ speech in Cairo.

dhimmiverse: It can only get worse.
dhimmocracy: Political system designed to introduce the extortion scheme known as Islam to a majority non-Muslim population. Previously achieved by rapid conquest, now results from the steady influx of Muslim colonists into the West.
dhimmography: Study of the declining population of non-Muslims in Islamic polities.
dhimmolish: Destruction of the customs and traditions of non-Muslims by Muslim overseers.
dhimmotivate: Application of Sharia to non-Muslims.
dhimmure: Quiet, respectful, modest. Mode of being adopted by non-Muslims in the presence of Muslims.
  Added by the Baron:
Götterdhimmerung: The Twilight of the Western Gods, and their submission to Allah.

21 thoughts on “A Shorter Dhimmissary

  1. They forgot dhimmi-bulb– the low wattage of mentality it requires to submit to dhimmitude.

    (From “dim bulb”).

    Great list for the West’s list toward Islamitude.

  2. In hoc signo vinces†



    Would contest this definition on behalf of dim-bulbs everywhere it is blindingly obvious that it is the brightist bulbs that are eclipsed by the Moonmadness that is dhimmitude, more so than the low wattage dim-bulbs such as myself.

    Equating academic achievement with high IQ with proneness to dhimmitude begs the question what is the quantity and quality of this so called intelligence.

  3. It’s a great idea and a good list overall (a couple had me snorting out loud — e.g., “dhimmilube”), but I do have some critiques:

    dhimmagogue: Non-muslim political agitator hell-bent on greater subservience to Islam.[should also add that a dhimmagogue is a Western activist/politician who uses his political influence on the people in order to protect Muslims]

    Dhimmi International: Loose grouping of Western individuals and organisations committed to the aims of the global Islamic revolution. Some of the main players: BBC, Guardian, Ban Ki-Moon, US Government, Tom Schalken, Timothy Garton Ash.

    [Even if half tongue-in-cheek, the above seems a bit conspiracistish for my taste. I agree there is a tiny minority of Leftist (and Right-wing) extremists who are knowingly trying to help and/or ally themselves with Islamic jihad but, aside from Ban Ki-Moon, the rest on the list may only be doing so functionally, not knowingly. This brings up the interesting point about Dhimmitude in general: there seems to be two types of it — 1) the Dhimmi who knowingly becomes a toady for the Muslims and their Islamic agenda; 2) the Westerner who through his sincerely good intentions warped by PC MC says and does things that tend to aid and abet Muslims and their Islamic agenda. (Also, it should be spelled “Internationale”) — but I believe Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch coined that quite a long time ago.]

    dhimmiversary: Notable dates in the dhimmi calendar such as 9 June 2009, the occasion of Obama’s ‘A New Beginning’ speech in Cairo.

    [I would also add several dates throughout Bush Jr.’s term, such as one of his many Iftar dinner for Ramadan, one particularly galling one held inside the Pentagon where a Muslim cleric was invited to give a sermon. The cleric’s name in Arabic — “al Saif“– means “The Sword”.]

    dhimmocracy: Political system designed to introduce the extortion scheme known as Islam to a majority non-Muslim population. Previously achieved by rapid conquest, now results from the steady influx of Muslim colonists into the West.

    [This definition seems to assume that Stealth Jihad is intended — and could — accomplish its ultimate goals without the use of violence in tandem. I could not disagree more strenuously, and have written numerous analyses on my blog arguing why. In a nutshell, I argue that Stealth Jihad and Violent Jihad work on parallel tracks, and only clueless dhimmis (or Counterjihadists who are having a lapse in logic) are fooled into thinking those two parallel tracks are not working together for the same goal. That precisely is the point of Stealth Jihad: to make the enemy (us) think that they (the “moderate” — i.e., stealthy — Muslims) are not in collusion with their violent brethren: it’s basically the Good Cop/Bad Cop strategy, which precisely only works when the dupe (us) believes those two “Cops” are not working together to dupe us. In addition, Islamic violence directly helps Stealth Jihad by tending to trigger — and sustain — our PC MC response of becoming more solicitous of Muslims and opening our doors to them even more, both out of a semi-conscious fear (but generally self-repressed psychologically) of more Islamic violence, and out of the PC MC self-fear (“autophobia” — there’s a new coinage) of being “bigoted”.

    On another note, as Cheradenine implied above, the term “Dhimmicrat” (for Democrat) has already been coined by someone.]

    Götterdhimmerung: The Twilight of the Western Gods, and their submission to Allah.

    Nice one. That could be a title of a book.

  4. My own addition:

    hemidhimmisemiquaver — the only music a Westerner should be allowed to hear (even though he blithely thinks he will be able to continue to enjoy his Satanic music (Bach, Mozart, Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck, Beatles, James Taylor, Aerosmith, Neil Young, et al.) forever while he does nothing about the Islamic invasion and even tends to aid and abet it): i.e., those infernally ululating modulations of the adzhan (call to prayer).

    The hemidhimmisemiquaver is also that trembling frisson of fear a dhimmi feels every time he thinks he may have insulted a Muslim, even over the slightest of slights — the fear being a psychologically perverse mixture of a reasonable fear of Muslims suppressed and held down with all the dhimmi’s might from surfacing into rational consciousness, combined with authophobia (the dhimmi’s fear that his “Inner White” will come out and become “bigoted” against this perceived Ethnic People called Muslims).

  5. dhimmentia – noun
    1. a serious loss of brain function in a previously unimpaired infidel.
    2. a condition of mental resignation that it is easier to conform to Islam than to resist.
    3. madness or insanity caused from submitting to Islam
    4. A progressive decline in cognitive function due to an irrational fear of the moon god allah, his false prophet Mohammad, or from any number of rabid adherants connected with the death cult Islam.

    Note: Although dhimmentia is far more common in the politically left segment of the population, it

    may occur in any people group whose desire for freedom is not firmly held.
    Presently this condition is endemic within the Main Stream Media and with those who adhere to the

    cowardly theology of Political Correctness.

  6. Some additions to this promising lexicon:

    Dhimmiturge: Those who script programs and productions that gloss over Islam’s barbarity

    Dhimmmentia: The unresponsive stupor that many Liberals exhibit when exposed to Islam’s endemic cognitive dissonance

    Dhimmensionality: The non-Cartesian coordinate system required to chart supposed “progress” made by Islamic cultures

    Dhimmity: The adoption by non-Muslims of light cotton fabrics (e.g., keffiyeh, turban, aba etc.) traditionally worn by Arabs

    Dhimmiwit: Anyone stupid enough to believe that the words “Islam”, “religion” and “peace” can be used in the same sentence

    Dhimmout: The slow eclipse of rationality exhibited by converts to Islam

    Dhimmsum: Halal Chinese dumplings

  7. Another entry for the lexicon:

    Double Indhimmnity: The heavy penalty exacted upon societies and cultures who knowingly welcome Muslim immigrants into their midst.

  8. It should be noted in this general context that the first coinage — dhimmitude — was by Bat Ye’or (I don’t know when she coined it), one of the pioneers (if not the pioneer) of the application of the concept of the Islamic dhimmi extortion tax on non-Muslims under their domination to the behaviors of modern Westerners who tend act as though they were already under Islamic domination in their enablement of Islam through their solicitude to the various demands (and veiled threats) of Muslims. Hugh Fitzgerald often reminded his readers parenthetically of the arrogantly dismissive scare quotes which Bernard Lewis put around the coinage in the one or two instances when, from on ivory-tower high, he deigned to notice that very useful coinage from whose legitimacy the vaunted expert on Islam was turning his nose.

    P.S.: My 1923 Webster’s unabridged dictionary does not have “dhimmi”, but just in case, and dimly recalling that in Indian and/or Persian history the term was spelled with a z, I looked under Z — and lo and behold, in the nearly microscopic section of more recondite words listed at the bottom of every page I found zimmi, there defined as:

    One of another religion who pays tribute to live under the protection of a Mohammedan government.

    (A definition we proud, we few know is formally correct but woefully incomplete and inadequate in what it leaves out.)

  9. 1389 —

    That’s an intermittent Blogger issue; I’ve seen it many times. I think you’ll find that if you refresh the page, the problem will clear up.

  10. Thanks for the additions to the dhimmissary – there is some great coinage here – autophobia, Double Indhimminity, Goetterdhimmerung. And thank you Hesperado for your generous critique – I agree with the points you make.

    One aspect of the Islam-dhimmitude nexus perhaps left latent in this exposition, and subsequent discussion, and, therefore, requiring greater explicatory thrust, is the reliance of Islam on dhimmi communities – Islam is nothing without dhimmi entrapment. Is this the hidden, or not so hidden, motor of this pristine religion which keeps it chugging away over the centuries? Is it that the prospect of humialiting non-Muslims keeps Muslims sufficiently motivated to pursue their religion with customary zeal and vigour, painting themselves in the process an endless horizon of violence and sexual promiscuity?

    What is the neologism to capture this relationship where master is bound to slave by force of habit and tradition to the detriment of both?

    dhimmi-Islam: an unstable, macro-parasitic protection racket leading to loss of value for no commensurable gain. Evil is its own (only?) reward.

  11. Zenster wrote:

    Dhimmiwit: Anyone stupid enough to believe that the words “Islam”, “religion” and “peace” can be used in the same sentence

    Islam is anything but a religion of peace.

    I hope that doesn’t make me a dhimmiwit.

    As for my own contributions, I have a few:

    – Dhimgeneering (from Engineering); using the engineering and scientific knowledge of non-Muslim dhimmis (of the voluntary or involuntary kind) and then claiming them as your own.

    – Dhimmination (from Domination); the use of general dhimmi labour to ensure the prosperity and wealth of the Musli overlords (basically: “It’s powered by a forsaken child?!”).

  12. JP,

    “Islam is nothing without dhimmi entrapment.”

    This brings up a historical question: To what extent, if any, did Muslims need the modern kind of dhimmitude (which is sort of an anticipatory dhimmitude — kowtowing to Muslims even before they have conquered you, thus enabling their intended conquest) when they successfully conquered more territory than Alexander the Great or the Romans? Were there key non-Muslims in Persia, India, central Asia, SE Europe, the Roman Christian Middle East, Roman Christian North Africa, and Roman Christian Iberia (Spain) who were this kind of modern dhimmi, helping pave the way for the conquest of Muslims?

    My instinct (absent enough historical information) is to answer no: It seems that historically, the stupendous expansion of Islam was due mainly to frontal assault using fanatically supercharged and rabid ultra-violence. There does seem to be evidence that after they conquered certain regions by violence, they maintained institutional infrastructure, and perhaps also a measure of social control over the dhimmi population, through a few key dhimmis who were essentially brown-nosing toadies more concerned with their own safety and relative advantages conferred, than with the plight of their own people under the cruel regime of the Muslims they were helping.

    But the conceit bandied about now in the anti-Islam movement (a conceit that comes to the fore usually when “Stealth Jihad” is discussed) is that

    1) the normal modus operandi of Muslims is to conquer by first infiltrating with the enablement of proto-dhimmis in the country they (the Muslims) are intending to conquer


    2) that Muslims could actually be successful in this “stealth conquest” without ever firing a shot (or only firing a few shots here and there — but nowhere near the vicinity of an actual military invasion).

    [continued next]

  13. [cont.]

    Problem with 1:

    From everything we know about Muslim history right up to the fairly recent present but also importantly firmly attested in the holy texts they slavishly follow, this kind of stealthy infiltration on a mass scale is not their normal modus operandi. So if they are doing it now, as many of the Counterjihadists maintain, it is an unprecedented shift in military strategy for Muslims. It’s possible they have made this shift, but I see no evidence for it. What seems to be going on, rather, is that Muslims simply want to pursue their normative modus operandi — mass and multifarious violence in order to subdue — but they moderate it when they are forced to, and the superiority of the modern West is so staggeringly disproportionate to Muslim weakness, they have no choice but to infiltrate and try to do what seems to be a concerted plan of stealth jihad by itself. Really, I argue, what is going on is that the Stealth Jihad Theory as bandied about by Counterjihadists has it backwards: what is really going on is that the various methods of what we perceive to be stealth jihad are all expedient temporarily necessary activities calculated to make it easier for Muslims to plot and plan the violence they know will be necessary for having a chance to pierce the armor of the West and bring it down. (Of course, just because this is their plan, and they believe it will be successful, doesn’t mean it will actually be successful — but it does mean that even if they fail in their ultimate goal of actual conquest, they will succeed in wreaking untold mayhem and misery through the terror attacks that will be part of this new Jihad.)

    Problems with 2:

    a) it requires the existence of a sufficient number in the West of dhimmis (both the evil knowing kind, and the stupid clueless kind) to enable Muslims to take over — which aside from tending to require a conspiracy theory by which to posit a sufficient number of the first kind — is absurd, since a Muslim takeover of a previously non-Muslim land (particularly a spectacularly, astonishingly superior non-Muslim land, as the modern West is) entails a massive transformation of a thousand things on societal, cultural and legal levels, most of them blatantly and obviously illegal and repellant to 98% of Westerners including PC MCs and Leftists (leaving out the 2% of Leftists so far gone they would actually become Adam Gadahns). And this transformation cannot occur overnight with an instantaneous leap from being invisibly stealthy to being visibly dominant. The long time it would take for this putative transformation would involve thousands of events, incidents and statements which would slowly, but inexorably wake up even the PC MCs and most Leftists. The worst case scenario, in this context, even if it got that far (i.e, absent significantly massive Muslim violence, which I doubt), is that PC MCs will indeed roll up their sleeves to round up Muslims, put them in camps, torture and execute a few of them, and deport the vast remainder — and deploy healthy doses of far-flung carpet-bombing for good measure.

  14. LAW Wells: Islam is anything but a religion of peace.

    I hope that doesn’t make me a dhimmiwit.

    While your intentions are good, anything, anything, anything, ANYTHING at all that remotely perpetuates the “religion of peace” [spit] meme is damaging.

    Far better to simply avoid any such juxtaposition of those three words and, thereby, strip Islam of one of its greatest masquerades.

    This corrupt and persistent meme needs to be scourged from common language until only Muslims and the most abject of useful idiots continue to use it. That way, like a radio-isotopic tracer, it can become a stark indicator of the treason and sedition which it has always stood for.

  15. I defer to your point Zenster.

    Hesperado, I was reading up on the Ummayad Caliphate in Andrew Taylor’s The Rise and Fall of the Great Empires. Now, Taylor is one of those PC MC dhimmiwits who calls the Persian Gulf the Arabian Gulf (not satisfied with a sea, are they?), but his charting of the rise of the Ummayad Empire is very interesting.

    In short, the initial explosion of Islamic expansionism was due to a lack of resistance on the part of the Persians and the Byzantines, which has its origins in Byzantine-Sassanid War of 602-628. Both empires were utterly exhausted by a quarter-century of war, and thus had no immediate capability to eliminate the threat posed by the early Muslims.

    Now, I suspect that you are indeed correct in your assumption regarding the present jihad as utterly unprecedented in terms of its tactics, out of a matter of necessity, and their preference would be ultimately for violent conquest. But ultimately, its effectiveness would be nil had the West any real collective self-confidence and will to survive.

    Ultimately, I feel that the West must recover these two features in order to survive, as it will deprive the jihad of its most potent weapon and force it into a field where our advantage is undeniable.

    It is interesting what we may learn from history.

  16. LAW Wells: I defer to your point Zenster.

    No harm, no foul. If Islam weren’t so abundantly successful at manipulating media outlets and winning the propaganda war, my objection would have nowhere near the merit it has.

    The only “peace” that Islam offers is the “peace of the grave”.

    Far too few people have even the least comprehension of this fact. Ergo, the importance of stripping away Islam’s entire façade of benignity. Your gracious cooperation in this effort is very much appreciated.

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